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Thursday, August 6

yesterday; it was fun :)

(^alix & me^)
that girl has been my best friend since i was 8, i can say she's like a big sister to me
she's always looking out for me and is always trying to help
(but is sometimes misunderstood, like all the rest of us)
she had a dentist appointment yesterday, little did i know her dentist is in SEARS
so she asked me to come up and meet her so we could hang out
since the mall is right up the street, i go!
turns out to be a good decision because i had alot of fun
a little later, Becca and Courtney come up to meet us
which i was also very happy about because they're amazing :)
the first picture is of Alix & Courtney
the second is of Becca and Alix
you may not be able to tell, but Courtney and Becca are twins!
after we were there for a while, we were all hungry
but us being teenagers, we were all broke
so me and Alix trot on down to my house and bring back 3 slices of cheese
(requested by courtney) and a box of cereal
(i took this one while we were walking)
because we're short of money, i have a knock off of honey bunches of oats [lol]
courtney liked her cheese and we all crunched the life out of that cereal until it was half gone
but who wants to carry around a bag of cereal around in the mall?
(alix kinda destroyed the box, haha)
so becca decided she would be cereal-pregnant
what did i tell ya? hahaha
alot of people came, my friend Tiffiny came and i saw Catherine, Courtney's girlfriend Sheridan came later with some people and a bunch of other people i didn't know were also there...
but who i was really happy to see was him^
Nicko, he's my boyfriend :D
i hadn't seen him in a while so i was glad to see him again
funny thing about that car,
i was sitting over on the other side at one point and he was sitting down on the edge
he kissed me and the car started laughing! we were cracking up lol
i wish i hadn't have had to go home or i would have had more fun
but my mom was getting mad so i left
of course when i got home, she wasnt even there
i was mad, but still a good day :)

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