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Wednesday, July 14

NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

i am a sad neko =( i miss my baby nicko

i cant believe i missed his call 3 times today!!! >=(
i'm so mad at myself i have been bored all day!!
the first 2 times he called me i was eating breakfast
and last time he called i was in the bathroom!!!!!!
i'm in distress without talking to my baby!!!!!
i need you nicko i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahhhhh i feel so bad :( today has had bad timing for this :(
im not ignoring you honey!!! :(
he said in the voicemail he'll call me when he gets home
i hope he does :( i feel so bad :(
i have been staring at my phone all day, the random 15 minute segments that im not watching is when he calls :( :( :(
well my phone will be on loud and full volume + vibrate now

Tuesday, July 13

he did call me ~ ♥

just like i wanted ~ ♥

he said he wants me to call him baby more..
and that i shouldnt be scared to now,
because its been a whole year and i should be past the fact that i've never called anyone that before,
i mean he's not just anyone :) he's mine
he's my baby ♥

although there have been something on my mind..

more shopping!!

we went to some malls today and looked around and got stuff :)
i got almost everything i wanted ^_^
but i'm saving the last of my money for a certain store...
so i can get something for my Nicko :)
had a bun today with my hair...i guess i like it..i dont know...
i really like my dads house...its really nice and pretty and clean
and there's lots of food and smells so good
the neighborhood is peaceful and quiet and the houses are big
i dont hear any sirens...
nobody yells obscenities during the night...
loud parties dont wake me up...
its so opposite of where i live
i really like it, but i dont think i could ever live here
we got a new harvest moon game...and i wanna play it so bad >.<
my sister keeps saying "no no not yet!"
then she gave me an icky-looking reese cup that was melted =(
but it was so good :D 
these are my new necklaces...
the heart one my Abuela gave me and i bought the second one in the mall
i love them :)
and i bought that jumper for 3 dollars!!! it looks so cute on me :D
im thinking about posting some of the stuff i bought...
but there's so much idk if i can!! haha XD

i hope Nick calls me tonight :)
i miss his cute little voice <33
we didnt get to talk last night because he was busy :(
i miss my baby <333

Monday, July 12

Hello San Antonio!

after an 18 hour drive we're now in Texas at my dad's.
we been here shopping everywhere already XD
there's alot of discount stores and flea markets with lots of cute things 0_0
im trying not to buy too much haha
thats my shirt mami got me, its new!!
and if you dont see my coontails...or lots of green..
its because my mom did something to my hair and a bunch of it fell out!!!
it will grow back...but...i dont wanna wait :(
but i refuse to wear extentions. i never have and never will >:D
i might get a shorter haircut though..only thinking about it
i like my hair long...lol
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