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Thursday, April 21


i got bored and decided to check it out...
thanks Koo for getting me addicted xD
here's the first set i've made
beanie love
if you click the picture it'll take you to the profile i have on there
which lists the prices of each thing automatically :)
i like this site alot :)


ohayogozaimasuuuu ⋂_⋂ /  
how is every one of you lovelies today ~ ?
its a bit chilly today ~ so i'm cold >.<

news update: i am now the editor for the comic Puri Puri Majo by my bestie RabbitoBonBon! :D

i wanted to introduce to you all...
arent they kawaii??
i had a purple vanilla one and Labby had a chocolate one
mine was funfetti in the inside and Labby's was red velvet
they were amazing!
we are going to scrounge for money and mooch so we can get more xD
they are 1$ each >.< i was so mad
the day before, they told us 75 cents then randomly change it >:/
i was super duper mad!
then my friend Erica made this in her foods class
(she always brings it to history class  to share with me xD)
chocolate covered vanilla cookies, orange slices, and chicken, vegetable and cheese pockets
she made them herself :)
it was a contest where she was given a bunch of stuff and had to combine it
she didnt win, but she should have!
those pockets were to die for! she's giving me the recipe :)

thats all for now, loves!
i am doing a doodle for an add for Rabbito-chan's comic
hopefully will finish today :)

remember to join moshimoshilove!
ttyl ♥

Wednesday, April 20


its a japanese phone greeting :)
speaking of the phrase...i made a small social site called MoshiMoshiLove!
it's of course FREE and i made it so all of my blogger friends can talk and connect with eachother ^_^
please sign up :D it would make me very happy :))
anywayz, nicko's spring break has started today~~
last night there was a huge storm...TORNADO SIRENS WENT OFF!
and i am deathly afraid of storms!!!
and nick hasnt texted me, so i'm getting worried :(
i hope he didn't die :(
i know i sound ridiculous but he was joking that it would be our last phone convo last night and that the storm will make him die and i was like D= NUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!
maybe he has just woke up late :( ugh im  worried :[
please remember to join my site people :D
i'm working for a badge/button for it for an ad
it'll be fun when we get it going ^_^
games, contests, chats, forums, and more
you can add a picture to your profile, make groups, upload mp3's and IM & Message other members :D please check it out ^_^ i'll be watching <3

Tuesday, April 19


hi everyone :D
this morning is a rainy morning ~~
super bored and stuff  but i just wanna go home >.<
senior superlatives is tomaro >.<
maybe i can graduate even earlyer...i dont wanna wait till december, maybe if i do summerschool i can leave before the schoolyear...
i have to do a project for senior english
turns out its just a life-story version of the book i'm making for nicko
but i dont wanna do it >.<
it will make me depressed :/ all the stuff you gotta put in it and all the stories you have to remember and write...i have to try and find happy ones
i like making my love notebook because i actually want to,
but now that there is a project that i HAVE to do...i dont want to :/
there's a freshman page, middle school page, crush page, preschool page, childhood page, music page, who i am page...just really dont wanna do it :/ blehh
i have to work on it next bell...2 pages due friday and i need to print out pics
usin up all my damn printer ink >.< moo!

blehh -.- well ttyl..

Monday, April 18

random pictures lol


i was bored the other day lol

should i go brown?

 yesterday was such a boooring day and sooo long -__- blehh
i guess you could say, that i went on a date with myself yesterday. me and nick were supposed to meet up but of course as always his parents make other plans + a misunderstanding of the time and blah blah blah yah basically he didn't get to come :(
this is what i ate
 loaded fries  (queso, sour cream, onions, peppers, chili, beef, tomato) yum!
queso dip = love
the food was all so good :) and they actually offered me a job,
i said i'd apply so i filled it out right there, shook hands with the manager and the waitress so they'll remember me :) now i just gotta call to see if they've looked yet. this might be my chance, they say people quit hosting all the time :) and if i keep the job long enough i can do waitressing instead, you have to be 19 to serve alcohol/liquor here and i'm 18. wish me luck :D
yesterday i was also feeling very bored when i got home,
and i started listening to nsync...
yes, boy band from my childhood xD 
and i decided to experiment with my dancing...
i only uploaded it so i can remember it, because i want to make up a clear cut version that is actually choreographed
i look super serious in these vids because i'm used to dancing infront of big studio mirrors but all i got is a webcam xD
i need to work on arm movements >.<
attempt 2
just as bad xDDD
don't hate please and dont make fun of me!
at least i had the courage to embarrass myself like this hahaha
today this is how my hair looks
side ponytail and a heart clipped in my hair :)
alot of people ask me where i get the heart, really it's just a heart cut out of cardstock, thick paper and i have one made of construction paper too, then painted with nail polish for more sturdyness :) the other side is colored pink by crayola marker, same heart i wore in my hair on valentines day:
i like my paper heart :) going to make stars and skulls ^_^ it'll be kawaii :D
and speaking of hair, i'm thinking of dying my hair back to brown...
this is what it might look like:
what do you think? please comment ^_^
and how do you like the new layout?
i think it is quite sunny :D at least the banner...lol
i feel like adding things still >.<
i'm trying not to make my page too busy though, dont wanna crash everyone's PC xD
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