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Saturday, June 5

good day :)

got some new stuff from guitar center today and spent the day with my boy :)
very happy about that <3 goodnight everyone.
please leave comments on my art and stuff!! i like that :D

Friday, June 4


today's just not been a good day.

pretty eyeshadow today :)

i woke up at 5:20-something this morning
bad dream >.< ugh i hate when those wake me up
i got bored and started going through my old makeup and found this iridescent eyeshadow that i hadnt used in a long time...
so i did a layer of dark brown with the irridescent over it and black on the crease :)
i love this eyeshadow! it looks tan but in the light it shines green! :D
i think its pretty :)
i'm almost done memorizing my monologue...
im just scared to do it now >.<
i have to perform on monday and i dont think i'll be ready!! >.<
wish me luck!!

Thursday, June 3

well that was me this morning...last few days of school...finally
im gonna be busy here soon..with memorizing my monologue and my new band
look them up on facebook and become a fan :)
our first practice is on sunday..so wish me luck im scared...

im just tired and stressin, blahhh
so many things doing at one time i get so overwhelmed >.<
i need to get better at that..
and i need to get better at singing...alot better :(
nick drew this on his symbol
what can i say? my baby is a BAMF!
ohhhhh yeah !! :D

Self Portrait - My Love For You Surpasses All

my latest...completely freehand even the flower...
it says "my love for you surpasses all" in 4 different languages
and i want that hat...

Life According to HIM

stole from Rose :P i'm so bored >.<

Using only song lyrics or titles from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick your Artist:

Are you a male or female:
Romeo and Juliet, forever in eternity

Describe yourself:
she's blinded by the fear
of life and death and everything\
in between

How do you feel:
With the venomous kiss you gave me i'm killing loneliness

Describe where you currently live:

underneath the cyanide sun

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
bury me deep inside your heart

Your favorite form of transportation:
fallen from heaven, h-
just to be lifted up again

Your best friend
just smile and i'm wild, one smile and i'm ready to die
'cause you're so beautiful

You and your best friends are:
we are so young, our lives, have just begun

and already, we are considering, escape from, this world

What's the weather like:
Slippery When Dead

Favorite time of day:
Kiss Of Dawn

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Poison Girl

What is life to you:
if i die before i wake, pray no one my soul to take

if i wake before i die, rescue me with your smile

Your last/current relationship:
she'll be right here in my arms, so n love
she'll be right here in my arms she cant let go

i've seen these dreams crushed by a single thought
and at the end the saddening fall off
buried alive, under eyes, by its changing size
with tomoro quivering in the loneliest lights

Your fear:
there are things you should know,
the distance between us seems to grow

What is the best advice you have to give:
Love's the Funeral of Hearts and an ode for cruelty

Thought for the Day:
your love is a Razorblade Kiss

Sweetest is the taste from your lips

How I would like to die:
When Love And Death Embrace

My soul's present condition:
Gone With The Sin

My motto:
I'm for you, and my heaven is wherever you are

Final thought:
I Love You
sweet! i my post of the edit of the Mazda Miata was mentioned by @MazdaUSA on twitter with my link included! i feel important :) see the post here: http://bit.ly/amLb5I

Graphic Design Project - 20 Tiles; Theme: Guitar

i did 20 different thumbnail sized drawing of guitars. it was used as an example in my art class and stayed clipped onto the board for a while even before it was finished...it made me feel proud :)

Drawing - Curiosity

drawn in pencil; colored with markers

Drawing - Sitting in Solitude

drawn with oil pastels

Logo Design - Ice Cream Cry

drawn in marker

Logo Design - Ville Valo

drawn in markers

Logo Design - Shark Attack

drawn with marker...
this design got put into an art show

Drawing - Leafdrop

drawn with chalk pastels

Drawing - Help me ♥ I love you

-i'm not sure of my mood from when i drew this.

Drawing - Cracked Pavement

inspired slightly by the green day song "boulevard of broken dreams"
im not sure of the background yet...it is unfinished...

Wednesday, June 2

Lyrics - Backstabber

[these are unfinished]

"good morning sunshine,
the earth says hello"
now i've something to say to you
why did you go so low?

before, i couldnt concentrate
"oh, bestfriend, you're so kind"
but that was a bluff i'll tell you now
you know, i knew the whole time

so don't challenge my ability
you know God gave me eyes to see
after making me see everything you do
i hope you get to go through what i went through

who would abide by a backstabber
who would abide by a backstabber
who would abide by a backstabber

call me when your ready,
and maybe i'll pick up.
to listen to you whine about
how it wasn't your fault

i caught you in every lie you told
and you know its the truth
or do you know what that is
you know, you're not so smoothe
(whisper: he told me himself)

so don't challenge my ability
you know God gave me eyes to see
after making me see everything you do
i hope you get to go through what i went through

who would abide by a backstabber
who would abide by a backstabber
who would abide by a backstabber

marble eyes and farting....what a great morning!

my eyes look like marbles 
probably because i'm horribly tired
i woke up 3 times and the last time was at 3:15 am, and i couldnt fall back asleep
i turned on my phone and the first message i got was nick saying "i love you"
so i was happy about that :)
but, unfortunately, i cant stop farting....
i know, thats wierd...but its true >.<
i almost fell back asleep around 6:15 and then around 6:25,
 i was dozed off then i farted and woke myself up :(
i was sad...i wanted to sleep :(
when i was walking to the bus stop up the street i farted like every 3 steps :(
i tried to hold them in on the bus but i let out a couple silent bombs >_>'
hopefully i can stop soon >.<

Tuesday, June 1

k a l e i d o s c o p e

i really want one, this picture reminds me of one :)
i had one when i was little that i bought at a Yard Sale but i lost it :(
i havent ever seen one in a store or anything either,
so, i think i'm going to make one on my own
i remember how it looked...maybe i will go to the craft store soon :)
i need some canvas anyway
on a different note:
things are going well :) i am very happy
there are a few things that have been bothering me but nothing too big,
just things from the past about people i thought were my friends.
and it makes me feel angry and jealous...
maybe one day i can finally make more friends that will respect me and my relationship
that is why i tend not to befriend girls so much (in RL, internet is fine)
my friends that are boys will respect my relationship and wont mess it up
and they dont mind to warn me about girls that will
...unfortunately those girls that will do that kind of thing always seem to fool me and then i figure out whats going on
and girls like that...i cant stand to see them...
but i will still be nice, i'll be uncomfortably nervous but still tolerable
i know girls that will respect me, and i'm going to try and be closer with them
that way i can have people to talk to that both me and my boyfriend can be friends with, without problems :)
~~i do think it is important that we have friends that we both get along with, because we do want to be together forever and with love you become one, so they should be able to be friends with both of us, i think...it makes sense to me :) its not bad for us to have our own separate friends though, i dont mind that.

i just always say to myself if i'm hanging out with my friends,
"dont do anything that you wouldnt do if nick was here"
and i abide by that. i wouldnt want to disrespect someone i love, especially him. i take it upon myself to show him i love him, even if he isnt there. everyone knows how much i care for him because i always show it :)
whether its just respecting him or sharing a memory, everyone knows and i make darn sure of it!
more good news! i'm starting an amazing band :D its going to be a sweet line-up of me and my friend rose, both on bass and vocals, nick on drums and link on guitar :) finally i can make my songs come to life! you guys have all read my lyrics on here, well now i can finally have them performed :D maybe after we start practicing we can put up a video or something and you all can see my music come to life with these amazing, talented people :) i'm so excited to start on this, its going to be great i can just sense it!! i'm gonna lead this the right way this time :) i wanna start with my own music right away, i'm so excited :D maybe do like 3 of my songs and then maybe a cover, i want to cover Dark Sekret Love by HIM, i think rose's and my voice will favor it, and its a really heavy song, which is perfect for having 2 bass players :) wish me luck everybody!!
also, i think i may do volleyball next year...i'm thinking about it :)
i may start going to conditioning on tuesdays and thursdays...i think i might :D
life has been good lately,
i think its going to keep getting better :)
i definately hope it is! ♥ until later,

Monday, May 31

memorial day!

another amazing day with Nicko :) 
this time we hung out with his family and it was so fun!
he has a swimming pool and its finally ready for swimming! :D
its amazing how tall i look here!!
i was so scared to sit in that thing, you have no idea XD
and i was scared he was going to push me in lol
we jumped in together instead :) 
he took these of me
he said he liked this one :)
then i took some of him :)
that water was cold...we couldnt just go in by the ladder...we'd run away haha
or at least i did XD
we'rea ll toweled up! :D haha
we dried off then ate and went down to make s'mores :)
he has a fire pit too, he's the one who set up the one at my house :)
he took these as well,
them on the left are his mom and dad and the dog is Lexie :D
i'm scared of dogs, but she's a big sweetheart :)
me and lexie :D
now this dog down here is Gunther, his adorable ancient pug XD
and he only has one eye...but its the cutest dog ever!!
Gunther is smiling!! :D
me and nick by the fire :) i have a stick covered in marshmallow XD
Gunther is a cam-whore :P but very photogenic :D i applaud you! haha :)
nick took that picture of the fire pit, i didnt edit it either
it looks so good! dont you think so?
the smoke kept floating towards me wherever i go >.<
when i got home i smelled like a campfire XD
he're is lexie again :)
unlike Gunther, she is camera shy XD
it was so hard for nick to get a picture of her staying still!
nick's revenge for the s'more picture :P
now we both have one :D
my first time ever drinking pink lemonade :D
i couldnt decide whether i liked it or not, but for some reason i couldnt stop drinking it!
i got kinda hyper...XD
now for one of my favorite parts of today :)
like i've said before, i felt like i known nick my whole life
we feel like we rode bikes together as kids...
well now we've really rode bikes together :)
i felt like a kid again :) 
it's like we made up for those memories that it feels like we had together <3

↑ nick is riding with no hands :D↓
that up there is unedited

aw look at him smiling :)

it took us forever to take these 2 ↑ ↓ we were trying to get one where it shows him mid-wheely lol
success!! :D
he looks alot like anthony keidis here 0_0
funny how he looks like all of my favorite people all at the same time >.<
but i adore that picture :)
nick and lexie!! look ather eyes :) they're pretty like nicks
so cute!!
i love that picture :)
we were just chillin by the pool :)
these are the last 2 we took before i had to leave.
it was such a good day, i'm glad i could go :)
i love spending time with eachother's families, it makes me feel loved and welcome
it makes me feel special, its just so nice :)
his mom said they might do it again sometime :D
that makes me happy :) <3
i love you nicko!!!
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