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Saturday, August 15

Fake smiles don't get this big!

i can say that i am truly happy again :)
i had an amazing day with my boyfriend today,
which i will always remember :)
first we were gonna meet half way but he beat me to it lol
then we went to his house and goofed off,
went to go eat dinner, then went out for ice cream,
we walked back singing and talking about random whatevers,
we came back to my house and hung out by the back gate
we were talking and singing and playing around
just being happy!
i've been giggling all day and just cant stop!
as you can tell by that picture,
thats a real smile.

Photography - Neighborhood Sunsets 2

i'm becoming facsinated with sunsets,
i always loved them but now i keep taking pictures of them
these are a few shots from last night

Photography - Untitled

personally, i dont like to take black and white pictures, but i really liked this one

Wednesday, August 12


this is my favorite picture from that day that i took.
i don't know why, i just do

poem - the movement

can you feel the movement?
the wind in your hair.
can you feel the movement?
the breeze falling through the air.
can you see the movement?
the waves crashing on the shore.
can you see the movement?
the sky crying more and more.

sitting out in the sun,

i was sitting out in the sun yesterday and was thinking to myself..."how did it get so hot outside?" i looked up at the sun who delightfully blinded me with its glowing glory and replied to myself saying "oh."
sometimes, i ask the dumbest questions. such as, "where do babies come from?" which i already know from 7th grade health class or "where is that sound coming from?" while my headphones are on or the best one, "where are my glasses?!" while they're above my head. We all have our moments.
(some more than others)
it really was hot outsides yesterday, its been hot alot lately...then again it is summer, lol.
to tell you the truth, i dont realy like summer, i love the not being in school part, but thats about it...i live far from my friends and the only one that drives is always working so i find my self doing this alot ...
yes, that's right. i sit alone, in the grass, in my back yard.
i sit there and listen to music or paint, write or take pictures...
if anyone saw me, they'd think i was nuts, but thats what happens when you're bored
you do "crazy things" like blogging about random things that no one cares about,
just like this^
sometimes i really wonder if people actually read this thing,
i'm on it enough to have readers, i think
i try to tell people about it...but that doesnt mean they read it
i never get any feedback..the only reactions are from my mom
i think i might have 3 comments total...
[well, better than nothin]

Photography - Gradient Clouds

Monday, August 10

straight hair?

naturally, my hair is curly. I've been wearing it curly alot lately...
today i was bored and didnt feel like having curly hair, so i flat ironed it.
this is the first picture in a long time that i've taken with my hair straight.
ever since i was little, i always said i wanted straight hair. I was always the only one with curly hair...(i was also one out of 2 non-white girls in my class througout elementary school)...we tried everything, but my hair was reluctant. Finally i got a relaxer in ^th grade...DIDN'T WORK! I was so mad. So my mom bought me a flat iron. My mom had never used one before because she gets relaxers to make her hair straight and they work, so i had to teach myself how. After a year, i got the hang of it and it gets easier and easier...probably because i keep cutting my hair haha. My hair was down to my butt back then. I may be short, but my hair was still long! It took forever to straighten and now that its growing back, its taking a long time again lol

Self Portrait - Strawberry!

probably one of my favorite pictures of myself EVER!
i like how i  edited it..its one of the few pictures of myself where i dont gave hair in my face and look decent
but yeah, i LOVE strawberries!
eveytime i eat them, i get really happy
especially if they're covered in sugar ^_^

Self Portrait - She likes the Dark

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