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Wednesday, February 16

Poem - Understand

do you know why i cry?
or do you care?
i wish you would help
instead of only yell...
what happened to you?
the sensitive you,
that always picked me up when i was down
no matter what
now every feeling, to you, is a complaint
     even when i miss you...
         even love..
you say all i ever do is complain
when i'm really just asking to be held.
saying all of my feelings are wrong...
saying i only cry for stupid reasons...
but have you noticed,
that almost every tear i've shed,
has fallen to your name?
i'm childish? but how...
my passions are only misplaced to you..
i'm compassionate
i'm emotional,
and although i have so much hate in my heart,
love and care will always surpass.
so i only have one request...
no matter how much you hate it,
please try to understand.

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