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Wednesday, September 2

Poem - Looking Back

i look back and remember
i remember a different life
sometimes it saddens me to see all i left behind
sometimes it saddens me to see all who left me behind
i wonder how it would be, maybe if things were different
i don't want things to change anymore
i don't want things to leave
now that everything makes sense

i look back and remember
i remember a different feeling
sometimes it makes me happy that i can be fine here
sometimes it makes me happy that they can be fine with me here
i wonder how it would be, maybe if things were different
i don't want people worry about me
i don't want people to hate
now that everything makes sense

i look back and remember
i remember a different love
it excites me that i found the right person
it excites me that i found true love
i wonder how it would be, maybe if things were different
i don't want to know
i don't want him to leave me
now that everything makes sense

10 Cute Things Guys Do!

i've always wanted to do something like this!
i'm gonna blog up 10 things i think are cute that guys do and/or can do.
Thing #1 : Enthusiasm!
nothing's cuter than a guy who's excited!  it's nice to know that he likes you just as much as you like him and is enthusiastic about it. when a guy show's his enthusiasm, you can tell he's happy, and knowing that we're making them will make us happy too! it's a win-win situation. GUYS, ITS OK TO SHOW YOUR ENTHUSIASM! it wont make you "less of a man" or anything, i promise :) my boy doesnt mind telling me he's happy with me and i think thats awesome, (just like everything else about him!)
Thing #2 : Phone Calls!
with all the texting in this day & age, its nice to get a phone call every once in a while...especially from a guy you like! i mean phones have numbers and if you press that green button, you can call them! WOW, WHO KNEW? sometimes its easier to have a conversation if you can actually hear the person you're talking to. of course, the conversation will most likely be full of giggles, but on the phone he can't see you blush, so thats an up! (and guys, she can't see you blush either!) the other day, my lovely boyfriend called me and said he missed my voice, it was adorable :)
Thing #3 : The "Good Morning" Text!
i'm sure alot of guys probably do this, but why is it cute? cuz it makes us feel like we're the first thing you thought about when you woke up! (especially if you wake up before we do) it also makes us think you care if we're having a good morning, caring is cute! other ways that count as good morning could be "how are you" or "how did you sleep" in the morning, those are also nice :)
Thing #4 : Meeting Half-Way!
if you're going to walk somewhere and he meets you halfway, thats cute! and when it comes to "meeting half way" i mean that in more than one way. It could mean that you're going somewhere and he meets you half way there OR it could mean that he's coming to you so you can walk together to wherever you're going. either way, its cute that he doesn't want you to walk alone :) me and nicko meet half-way alot, it makes me feel special, haha
Thing #5 : When Guys Just Be...Guys!
ok, this might sound wierd to some, but i love when guys are just guys! i think its cute when they eat messy, yell random obsceneties, perverted jokes and even burp & fart! as gross as you think it may be, i just love it! it makes you feel like they're comfortable around you which is always a good thing...and i think its funny, cuz i'm wierd :P
Thing #6 : Guy Giggles!
girls giggle, but i found out guys do too! and its CUTE! i was on the phone with my boyfriend one night and we were both giggling! it was the cutest thing ever! that way i knew he was as excited and happy as i was.
Thing #7: When They Wanna Take Pictures With You!
who wouldn't want pictures with the guy they like? of course the girl wants pictures with him, but its cuter when he wants pictures with you! that way you know he wants to remember you and maybe even show you off! definately cute :) as everyone knows, me and my boyfriend have alot of pictures together, i think its adorable! (and we're cute together ;D )
Thing #8 : PDA!
public displays of affection, we all know what that is :) its another one of those things that shows he's comfortable around you but it also says he definately likes you and isn't embarrassed by you! (unless he's shy, which is totally different) some other things i would consider PDA are him introducing you to his friends and parents and not minding you being around them, talking nicely about you to people and letting everyone know they're with you. i think thats cute! My boyfriend even kisses me in public and doesnt seem to mind at all and i love it :)
Thing #9 : When They Look a Mess!
i think its just sooooooooo cute when my boyfriend is a mess (when he thinks he is, anyway) i like when he's just wearing whatever he throws on and he's got his hair back and is all sweaty and stuff. I don't know why but its a total turn on! he thinks he "looks like crap," i think its hot ;]
Thing #10 : Songs & Poems!
its so cute when they write poems or songs for the girl they like. its one of the cutest things to me, maybe cuz i'm an artsy type of girl. its so cool when they can show thier feelings through any form of art and even cuter when they show it to you! it can make a girl feel really special and a sweet way to let them know they're being thought about. before we went out, my boyfriend wrote me a poem and it definately changed my mind about not wanting a boyfriend (and now i'm happier than ever that i'm with him!)
while i was writing this, my boyfriend actually asked me how it was coming along...another cute thing (lol) he just oozes adorableness! XD well that was 10 (well, techinically 11, haha)things i think are cute...i might do another post kinda like this sometime, it was fun! lol

Monday, August 31

First Day of School...

yep, that was me this morning.
poor little ol' berry was scared to go to school
i didn't wanna meet new teachers or new people and i missed summer already. i was worried, once again, that i'd have a bad year...again...as usual. FINALLY i'm in my Junior year
but i still feel like its my first year of highschool. i still feel like i just came from NCH and just moved here, but at the same time i don't...its so odd and confusing.
actually, today wasn't bad at all. i knew people in all of my classes and i had people to sit with at lunch and i even had lunch money for once. everyone said hi to me and they were happy to see me. a few of my friends (specifically chloe and kevin) nearly killed me with hugs, lol. Kevin squeezed the life out of me then flipped me over and carried me down the hallway, then when i finally got outside chloe attacked me "IT'S MY BERRY!!!!!" and also squeezed the life out of me. nothing extremely exciting or important happened, but so far its been a pretty good first day. hopefully the rest of the year is good too, haha
well, turns out because of my dumbness and disorganization, i'm in credit recovery ALL year. i don't enjoy the thought of that...but at least we have B lunch and my friends Zakk and Travis are in there so i'm not alone. I'm taking a class on Animal Care and i'm taking Psychology and Sociology @_@ it sounds really hard but i'm looking foreward to those classes. hopefully psychology can help me understand myself and other people better and maybe help me not be as shy. In animal care...there's alot of animals lol i sit in front of a tank of turtles. (I LOVE TURTLES) and i have english 3. those are my classes for 1st semester and i think i might actually do good! i'm hoping to say hi to Ms.Ruder tommorrow morning, my old biology teacher from last year, she might have been one of the coolest teachers i've ever had and she actually believed in me. i started off the school year with an F and ended with an A because of her, so i wanna thank her.
i noticed alot of people were absent and alot of my friends graduated...i'm sad about that, it means less hugs!
*its so tragic!*
well wish me luck that the next days will be as good as the first!

Watching Summer Drift With The Clouds (taken yesterday, my last day of summer)

Sunday, August 30

"Our Future"

just the thought makes me so excited!
the other night i was hanging out with my boyfriend. we were waiting for his friend to get back from somewhere so we were sitting alone talking. After a little while we ended up on the subject of our future. i had never really talked to anyone about a future we would have, probably because i never thought i would truly have a future with anyone. he just brought it out there and asked me if i thought we had a future together. of course i do, i love him with all my heart. he said "let's talk about that" and it was really touching to me the way he said that and he smiled. he actually wanted to talk about it with me. he asked me where i would want to live and that it could be anywhere because we would be married, like starting a new life. i mentioned new york, i love it there. it turns out his favorite view is the city skyline, just like mine! we talked about how many kids we'd have and thier names...we talked about the size we'd want our house would be and stuff... to tell you the truth, i never really wanted to get married and i hate babies and kids and never wanted one...but now,
i want to get married,
i want to have children,
i want to move away and live with happily with the one i love,
i want to spend the rest of my life with someone; him.
my plan for life was to go to become an artist,
move into a small apartment,
buy a cat and live alone
by myself in the middle of nowhere,
but now i've got something better :)
i don't have to be alone
now all i do is think about him
and patiently wait for us to grow up
so we can begin
our future

Photography - Stumped

Photography - Point of Focus

Photography - Rainbow Sea

Poem - It Was The Middle Of The Night

she walked to him steadily, her feet tapped on the pavement softly like rain
it was the middle of the night
she gazed up at him and glimpsed the moon shining bright
and the blanketed clouds reflecting in his darling eyes
not a word was spoken as he pulled her closer, thier bodies dampened by rain
thier warmth exchanged as he wrapped his arms around her,
an embrace too sweet for words
he could feel her eyelashes fluttering against his neck and her breath by his shoulder
she held him tighter and she felt so safe, nothing could hurt her when she's with him
she tilted up her head and kissed him
the breeze carried his hair for only a second
and he told her he loved her
she told him she loved him as well
she's all he ever wanted
he's all she's ever dreamed of
two imperfect people
in one perfect love
they walked together, thier feet tapped on the pavement softly like rain
it was the middle of the nigh
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