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Saturday, November 6


does anyone have one?
if you do, look me up: Guest_AQ47
thats my screen name ^_^
me and my bf have one 
thats our avatars :D
you should add both of us and talk
...if you dont have one you should get one!!

Friday, November 5

oh my o_o

well someone was looking rather sexy this morning
now you know i'm not one to brag... i'm talking about nicko!
i got this picture on my cell this morning from him:
my face looked like this: O_O

grr he makes me wanna do bad things to his cute little self  >.<
with all that pretty hair.. and that perfect face... and smooth body @_@
*drools all over table* ... *daydreams*
*wipes off drool*
sorry >_<
i just cant help myself!

school uniforms never looked so good!

in my mind are pictures of a summer day...

walkin in the sand laughin our cares away ~ ♥
i love the peach girl theme!!! its always stuck in my head!
and im back with my anime look... webcam pics, no edit!!
not bad, eh? =)
 as usual sitting in the school cafeteria talking to nick through text
this morning he accidentally called me xD
it sounded like an earthquake!
and i was very happy when i checked my blogger to see a comment from Awee!
i missed her and her blog ^_^\
and of course my bff Rabbito <33
i ♥ her lots!!
and i have 42 followers now :D
i'm on my way to 50! i'm so excited ^_^
great now im off to class -.-
blg ya later!!
excuse me, miss... your bad side is showing.

Thursday, November 4

friends...such an over-used word...

i should stop calling so many people my "friend." i mostly just have aquaintances. people i see at school, they're not really my friends, they don't know me as well as they think they do and probably dont even understand me...they couldnt if they tried. the only people who i can honestly call my friends, are my online friends. they're always nice to me. like Rabbito, Aidyl, Rineko, Candy Tuft...they are all so nice to me and like me and actually care. you guys are my friends :) then i have my two best friends, Nicko and Bella.
nicko - my best friend and fiance. i love him with all of my heart and always will. i will never let him go, he means so much to me. i'm always open with him and can tell him anything and he can do the same with me. we like the same things and likes doing the same things and always makes me so happy, he accepts me for who i am and doesnt care what i watch, or play, or do, and always loves me no matter what.
Bella - she is like my little sister. i have never met her in real life but we talk every day and sometimes have web cam chats. she loves music like i do and we like the same kind, and she's super random and writes stories and plays sims, so we always have something to talk about.
 all of you that are my real friends, i love you!! you guys have always been nice to me and talked to me when i needed someone, made me happy when i was sad and were nice to me when no one else really was.

you guys might not know this...but i'm really really shy in person. if i didnt know any of you in real life, and then i saw you...i would be too scared to even say hi! even if we were in a class at school. i'm really quiet and dont talk much. i'm an introvert and i tend to keep to myself as much as possible...blogging is like my get-away. its like paradise here because this is where i'm not shy.
i can express myself here and people not only pay attention...but they like it!
sometimes its like a dream... 
i have 41 followers and get aout 14 unique visitors every day...that means alot of people know who i am
you guys might not get how excited that makes me...
i'm noticed :) i like that

and i would rather have online friends than ones in real life
i dont like to hang out with a lot of different people, only certain ones
i really only like to hang out with nicko because he's the only person i am comfortable around
but i love to talk and send funny pictures and share thoughts...
so i love email and IM :)
and the friends i've made online are the best!!!
thanks to all of you :)
i love you guys!!!

and i dont mind making more friends here :)
so if u wanna say hi then go ahead :D

i remember when this song was only a wish...

No more blame
I am destined to keep you sane
Gotta rescue the flame...
Gotta rescue the flame in your heart.

No more blood,
I will be there for you my love.
I will stand by your side,
The world has forsaken my girl...
'should have seen it would be this way,
I should have known from the start what she's up to..
When you have loved and you've lost someone,
You know what it feels like to lose...

She's fading away,
Away from this world.
Drifting like a feather,
She's not like the other girls.

She lives in the clouds,
She talks to the birds,
Hopeless little one,
She's not like the other girls, I know..

No more shame,
she has felt too much pain, in her life, in her mind
she's repeating the words...
All the love you put out will return to you...

'should have seen it would be this way,
I should have known from the start what she's up to..
When you have loved and you've lost someone,
You know what it feels like to lose...

She's fading away,
Away from this world.
Drifting like a feather,
She's not like the other girls.

She lives in the clouds,
She talks to the birds,
Hopeless little one,
She's not like the other girls, I know..

yay!! ^_^

usually at night, nicko goes to sleep around ten
which leaves me sitting there all bored & sad
cuz i'm still wide awake!!
but yesterday night ~
i got him in such a good mood that he stayed on the phone with me!!
i was so happy
everytime i would make kitty noises at him
he would "go aww ur so cute!"
and this morning he texted me earlier than usual
around 6:30 am ..i was like yay
and he called me cute again :D
he makes me happy :)
i always hate when he leaves for school cuz the phone goes off! that means no talking to my baby!!!
...at least not till after school :)
then i'll be happy again ^_^

Wednesday, November 3

anime girl ~ ? ♥

my anime girl picture! don't i look kawaii? xD

hahaha......anyway ~
 i was talking to nicko on the phone yesterday night
we were talking about random stuff ~ then got on the subject of being good at stuff
i realized that im not really good at anything anymore
its like i reached a certain level and just stopped...
not good at sports anymore, i stopped dancing, cant get into music too much, and i cant even draw better now :[ its like i reached my limit and got stuck!
nicko said: well how about school?
me: i dont know...
nicko: i want you to make first honors.
[insert more things about school]
nicko: you can't marry me unless you go to college.
nicko: you dont have to go...but it means you cant marry me
me: ......okay i'll go to college 
i'm gonna marry him ^_^
i planned on going to college (since last year) anyway, but he was questioning whether he was going to go or not...but now he is! and he's gonna pass too :) and so am i!
you're gonna be all mine nicko baby xD
btw, follow his blog if you havent already!
that way you guys can learn more about him :)
so i totally have the peach girl opening theme stuck in my head!
well, the english version XD
i like it...but i think i sing it better than the lady does >.<
should i make a video of me doing it? hahaha
i could totally show her up XD
i sound so cocky o_o' sorry ^_^'
well i'm off to play sims!!!
you guys should check out my wallpapers i made
tell me what you think :D 
ttyl! ♥

she said (ah) Pyretta Blaze

i wish i was you, Pyretta Blaze...
"Beautiful yet dangerous
Thermogenic luminous
Like a moth drawn to a flame
I'm the same
All cremated equally

As a spark still I knew
I'll be lured be consumed
She a pyre incarnate incinerate
An inferno turned to flesh

You are the first will be my last
Will be my final words
Said she (ah) pyretta blaze

Say the words I long to hear
Pinch bite kiss suck lick and sear
In a pyromantic way
I'm her slave
Living for her to ignite

You are the first will be my last
Will be my final words
Said she (ah) pyretta blaze"
lucky lady...she sounds beautiful..

Tuesday, November 2

Follow my fiance's new blog please!

if you followed his old one, or even if you didnt,
follow his new one! :)

and i have 40 followers now! yay!!! took me about 2 years XD
i'm so excited about it :)

hahahaha me and bella on facebook chat XD

pick a color



(say yellow)
oh ok

yello 0_o

pick two other colrs
(blue and red)

green and blue
dammit XD

blue and red >.> lol

pick four other
(pink lime green purple grey)

black whit lightgray darkgray

hahaha XD

pick three colors of the ones i just said
(pink green blue)

chicken pot pie :D
wait thats not a color....
pink green blue :D XD

yellow and red and blue it is! :P

dammit!! im always wrong!! XD

u bet :)

Peach Girl!

i just finished watching the whole series ^_^
i love it! really dramatic...but i totally understand it
my friend Bella got me into it.
its about this girl named Momo who likes this guy named Touji, but her "friend" Sae messes everything up!
Bella thinks i look like Momo...
do you see the resemblance?? 
left is me last april or may, i recolored the outfit but thats it!
momo might have been my twin! xD
and sae...she is like every horrible person i've ever met combined into one! ugh she is so evil!
she would lie and say the meanest things, then act innocent =.=
i hated her character so much D:
the story was addicting @_@ i had to watch till the very end
sometimes it was almost like deja vu...sae and momo's situations were so familiar sometimes >.<
i finished the whole thing in 2 1/2 days i was so addicted!
here's the first episode if you wanna watch
its in 3 parts
they have the first 19 full episodes on FUNimation's youtube channel
you guys should watch :D

Monday, November 1


this is my unlucky month. i cant remember even one november that was good for me. bad things already coming up this november...
  1. its november...
  2. its someone thats hurtful to me's birthday..
  3. the day after, my mom has surgery... (the 18)
  4. thanksgiving
  5. the anniversary of mistake..
this morning, nicko wasnt so talkative, so i am freaking out. especially after how good yesterday was, i thought he would want to talk to me :( who knows... i'm not looking forward to this month at all... i just want to skip over it :( and that "mistake" is already haunting me (more than usual). i fell asleep last night at nicks house, and had a bad dream.. [[see the nightmare]]
  when i woke up he asked me what was wrong. i aparently cried in my sleep :( i felt my face wet. i think i'm going to call this "novemberfever." this whole miserable time lasts all of fall, but is the worst in november. starting in august when school starts, ending with thanksgiving being the worst event.
  hopefully you guys will bare with me, cuz these are the hardest times for me...

a shame it has to be in my favorite season :( gosh..

Sunday, October 31

My First Halloween!

i'm on the phone with nicko :)
 he has the hiccups!
how was everyone's halloween? i celebrated for my very first time this year....with nicko of course! (.^_^.) we didnt go trick-or-treating but we did hand out candy :) his mom let me take some home :D 
today i carved a pumpkin for the first time!!! :D
it was so cool! here's what it looked like:

can you see it? its a haunted house ^_^ he let me choose the stencil
his mom took some pictures while we were carving it...maybe she'll post them on FB so i can steal them or something xD xD
nick's friend Tommy's family (like even a cousin) came over to get candy, and i was thinkin to myself "...his whole family's here but not him?" xD
he did come later though and took me and nick on an adventure with his "complaining" sister xD and his cousins and guess what we found here in the suburbs of cincinnati ohio......

a goat!!!!!!!

who woulda known... xD i love goats!
it was so cute!!!!! i wanted to kidnap it xD
and while we were walking we saw a shed in someones yard made fully out of doors 0_o then we heard a noise that sounded like a dying animal and i wanted to leave >_> haha

when we got home (to his house), i got some alfredo pizza for the first time =) it was so good!!!! cuz i hate tomato sauce... >.< being at his house so long almost made me feel like i lived there o_o alfredo pizza is my new second best friend :D nicko will always be #1 =) ♥
gona talk to him till i sleep =) nite all!!!

update & new stuff!

if you look at the top of the page, you will see there is a new section called "wallpapers"
i have made some desktop wallpapers and i think its fun ^_^
there are 4 up right now, but i will make more :D
and i take requests!!
couple of pics from the other day =)
post up soon about my first halloween!

even tho i dont celebrate it....

this is my candy for you guys :)
hope u get lots ♥

Ten Days post - Day 10

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself that most people don't know.
Day Three: Eight things you couldn't live without.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you could change or you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot to you
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons
Day Nine: Two words that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession

1. i wish i was well know...i want to be famous for my writing...even if it's only blog famous, i just want people to know my name and not forget it for once..
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