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Saturday, December 5

Mystic Adoptables!

add some magic in your life and snag a mystic adoptable
make sure to put it in a safe place & may all your wishes come true :)


Bottled Butterflies
~each grants a different wish~

to wish for love in your life

to wish for the royalties in life

to wish for thoughts to flow like water in life

to wish for abundance and growth in life

to wish for more fire in life
Dark:   Light:   
Fairy Dust

Bottled Love Sprites
SweetLove Sprite:
for good luck in something sweet happening to you soon

FireLove Sprite:
 for good luck in finding a passionate connection in love

PoisonLove Sprite:
 for good luck in surviving a fatal attraction

MysticLove Sprite:
 for good luck in solving your love mystery


earlier i had to restart my computer and the top said this...

but all i saw was this ↓↓

then it verified the files in my computer's FAT system.
i'm lame for thinking that's funny.

another thing, here's a picture i edited
this is my awesome bestie, Chloe

today she sent me this:
"If a real fat man snatches u up and throws u in a bag don't be afraid its just santa collecting his ho's. i'm texting you from the bag now."

i LOLd.

Friday, December 4

aww i won!!

*big smile*
i entered the best quote contest in the club im in
and i won!! yay!!
my quote was this:
"Pleased, we are to do whats
Right! To keep animal abuse out of sight.

I love animals and
Never will i harm one!

Cats, dogs, and many more,
Every animal from land to Shore, should be under animal princess care! we have
So much love to
Snuggle and share."
its called the Animal Princess Club and we're againts animal abuse!
now my quote is on the top of the page and im in the hall of fame!!
↑↑click on that up there to see ^o^

this was also my first contest on a blog club i entered ever :D
im pretty excited :D :D <3

i am one awkward looking gal.

so my mom bought me this dress...i dont think i like it
i think it looks bad on me...yeah haha

but this weekend is gonna suck for me..
nick said he doesnt wanna talk to me till monday
and i don't know why :(
its really really bothering me...

we were supposed to hang out this weekend :(

now i'm not sure what to do,
i dont wanna hang out with anyone
theres nothing else i wanna do
there's no where for me to go..

looks like im in for the weekend.

new boots too..
i look like a boy in a dress...


the only thing good that happenned today,
is that i held the leopard gecko...

i was excited for the weekend,
but now it doesnt seem as if it will go as good as i had hoped..

Poem - I See Your Face In The Sky

in the morning i look up high,
the sun is almost as bright as you shine
the clouds look as soft as my heart is,
and now they cry because i miss you

then the rain gives a solemn goodbye
the sun is almost as bright as you shine
now everything is fine,
i see your face in the sky

in the night i look up high
the moon is almost as bright as you shine
the clouds look as soft as my heart is,
and now they cry because i miss you

then the rain gives a solemn goodbye
the moon is almost as bright as you shine
as the stars align,
i see your face in the sky

Thursday, December 3

~Love on the mind~

on higher note, maybe around middle C, i cant stop thinking about Nicko.
he's pretty amazing ♥♥ i love him so much
this morning we were talking and he said he tells his friend that i'm the best girlfriend because im so loyal and would never cheat on him :) he said its one of his favorite things about me!
thats what helped distract me from the evil teachers at school
*my heads in the clouds*
*sigh* ~♥

then after school,
grandma picked me up from art club and bought me a ranch BLT from McDonald's

mmmmm...if only that filled me up lol

VENTING >>>=O ?!

okay, so today started out bad— my bf had a bad dream...but then it got better cuz i made him feel better =D then it got better again because i was talking to Erica and playing with the bearded dragon and the baby gerbil in Animal Care ^-^ then it got bad again in the next class...


okay, so i go to second block class...which is English III.. today we were getting new books to read for the next section and the book is The Great Gatspy. she said its like The Notebook, which i hated (alot) but its still a bookso i gotta read it.
The deal with this teacher: since the beginning, she's been pretty ignorant towards me. she sat me in front of the class, for one. She would take my paper and use it as an example for the class then wouldnt give it back, i would raise my hand to ask but she always ignores my hand! then she'll write notes on my papers and call my mom saying im failing her class because i dont do the work...WELL ITS HARD TO DO THE WORK WHEN YOUR TEACHER TAKES IT! AND EVEN HARDER WHEN YOUR RAISED HAND IS IGNORED!! i was supposed to do a college essay last quarter, but every day i raised my hand and she never answered! one day she finally stopped at my computer but left a second later, then the next time she said she'd get back to me and never came back.
also, near the beginning of the year, we were talking about the salem witch trials because it was something that scared my friend. she was giving examples of how they chose people and that they randomly just pointed at a girl and proclaimed her a witch. well, she decided to act it out. guess who she pointed at. *points at self*

Today, when we were getting our books, she said they were all new. she stops at my desk first, which i was surprised about and put a book on my desk. it wasnt new...it was bent up, written in and the binding is coming off. i looked around and everyone else had shiny new books.
here's some pictures, not too clear but this book isnt as "new" as everyone elses. and i didnt do that writing, the only thing i write with is a green marker

 but yea, i was pretty much infuriated. and i take offence to that.

Wednesday, December 2

just a fun IM i'd like to share...

a little part of my conversation with Blaze lol
(click her name if you don't know her)

playing with colors in pity.

dont pay any attention to that picture, i  was bored...but anyway, i've been blogwalking these past few weeks and i've come across many fashion blogs...it reminded me of one of the things i really want to do...i want to be a Model. but it's IMPOSSIBLE. people tell me i'm pretty, but thats not the issue here...well, actually it is, i have bad skin. but the real issue: i'm 4 feet and 10 inches tall...i'm legally a midget. Model's have to be at the very least 5' 6" and i've stopped growing. i can play music, i can sing, i can dance, i can act, i can draw, paint...but the one thing i want to do, is what i'm incapable of doing. It's like my dream job, but who am i kidding? if all of a sudden the world changes and short models are welcome, im there! but that will never happen...

me = sick today

i went home from school around 11:00 today...
my head hurt, my tummy hurt, back hurt, knee hurt
jeez i feel like an old lady  -_-

as an attempt to make myself feel better, i made some miso soup...

kikkoman instant shiro miso = ♥
it worked a little

in the meanwhile, i miss my nicko...

Tuesday, December 1

what the heck, mom?

so yesterday, when i came home i got in the shower then ate then i was dancing in my underwear just minding my own business. out of nowhere, i hear the door open and immediately run for cover and slide on my pants. "Asberry, come here! i need your help!" my mom yells and im wondering why the heck she's home so early, she was cutting in on my underwear dancing time!
i look out the window and i see this ↓

a u-haul truck.
turn out my mom decided
"oh, im just gonna buy a random bedroom set that we have no space for cuz our house is too small"
it was like 32 dollars, which is nice, but not when you cant use it!!
or even better, that pair of shoes she's been saying she'd get me for the past 3 years...
long story short:
there's a bedroom set collecting dust in my livingroom.

then today, i got out the shower
and sat down at the computer to change the song
and the static from the screen tried to get my hair

wow, i'm SO ugly.
(and i was too lazy to edit it)

~in the meanwhile~
i'm eating home-made nachos

not the best, but its still edible, which im fine with lol
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