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Friday, July 31

Poem - Some Nights

some nights, i can't explain
why do i feel like i do?
i touch the surface of the barrier around me
sometimes i feel theres only fear that surrounds me
some nights, i can't explain
why do i see like i do?
you're in a world where the colors are true
i'm in a world where purple is blue
some nights, i can't explain
why do i hear like i do?
everything goes in one ear and out the other
i try to remember, but my memory will only suffer
some nights, i can't explain
why do i think like i do?
everything's over whelming and is all in my face
all my ideas, my mind can't chase
some nights, i can't explain
why do i write like i do?
i write what i feel, and its not always good
some nights i don't know, but maybe i should

My eyes TRUE color...

suits me, don't you agree :D
too bad its only an edit

Poem - Face in the Rain

Standing outside with my face in the rain
is the only thing i know that may wash away the pain
the happier you get, the more sorrow i gain
its working in your favor that i'm going insane

i'm happy for you
this, i say is true
at times, i dont know what to do
now that she's who you belong to

knowing that my old mister
stays true to my sister
knowing that you've kissed her
stings me like a blister

i look out my window
to see if you'll pass
or just wishing, alas
you'll be stuck here out of gas

i want to just talk
i want to just walk
i want to just pray
i want to just say

you destroyed me
it was such agony
all of those days, you made me feel so free
i was hoping one day, you'd be down on one knee

my mind was mushed
my feelings were rushed
my mouth was shushed
my heart was crushed

Standing outside with my face in the rain

is the only thing i know that may wash away the pain
after how sweet you were, you now seem so vain
feeling so cold, in the grass, my body lain

the rain drops dripping down my cheek
are mixing with tears, with sorrow, they reak
you dropped me when my love was at its peak
now you'll never hear the words i meant to speak

when i was on your arm,
i was free from harm
all tears were gone
there was no alarm

there are so many thoughts i wish i could tell
there are so many thoughts i wish i could yell
there are so many times i thought i was in hell
there are so many times i wished i never fell

those raindrops flooded me up to my nose
and into an eternal sleep, i began to dose
he said he'd love me till the death of a fake rose
so i will leave first, my lifes end, i'll let the rain compose

Thursday, July 30


As alot of people know, i love coffee. No, not because it gets me really hyper (well, sometimes) i just think it tastes good(...yet i refuse to drink Decaff? heehee)
So anyway, This morning i wake up to my mom playing the radio obnoxiously loud while she was getting dressed. (isn't my job as the adolescent to do stuff like that?)
I understand that you cant hear the music while you're in the shower, but noise wakes me up...and i was having a really good dream!
It was about me and my sister...
i'm off topic again...
i'm just sitting there on the couch with my eyes half open
and all i can hear is Aretha Franklin,
not really my idea of a good alarm...
(then again, this is coming from the girl who wakes up to the song "Shed" by Meshuggah)

my mom finally leaves and i go back to sleep, or i at least try...
i'm awaken again by the phone ringing,
then my mom comes back in the house to get the umbrella
so i gave up on trying to sleep.
Now, i go to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee...
in a shout of desperation, i exclaimed


i was devistated.

Just yesterday i had bought some French Vanilla and English Toffee creamer
and they were both gone!
i searched around through all the cabinets
i searched through all of the refrigerator
i even looked under everyone's beds!
What did i find?

So i made it my mission to find a substitute for creamer!

First, there is the first option, Milk.
Tastes good, but wasn't enough for me.
I like flavored coffee,
so i put chocolate syrup in it...

Second Option, no creamer.
I tried the coffee with just sugar
i didn't really like it...
for me its either put cream and sugar
or nothing at all.
but i wasnt in the mood for black coffee

Third option, powedered milk.
It didnt mix very well...
it looked like my coffee had dandruff,
horrible dandruff.
Sick. Gross. Icky. Disgusting.
No. Just no.

Fourth option, chocolate powder.
I learned the hard way
that Nesquik wasn't made for coffee
for a reason
Fifth option, strawberry powder.
Wasnt even gonna mess with that.

Sixth Option, i finally found what i needed!
Ice cream!
it was perfect!
i put in a little milk and sugar
then a scoop of
Double Vanilla ice cream (by Private Selection)
[our pastor's family gave it to us, they had a box they didnt use from the youth group pool party]
i actually liked it better than creamer!
and the vanilla was a good flavor

Wednesday, July 29

Flower Child

there's a flower in my hair,
it was my boyfriend, Nicko's idea
i mentioned how i thought the flowers in the tree in my back yard were pretty and i liked the color
he said "why dont you put one in your hair and take a picture?"
i thought about it, then took his advice.
i kinda have always thought of myself as a "hippie"
back when i was little,
i used to always draw ying-yangs and peace signs
i love woodstock and wish i could have gone
i love 70's music
and i of course, love the idea of
i love to feel free, it's great
just being able to do whatever you want
without being judged
even doing the wildest thing can be peaceful when you're free
i wish i was free

Creation : Hippie Michelle

this is michelle
she is one of my best friends :]
i wuv her dearly

Monday, July 27

Photography - Walk, but no parking

this is the picture i took by accident that re-inspired me to get back into photography

Photography - Love New York

its true
i took this with my phone

Photography - The Courthouse

My Tio Junior lives directly across the street from this
(in the Bronx)

Photography - Tehya has a sandwhich

lol @ my sister as she eats a salami and butter sandwhich
doesnt that sound delicious........no, not really ha

Photography - I see sky

i was in the Bronx visiting my Tio when i took this outside of the apartment

Photography - Skyline

we had just got to NY and i took this with my phone
the person is my sister

Photography - Holland Tunnel

took with my phone

Photography - Sand Love

i love sand, i hate feet
i love the colors!

Photography - Sisters

me and my sister at the beach.
i sent it to my mom while we were still in NY & it made her really happy

Photography - NY in Daytime

i personally think the lights look alot better in the dark
...and that McDonald's is really big

Photography - Phantom of Time Square

i love how the first thing i see is the Phantom of the Opera sign

Photography - American Flag

also one of my favorites.

Photography - Stop Lights

i forget where we were, i think we were driving in Manhattan

Photography - Kitty

So Cute!
we were all walking back Abuela's apartment (in Brooklyn) and i saw this cat sleeping under a tree and though "AW ITS SO ADORABLE!!!!" so i turned off the flash and took a picture
i didn't wanna wake up the kitty :]
i love cats!

Photography - NYC

First picture i took when i got there, probably my favorite.
I also took this hanging out of the sun-roof of my dad's SUV, haha

Photography - Element Store

i didn't know there was an Element store in Time Square?!
I took a picture to remember it.
Besides that is a Billabong store which is also next to the Mtv Store.
I took a picture with Elmo just moments later and feet away.

Photography - DVD VIDEO

we were looking for free parking and found a spot here,
right next to an adult video store.
good spot, though!

Photography - The Metro

i caught an NYC bus in motion!
i thought it looked cool.
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