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Friday, April 1

at nick's again ;P

drawing i did with his tablet :)
yeah i know all week xD
today i met his grandma and granpa on his moms side =)
i was very excited ^_^ his gma gave me a hug :D
there was some really yummy breadsticks and maybe 4 different pizzas?!
yeahhh! i love all the food xD
i've been wanting to meet more of his family for a while
i mean he's met mine so i wanted to meet his too ^^
its so cool how his grandparents are even still married
we play video games and stuff as usual~
it was kind of sad in the beginning though...he met me while i was walking but we didn't exchange any words until i had been there for about half an hour
he was feeling a little bit wierd about us, because things are going so well
idk if that makes sense to any of you though...
basically, there is almost always something in our way that causes us to be away from eachother or upset, and right now there is nothing...so he's worried because he's not used to it, like it's all in his head
but its real :) very real :)
i love him very much <3 no matter what :) <3
even if this happiness with no roadblock is only temporary, lets embrace it ♥ muah baby <3
last day of spring break :(
and wedding tomoro...back to the old ruitine mehh >.<
oh well, i had a great break :) thank you nicko <33

random countdown survery

anyone who reads should do it ^_^

TEN things about yourself:

  1. i was named after my grandma
  2. i am legally a midget > . <
  3. i ♥ avocado
  4. i am seriously engaged, no playing around
  5. i love playing harvest moon
  6. i want a pet goat!
  7. i might be getting a job as a dance teacher soon
  8. i am half puerto rican and half black
  9. i love playing bass and drums (even tho i suck at drums atm)
  10. i love my nicko baby more than anything <33

NINE of your favourite songs:

  1. Razorblade Kiss - HIM
  2. The Siren's Song - Parkway Drive
  3. Heartache Every Moment - HIM
  4. Sleepwalker - Parkway Drive
  5. Romance is Dead - Parkway Drive
  6. The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness - HIM
  7. Wicked Game - HIM
  8. Dig - Incubus
  9. Ohio is for Lovers - Hawthorn Heights

EIGHT things you love/like:

  1. nicko baby <3
  2. acrylic paint
  3. Parkway Drive
  4. HIM
  5. my bass
  6. all food excluding anything that tastes like spagetti
  7. kitties
  8. japanese culture

SEVEN people you’re glad to have in your life:

  1. nicko
  2. grandma
  3. nick's parents
  4. my sister i guess
  5. my cousin nickie
  6. kaitlin
  7. rabbito & all my blogger friends ♥

SIX things you dislike:

  1. obnoxious people that mock me and piss me off on purpose as if i did something to them
  2. when people do something to you then either avoid you or act like it didnt happen - without apologizing firstr- or if they do apologize, act like it doesnt matter afterwards.
  3. being ditched, cancelled on, blocked or stood up or anything like that. that kind of stuff makes me upset for weeks on end, starting with ultra-anger and ending with super-sadness. i HATE it, it is the WORST feeling EVER. i unleash my wrath when that happens!!!
  5. living with my mother -_______-
  6. when my rl friends talk to my bf. that pisses me off so bad! thats why i have more online friends, you guys are actually trustworthy! i love all of you ^_^

FIVE things you wish you could say to FIVE different people right now:

  1. i love you so much
  2. i want every part of you dead
  3. if you werent a whore we would have been best friends...
  4. if only you just asked what happened instead of been stupid, i could have had a normal life
  5. fuck youuuu >:\

FOUR ways to win your heart:

  1. be my best friend, be there for me through everything. (i do it for you too :))
  2. do sweet things for me, really show me how much i really mean to you in different ways you know i will always remember
  3. really love me and only me and never give up on me!
  4. the number one thing, you have to be Nicholas Scott Mutters :) who has already won my heart <33

THREE things you’ll most likely never forget:

  1. the moment i first saw you
  2. when we kissed for the first time
  3. when we first said "i love you"

i will never forget. ♥

TWO things you do everyday:

  1. love
  2. fart

ONE confession:

  1. i wish i was normal

oh sleepy ~ blehh ( > . < )

such a great day yesterday ^_^
i hope today can at least be a little bit sweet ~
we had plans to go to the mall, but they got ruined -__-'
and tomaro i have to go to a wedding >.<
but sunday i should be going to his church so yay =]
not totally sure what to blog about today,
i am so sleepy @_@
maybe a better post later xD
i need something to eat lol
love you all ^^ ttyl ~ ♥

wow wtf i just broke into a sweat D:
ok im confused! xD

Thursday, March 31

♥ ♡ 「POST#1OOO」 ♡ ♥ \( ^ ∇ ^)/ ~ ♥ !!

perfect timing right 
great way to end our secret day
1000th post and taco bell xD
this day has been pretty great,  i got to see my babyboy, which always makes me   super happy   
and he was super snuggly today  i always love when he gets cuddly, then he snuggles me close all the time  and gives me lots of those cutey nicko kisses  ~ heehee :) <3
and the scavenger hunt did not go as planned, but still went well :) i think i made the clues a little too indirect though  you guys know how i am with symbolism xD i could seriously say "i farted" and then drag it out to somehow say it means "i love you" xD

 so i had like the best cupcake ever today 
the funny part about that statement is that i never bit it D:
i usually hate icing on cupcakes, or really anything else besides red velvet cake~~ but this icing was different...it was like...GOOD!  i was like omg   heeeeee!
it was yummy :) as you can tell xDD
 and apparently i am yummy too! xDD 
is he sexy or what? ahhh! that jawline...mmm~
 oh baby i'm breakin into a sweat!  ~ mucho! 
he is so pretty :) and sweet and adorable ^^
and also has reaaally nice arms :)
he has band-aids on right now though, he went to the doctors
poor baby got shots and he hates them  they make him fainty xx
and the evil creepy man doctor groped my baby!!! 
better be happy i wasnt there or he would have experienced a very  aeri!!
and nobody...NOBODY...wants that lol
after playing games and drums and eating almost a whole bag of goldfish, we ended up at taco bell by mother's orders and i had volcano nachos @_@ it was spicyyy
nicko didn't think so xD he is used to eating alot of hot food, unlike me xD
we always have sort of wierd conversations when we eat xD
we're sitting in taco bell talking about lexie (nick's gos)'s, as his sister Liz calls it, "anal seepage" and how his doctor squeezed his left nut and it hurt and that he probably got it from his dad xDDD
i also noticed that him and his dad are too alike for words xD
there is even a picture of Mr.Fred (nicks dad) on the fridge and it looks JUST LIKE NICK!!! he couldnt deny him if he wanted to xD but who would want to ;D
i always love being around him and his parents like this
besides them, i've never really had a family dinner
with just mom and dad and sister
my mom wont agree too it..
and since papi lives far away, its hard to arrange
even when we do have dinner, its always with more ppl...like grandma and uncle and papi's gf
just so awkward for me...that's not what i want
i just want mami, papi and tehya...equal, normal family
like nicks are on days like this
i always smile the whole time because it's just generally exciting to me to be around a family, especially his. and when they are welcoming towards me i feel, honored, i guess
i always feel so happy afterwards because it's like a feeling i missed out on
the first time it happened i thought it would just make me miss my family but turns out it makes me feel better about it being split up, because it sorta feels like i have a new one
if i knew how to thank them then i would because i love them
even though they block me sometimes and get on nicks nerves alot xD i love them and so does he
hint on the next blog theme :) love you all and love this day
muah muah muah ~~ aeri xo

thanks for reading everybody <33

me and my baby ♥ !!

well i guess that's what you were talking about...

 said you had a feeling something bad was going to happen soon well there's your feeling...you said you cleaned out that drawer and that it was only me now.. you said you threw all that stuff away... you promised that you did. i opened it so i could see the valentine i made you and it was on the top on a towel. then i went to go find the card i made you that said I ♥ NICKO on it, and first thing i see is that notebook under the towel...my heart dropped :/ then i closed the drawer and the picture of you and her is still at the front. thats like a big slap in the face :/ now im alone at your house sort of wanted to disasemble your bed and drag it outside then throw it all away for you :( im really mad about it... and you're gonna say the same thing again, why does it matter? think hard about it and you know that it matters. i'll still be waiting when you get here :(

my um...second lunch...Lol

flamin hot cheetos with ranch and diet coke
much better than you think xD
i couldnt reach the box from standing on the chair and that one happened to fall out so i got it xD i wanted lime tho =[
its really wierd being alone in a house that isnt yours >_> its kind of making me anxious...and curious and i dont like it >_<
i also forgot how to use your tv, and no idea where the remote it
there are little kids yelling at your window
i think im gonna practice drums...
uhh i farted in your bed i hope you dont mind it was an accident :[
well i think im gonna go clean your toilet because i'm bored

um .____.

first pic i took as i left lol
brought my camera xD

well, i successfully let your dogs out...even bella. they all cooperated and went at separate times for me and bella even went back in her cage...i know i shouldnt have sorry >_< but they were crying and i felt bad and gunther just sneezed all over me =___= oh yeah and i used your axe!
speaking of, how much freaking axe do you need!

well now im just chillin in your room :)

none of these are edited obviously >_<

scavenger hunt >_>

may not be as succcessful as planned lol because i forgot half of the clues at home plus my mom threw away a bunch, this was originally supposed to take an hour to figure out but this might only take 15 minutes D: im dissapointed with myself >_< moooo!! and goodness your poor dog is crying :(

drawing with your tablet xD

scribbly me loves you nicko :D xD

hey nicko! im all up in ur house :D

 okay i got here about 30 minutes ago, so far...your dog knocked me down the stairs lol i ate a bowl of trix and played skate and now i'm playing with your webcam xD

 exaggeration of the bump in my hair lol im ugly

 heart :D

kisses xD
ok its really fn bright in your room lol i dont even have the light on
gunther is sitting next to me licking my leg and just sneezed ewwie >_<
i think im about to place the clues for the scavenger hunt :)
and bella is crying ! =( i'd let her out but i cant get her back in if i did
oh yeah and i took a napp in your bed for a about 15 minutes lol
welll thats an update for now :) im gonna eat cereal for lunch xD


some times i really think i must be stupid! why did i stay here to eat breakfast when i could just eat at nick's! I MEAN HE HAS A BIG BOX OF TRIX! i think i might be retarded lol now i've wasted time -_-

meeeeeoooooow ;D

moooorning :]
i have a busy day :P heeheehee
right now i am going to make breakfast 
then i am sneaking to nicko's house while he is at school
to set up a scavenger hunt ;D
i'll probably play his drums while he's gone too
and sleep in his bed xDD and eat his food >_>
but not all of it...lol if you read his last post you would know that that would be hard for me, as he listed all of the many things that i ate on monday xDD
although i think if you had done all that, you'd be hungry too xD
it was such a great day ^______^ heeeeeeeeeeeee~
i also updated a couple things on here, i re-did my about me page
and now my tagboard has it's own page :)
and on the about me and wallpaper page, i enabled comments :)
so now if there's anything you need or wanna know, 
i can also answer there ^_^
i'm gonna make more pancakes and do my hair
i've got lots to do!
love, aeri ♥

random pictures xD

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