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Wednesday, June 1

the poem he wrote me ♥

i never got to post this, he said i could a long time ago.. so here it is :) the famous poem that nicko wrote me nearly 2 years ago before we were dating.
it's really special and dear to me <3 so here it is, his "emotions on paper"

~Silent Love~
i first saw you, so innocent and so happy.
Having a chance? never crossed my mind.
I saw true love in your eyes.
But saying these words now only true in that line.
I see hurt covered by smiles.
and laugh covered lies.
Like waiting for nights tide you sit and think, you're bringing your own pain like you're waiting to sink.
I try to hold you up, but i think i'm falling to...hard but not in the same way as you.
I think about you every second. your all i want.
I want to feel your soft skin, you're sweet to my touch.
My feelings for you so strong, yet i'm simply another friend.
If you really could feel how i do toward you, its so hard to explain.
I will say nothing in fear to ruin,
I wish i could have your heart but it's already been taken.
Still no chance, i'm just another boy.
saying it'll be ok. you've heard it before.
Yes, I know no matter what. I say you've heard it all its all the same.
My love for you no one can break.
remember my words.
I wouldnt be a mistake...

my favorite piece of writing and always will be <3

good mood :3

possibly new collectoons siggy? :3

i'm in a great mood ^_^ i had a cute convo with nicko, and he said he's gonna make up for everything and take me out to the mall for our date and spend 2000 on me xD 2000 is alot, but i thing it was figurative speech :P
either way, i am happy for our date!! i've been waiting for it for so long <333 its gona be so fun :)

i'm already home, got to go home early since i dont have exams. i am going to do online school called ECOT for next year or this summer to make up for my credits i missed. better than going back, plus i can work on my own pace, at my house or wherever. i'll sit at panera ^_^ ...xD

and i am loving the collectoons forum now! i was a little bored before...but now i'm making friends :) ever since i started making sigs, people are being so nice to me :D and there are so many friendly people~!! and i get so many complements on my designs ^_^ i wont lie, i like compliments :D they make me feel good about what i do, and i'm not used to getting feedback like that so its exciting ^_^

more made sigs for ppl:

i am eating some leftover chicken & gnocchi from olive garden last night, it heats up so well <3
best thing for a sore throat :) its smooth and is sort of like chowder, and there are small smooth dumplings that feel good to swallow, it soothes the scratchyness :) and i covered it with cheese xD now for some zeppoli <3 the best desert :D comes with chocolate sauce too :) well, this is all for now! ttyl!!

Tuesday, May 31

more sigs :D

i might end up doing an entire page on these o_o
they are seriously addicting to make >.<
i like that theres a limit because of the size and experimenting how much i can do with it, then coming up with themes and muses...it makes me feel so creative :D i guess graphic design as a hobby only wouldnt be so bad...maybe i could have like an online job making walpapers or something lol who knows!!
maybe not a career...but i want it to be something :)

collectoon siggy's :)

i put up a request on collectoons to do signatures for people that i made of photoshop...looks like i'm a hit :)
these are the ones i did so far. the very last one is obviously mine :P
3 more requests since yesterday too @_@ i will have a busy afternoon!

i think im good at this :D
another reason i'm depressed that i cant go to art school -.-

Monday, May 30

it's unfair...

the way they treat thier son...i hate it...
yesterday i listened in, because the phone was still on and i heard it all.
how she cursed at him and was so aggressive...
and she even blamed me....
what are you doing?
how can you treat him that way? and expect him to ever respect you?
how can you yell at him that way, when you once called him your baby?
when he came from you, you gave birth to him,
and you yell at him like that...
he is a precious belonging that you should hold dear to your heart,
you helped create him, and you raised him,
you made him out of love, i would really assume
because you and his father are married,
not that have ever been married (yet), but i think you are doing it wrong..
as married you should have a partnership to love your children, forgive them, teach them, and be a good example, not a tag-team workforce to beat him down and his self-esteem.
did it ever cross your mind that he is a unique person?
a person that needs motivation but doesnt have any,
and almost an adult, has no drive to do any schoolwork.
you cannot blame it on him, you should have payed closer attention.
you should have started to exercise him when he was younger,
instead of drowning him with church and sports he doesnt even want to play, gave him some options so he could do the things he wanted to do. because i have observed, that all of the things that he hates, is all of the things that you forced him into or critisized him about. maybe he isnt motivated because you never allowed him to be. you were too busy making him hate everything for him to actually want to do anything.
yes, he is talented, extremely, but you have to let him develop those talents on his own.
yes, he is very very smart, but if you badger him into school, he's going to hate it.
and me? this is not my fault...you have not even a small right to be blaming me. after how long i've been here, i've never once been a bad influence on him. we've been a good influence on eachother! he is not even doing bad, he has alot of good grades, and so do i. now think about that, they were lower before. and so were mine. what does that say to you? we've been good for eachother...i cant believe you would dare say something like that about me...

but i guess you only said it because i thought you couldnt hear you.

you may be well-to-do and have an awesome job, and tons of money to blow on whatever you want, but that doesnt mean you can treat people however you want. i'm glad you're prideful, but take down the ego a few notches. save the reckless menstrual attitude for your money, it doesnt have feelings so it wont turn from you.

i mean, not that you care.

angel aeri ~!

could i be an angel? haha xD :3
i found my old life-size angel barbie in the basement and my mom made me take it to my room 2 nights ago @_@ then i remembered it came with a halo and wings :D i wasnt gonna take pics but nicko gave me the bright idea xD
i like the way my hair looks in this one ^_^
^^^reminds me of one of those angel statues from ancient places :D
just thought i'd share the pics xD

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