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Friday, October 23

Photography - Autumn Rain

i was walking to the grocery store today and i took the shortcut as usual. It had been raining all day and of course i should have brought my camera to take pictures of all the things covered in rain drops...but i didnt. i'm dumb *darn* but i had my phone with me so i took a picture with that. i was gonna try and get another shot with a different angle but i ran out of memory    (T-T)    but i like this the way it is, dont know why, it might be because i can see the water drops on the big leaf which is the main focus of the picture for me. i like it :) any thoughts? i like feedback!


oh no!!
i'm failing in school
not a shock to me
or my mom
but she's angry
she's like

but i dont wanna

i dont like school, and school doenst like me either...i think me and school should go our separate ways and they will be happy and i will be happy
life doesnt work that way


i need to get work done but there's so much of it...and teachers make me mad. you raise your hand and they ignore you or take your paper and still expect you to do the work...IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY! or they dont tell you to bring your book when you need to but your locker is too far away to go at last minute. I HATE THAT!
i guess you could say i just hate school,
the answer is

Thursday, October 22


i found the cutest blog made by the cutest person EVER!
her name is Rabbito Lee!
(isnt her name adorable?)
i dont like pink, but she made me like it (^o^)
check out her blog:

new friend? (^_^)

and yes u can have my pocky!

i drew this for her^
i hope you like it!

Tuesday, October 20

cannot wait to get home...

cuz i have $2
you know what that means~

strawberry is my favorite

Monday, October 19

i still play dress up.

the sad part is: i'd actually wear this again
technically, this really isnt playing dress up
i always dress funny lol
(don't judge meh!! >.<)
i litterally just picked up random things in my room and put them on then went outside and took pictures
as you can see, its in my back yard because you can see the colorful tree that i took pictures of a few days ago
but yeah, enjoy! hehe

"somebody check my brain"
its from Alice In Chains' new song with thier new singer...
everyone should have heard it by now
but if you havent
 its an amazing song

this last one - no edit ^-^

Sunday, October 18

cookies! :D

you know what? i'm not mad.
that day when i was, when my boyfriend said what he said (and then i went on an upset rampage and blah blah blah...) we were talking about it and he said he loved me. i said i need proof. he said he would try. this is what happened. he said his mom would take him to come see me today, i got excited. i was hoping he would come over and usually when he does we go somewhere or just stay outside because i'm not aloud to have people in my house :/ well it took a while, but i finaly convinced my mom to let me have company...
on one condition: i had to clean the whole house
i convinced my mom and sister to help me out, ya know since the mess isnt all mine (actually most of it isnt, they just like to say it is...but who leaves potato chips on the table? i dont eat those, i eat tortilla chips, obviously the doings of my sister...but anywayz) i polished the stair rail,all the door knobs, tables, my piano and the counters, we did all the dishes, i vaccumed, swept, replaced the pillow cases and cleaned the bathroom...only to find out later that he didn't wanna hang out :(
i was sad.
for real.
i cried.
he dropped by and i gave him his cupcakes

he dropped by and gave me this

and they're chocolate chip which is my favorite.
(see it says i heart u on it :3 heehee)
i waited until i stopped crying to try one,
they're sooooooo good
especially cuz i never have cookies lol

to tell you the trutch, i really don't know how that picture turned out purple...but i left it like that anyway haha
here's a couple pictures i took of my amazing gift and i love them just like i love him,
enjoy these pictures, cuz this is the closest to me sharing these cookies as it will ever get lol

Check out this band - Heart of Eros :)

so it was Saturday morning, it wasnt the best day lol
i had just got home from my friend's house from sleeping over, it was about 10 in the am
i had just got out the shower and got dressed
i check the mail and look what i get....

a Heart of Eros CD!
a signed Heart of Eros CD!

from my awesome bassist buddy Manny Huerta!
i started talking to him on twitter and we became friends then i noticed his name,
i checked out his band a couple days before and recognized his name from the bio and was like
"OMG! you're the bassist from Heart of Eros!"
and he was like "yeah thats me!"
i was so excited because i really liked thier music
he got the whole band to sign the cd and sent it to me in the mail
it was so cool :D
it's a really good CD, if you don't know who they are,
its so worth it :)
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