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Saturday, February 13

snow pictures :)


any  HIM fan would know its heartagram day :)
i made these 2 heartagram backrgounds

everything white is transparent so you can set the color :D
they work great on Tumblr, click to see mine!

Friday, February 12

i ♥ photoscape :D

i always thought about downloading it but i never did until now
but i love it!!! good thing i took the chance :)

(something he says all the time... you wouldnt understand XD i still dont)

my sister and me and nicko :D

looks like we've been together forever <3

here is a naughty picture too lol
look at ur own rist XD XD
not really that bad lol

Thursday, February 11

cute text, ♥

Wednesday, February 10


we had another snow day...
i was a bit bored
i played bass, listened to Dir En Grey and Gackt all day
i played a Sonic game on Wii...
it was wierd lol
but the best part of the day:
i had a 3 way phone call with Chloe and Nicko :D

Tuesday, February 9

spent the day with nick :)

he's the sweetest guy in the world.
there's alot of snow outside, enough to close our schools
and he walked all the way over to my house just because he wanted to see me
it was cold and he was soaking wet when he got here
and stayed from around 11 in the morning until 4 something pm
i'm so glad i got to see him <3

i love him so much <3

Sunday, February 7

i was bored...

nothing to say about today...
my hair is messy...

red & white dance

last night Nicko took me to his school's dance
we went with his friend Chris and his date...
but at first none of us wanted to be there
we came a little early and thought no one would show up
but eventually people did which is good :)
i honestly wasn't looking forward to the dance and was really scared to go...
because of a mishap earlier in the day...
but as soon as nick got out of the car i had to smile
and he got me a big bouquet of flowers :)
but at the dance at first no one was really dancing 
so we were over in our little corner of the room dancing to ourselves and minding our own business lol
after a little while people got up to the floor and we went out there too
i had a lot of fun dancing then we went to get drinks
...nick found coffee
but there was no creamer
so he loaded it with sugar lol
we shared it,
but even though i only had a little i got really really hyper
(and a really really burnt tongue lol)
so because i was hyper
and having fun, i wasnt as shy and danced more
we were being silly together and it was awesome
i was really giggly and jumpy and he would pick me up and we laughed alot
i loved it :) 
technically we went to the dance as only friends...
but we left as each other's again ♥
i'm not really sure how i won him over...
maybe i looked pretty?
maybe its because i made sure not to let it ruin the night?
maybe because i made sure to smile for him?
or maybe its because he loves me
all may be a factor :)
afterwards we went to chris' house
and after some other things watched tv and ate goldfish
i about fell asleep on nick
and in the car i almost did again
he walked me to my door and kissed me goodbye at the end of the night
then when he got home we went to sleep at the same time :)
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