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Sunday, October 31

My First Halloween!

i'm on the phone with nicko :)
 he has the hiccups!
how was everyone's halloween? i celebrated for my very first time this year....with nicko of course! (.^_^.) we didnt go trick-or-treating but we did hand out candy :) his mom let me take some home :D 
today i carved a pumpkin for the first time!!! :D
it was so cool! here's what it looked like:

can you see it? its a haunted house ^_^ he let me choose the stencil
his mom took some pictures while we were carving it...maybe she'll post them on FB so i can steal them or something xD xD
nick's friend Tommy's family (like even a cousin) came over to get candy, and i was thinkin to myself "...his whole family's here but not him?" xD
he did come later though and took me and nick on an adventure with his "complaining" sister xD and his cousins and guess what we found here in the suburbs of cincinnati ohio......

a goat!!!!!!!

who woulda known... xD i love goats!
it was so cute!!!!! i wanted to kidnap it xD
and while we were walking we saw a shed in someones yard made fully out of doors 0_o then we heard a noise that sounded like a dying animal and i wanted to leave >_> haha

when we got home (to his house), i got some alfredo pizza for the first time =) it was so good!!!! cuz i hate tomato sauce... >.< being at his house so long almost made me feel like i lived there o_o alfredo pizza is my new second best friend :D nicko will always be #1 =) ♥
gona talk to him till i sleep =) nite all!!!

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