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Saturday, April 17

trying new hair-style?

i've been doing the 2-braids thing for a little while...dont really like my curls but whatcha think? :)

Friday, April 16

thank you Blaze ^_^

List 3 things I love about myself:
my second half (nicko♥)
my double-jointed fingers :D
i really dont love anything about myself

Post a picture I love:

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Rabbito [http://rabbitochikachieco.blogspot.com]
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Blaze [http://bbyrumble.blogspot.com]

guess what i found on my couch yesterday...!

a cute boy with pretty eyes, long bouncy hair and a LaSalle school uniform
Nicko came over :D and i cooked for him
i made Chili 3-Ways :) he said he liked it :)
the first time i really have cooked for him
we played around with my sister and we painted a little
it made me happy to see him :)
and i kinda attacked him before he left but he didnt mind lol
i got super tired and fell asleep early for some reason 
but i slept really well ^_^
now i'm at school....
because the home internet doesnt work again -___- *
hopefully it will soon though...
cuz i dont like this stupid "i have to go outside to get wifi" crap

Thursday, April 15

RIP Peter Steele :(

he is one of my all-time favorite musicians
im honored that i got to see him in person before...

he was thier bassist and Vocalist...

RIP :(

Wednesday, April 14


in a kind of bad mood :/ im scared-ish right now..
and nervous and things :(

but i found this picture from the summer i thought was pretty :)
but i just edited it today

look at how young i look 0_0 ....o jeez lol

i miss nicko!! i might be going to watch his soccer practice today :)
i hope i can!! either way i wanna see him today
i've been around so much lately, i hope his parents arent mad at me...
they're probably getting tired of me >.<
that's one of my favorite quotes from the song Razorblade Kiss by HIM ↑
it always stuck out to me
i think im gonna start a quotes section on here :D
what do you think? :)

old webcam picture

from about a month ago

bright side award :D

1.Give a top 10 list of the things that make you happy.
Nicko's Love
Sentimental things
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Malts & Milkshakes
Chinese&Japanese Buffets
Mango Ice Cream

2.Give a top 5 list of trivia or facts about yourself
my birthday is 10 days before Valentines Day
I play 4 instruments and sing
my favorite band is HIM
i am extremely scared of thunderstorms
*i am legally engaged...!

3.Share the award with only 5 friends and ask them to do the same thing.
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Blaze (http://bbyrumble.blogspot.com)

5.Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person who awarded you.
already done ↑ ↑ ↑
thank you rabbito for this award ^_^

Tuesday, April 13

life hasnt been bad at all lately,
but i miss my nicko :(
i havent seen him for 2 days >.<
maybe i can see him today...i hope :D
spring break was great because i got to see him all the time
and the week after i did too
lets keep this trend goin baby!!
cuz i like it :)

Monday, April 12

Photography - Good Morning

Sunday, April 11

Photography - Clouds (500th POST)

took this at Nick's soccer game :)

#17 :)

Nick went to church with me today :D
he was getting a little aggravated with me towards the beginning of the day because i was in a bad mood kind of and the people in the room were making me irritated which irritated him
it didnt take me too long to get in a better mood
but after i felt better i was scared to hold his hand because i thought he was mad :(
but when we were in class he wrote "kitty" with a heart next to it on his hand
so i wrote "LOVE NICK" across my fingers
he smiled at me and showed me he wasnt mad and held my hand

during the service, Sam said we could sit somewhere else instead of me doing the sound
so me and Nick straight up ate a loaf of bread lol
and i had half a cookie and dr.pepper, he had Mountain Dew
he brought quarters specifically to buy me Dr.Pepper :)
aint he cute? <33

i got to watch Nicko play soccer for the first time today :)
i was happy to finally see him play
every time i saw the number 17 i was like 
"aww, thats my baby!!"
he's so cute bouncin around everywhere with his hair floppin in the wind
hehe he's so adorable <333
his team lost by like 1 point :(
i tried to keep score but i got distracted by the people on the sidelines talking and later his sister and her dog Bella
....which eventually peed on me -_- haha

we went to Frisches to eat and then Nicko showed me all of the graffiti around the area on the way home
or i thought we were going home lol
we went to the Goody Shop and got the best chocolate shakes EVER
i swear they're the best <33
i want another one now >.<

when i got home, i didnt wanna be there
i missed nick already >.<
then for some reason i felt the need to tease him lol
then he called me and i got to hear his cute voice

Photography - Frog and Plane

taken at Nick's game

Poem - Yet You Are The One To Break It

don't stare at me...
don't come in my direction...
you wrap around my heart and squeeze it until it pops
though i am not close to you, you are always around me
taunting me
haunting me
but most of all
hurting me
because you are everywhere
you step onto the ground before me and attempt to make me fall
                                       and you try to trip me because of a fall
                                                         to trip me on guilt
                                                                           a guilt i should not possess
there you go,
you've gotten your revenge
i didnt know who you were and hurt you by accidnent
                                   but you hurt me on purpose
you've scarred me with out a single touch
and now you've carved your name into veins as proof that you were here
  its set in stone
and set in blood
                        or soon to be
                                            once you finally kill me
because i know what you say
      and i know what you have said before
      and i know your name
                                       they all hurt to hear
                                       there are things that remind me of you
i never loved you and you never loved me,
                    you never had my heart, never anywhere close
               yet you are the one to break it

anytime i hear of you, another piece falls off
when i see your name, or anything near it, my stomach turns
did you know i was hurt? well, that doesn't matter
                               and well, you wouldn't care anyhow
                               and well, you got what you wanted
i hate to sleep
i hate it because of you
             because of you i wake up feeling sickened
             because you rear your head into my dreams
             because you can turn a perfect day into a nightmare

because of you i have to hold back my tears
because of you i realized a heart once mended has had the seams ripped
                                                                                                 ripped again
a dead soul resurrected is slowly being laid to rest again
by you singing a lullabye that could soothe only the hard of hearing
a song that weakens me
                                   because i was strong until you

i heard you were gone for good...
he told me and he's happy he is free...

then i realized 
that now i was the one trapped
when i looked up and saw your name
when i looked over and saw your name
                                                         and i saw you everywhere

i never loved you and you never loved me,
                    you never had my heart, never anywhere close
               yet you are the one to break it

anytime i hear of you, another piece falls off
when i see your name, or anything near it, my stomach turns
did you know i was hurt? well, that doesn't matter
                               and well, you wouldn't care anyhow
                               and well, you got what you wanted
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