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Friday, July 24

Acrostic - Pity Me

Yearning in my heart for you

May it seem you don't care

Poem - I Lost You

i run to you

tonight of all nights

i hear you

i see you

i feel you

i run to you

tonight of all nights

i'm afraid

i need you

i want you

i run to you

tonight of all nights

i saw you

i love you

i lost you

Poem - Untitled 1

when nothing else matters,
what are you supposed to do?
sit and wait?
ask questions?
in all of our misery
in all of ouselves
is all we feel

Poem - Over and Over

you alone
are my heart's desire
it's easier to control a flame
than it is a fire
this fire that's burning
can't be put out
it burns so bad, i want to
to you
your name
over and over
and over again

Poem - Lost and now Living

i tried to fight a battle
that i couldnt win
i jumped into the ocean
were i couldnt swim
i fell in love and then i drowned,
but you brought me back up again

Acrostic - Kissing You

Kissing you
Is like heaven, i
Sacrifice myself for you
So you still might love me
I love you so much
Never let me

Yell for me to come
Out and take me
Under your wing
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