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Saturday, May 1

everyone should get on facebook and like this :)

please <3

Friday, April 30

busy day!

today has been a busy day!
at around 5, Nick and Leonard came over and we went to travel Colerain Avenue to look for jobs.
as of now, i am applying for jobs at:
White Castle
Ladies Foot Locker
Shoe Carnical

i have lots of filling out to do @_@
and nick bought me new shoes!
its this pair of Adio's that i've wanted for like ever lol
i love them <33
tommaro i'm going to Nick's soccer game with him
and its gonna be pouring rain!!
so i'm bringing an umbrella
...and maybe a tarp LOL xD

didn't get to go :(

hope your days were alright <3

Thursday, April 29

to everyone in the cincinnati area ~

axis chemicals is playing at play by play  on may 8 :)
theyre a good band, go for it!
i made thier flyer by the way, im gonna go to the library with them to print them out after school
ville will always be pretty <3

Wednesday, April 28

random pictures ~

boring day today,
last pic is for nicko <3 i love you baby!

white eyeliner

this is a really old picture from end of 8th grade
but i really like the way i did this
i may do it again sometime :)

what do you think?

“Ara! Onara suru tsumori datta kedo, unchi ga dechatta!!”


Tuesday, April 27

k o n n i c h i w a !

this is my school girl outfit based on japanese anime-style school girls ^_^
enjoy the few pictures i took XD lots of smiles!

click to enlarge if needed :)

and pictures with my sister :)

 she tried to eat mine :)

ohayo gozaimasu ~

i have to play a japanese game show host today for drama class @_@
im gonna do great haha i've got the part down so well XD

i hope today will be good and fun
something good should happen ^_^
or at least i can hope

Monday, April 26

quick fix,

today i was busy :)
i woke up early to talk to Nicko before school,
then i went to the Doctors for a check-up at 9
went to McDonalds and speed-ate i the car on the way to school
i got to school at 10:35 and in math class at 10:40 with 15 minutes left in class
i finished the review in 10 with all correct answeres then packed up and went to 3rd block
now i've answered some emails, replied comments and finished a quiz
and now posting a blog

i am such a busy little woman :) haha

now after school,
i talked to amanda,
got a tweet from a film-maker [!!!]
did 5 edits for people
and helped someone with thier homework :)
im excited :D

Poem - His Most Prized Possession

living in love and hanging by a string,
woven so thin, yet lets my heart ring
like silver bells at Christmas-time,
causing all of the joy
and even though he has my heart,
he doesnt treat it like a toy

he has it more like a vase,
or an urn, shaped from porcelain
keeping it in a special place
where no one can touch it

while some may think selfish
i call it thoughtful
because with him having my heart,
i am no longer distraught-full

because he polishes the porcelain with the finest of wax
and lets it shine bright, these arent little-known facts

no matter the circumstance, he doesnt let dust collect
and he knows the reality of it's fragile effect

so he won't drop it or play around,
and if a heart needs quiet, he wont make a sound

its called a love, not near an obsession
and my love takes care of his most prized possession

my heart.

Sunday, April 25

apparently i lick my pillow when i sleep.

today i spent the whole day with Nicko :)
we went to church together, then to my grandma's house.
at my grandma's, we fell asleep for a while.
i kept waking up cuz of bad dreams >.< blehh!
he was there to reassure me everything was fine though
usually when i have bad dreams, i wake up sad
but waking up and looking over to see him there was really comforting
i really wish i didnt worry so much, or i wouldnt have dreams like that
and nick said that one time i woke him up,
and while i was sleeping,
i started licking the pillow! :o
[e m b a r r a s s i n g]
but he thought it was really cute :)
we went to the grocery store because we were hungry,
but got home late and it was pouring rain
and my grandma left us, so my mom got us for evening church
we just ate a bunch of stuff instead of going to youth group
and i still have m&m's and faygo left lol
i'm pretty sure we got the ghetto-est meal ever ahaha XD
-2 microwave pizzas
-funyons, doritos, flamin' hots ~ all covered in hot sauce
-2 faygo rootbeers
- pack of m&m's
and all for under $5.50
now that is called bargain shopping, my friends :)

i look like a total crackhead in this picture XD
but look at his eyes!! they're so pretty <3
we took that in the car on the way home
i didn't want him to leave yet :( or ever

today i finally gave him the book i made in art.
(you will see the covers in the collages section on the navigation)
now its our new project :)
its got about 30 pages, and we're gonna pass it back and forth
writing little things in about eachother or putting things in that we like
its gonna be fun :) i cant wait to see how it turns out
it will have a little of both of us in it
it'll be a surprise every time :) <3 
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