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Saturday, January 16


3 variations of a photo i took the other day
i'm still trying to figure out photoshop and i played with this a little
this first one is unedited ↓

this is the first edit ↓

this is the edit of the first edit ↓

3 different variations and none of them look all that good
the last one is my pick for the best of the three

right now i'm about to do my Cheer-up Plan.
what is that?
its doing a bunch of things that i like all at the same time to distract myself from having a bad day.
because i am not at all in the greatest mood.

my Cheer-up Plan:
Listening to playlist of my favorite songs & playing bass/singing
Drinking Root Beer and eating microwave pizza
Going through good memories in my head
Writing poetry and watching .hack//sign re-runs
listening to "Rain" on Orisinal.com
it helps a little..
try making one yourself and see if it works for you

  A     Q     U     A     R     I     U     S  
It's normally easier for you to be logical than emotional, 
but the Moon's visit to your sign 
can bring intense feelings to the surface now.
 You may not be fully in control 
as you bounce back and forth between your head and your heart.
 Once you have expressed your needs, 
you might overcompensate by acting in a cool, intellectual manner.
 Your hot-cold mood swings could confuse others, 
so do your best to find a rational middle-of-the-road approach.


actually, its alot easier for me to be emotional than logical
maybe thats not good, i'm not sure
as Ville Valo has said:
"I'm not a big thinker, I've got a big heart and a small brain."
and i stick by that quote of his,
because that is exactly how i am
(if you guys havent been able to tell already)
i am trying to find a middle-of-the-road approach
but i'm not entirely sure how to do so,
i'm good with compromise so that might help
and to a certain extent, i can keep my cool
(very far extent, by the way)
i just wish things were a little easier sometimes,
but i don't want to express my needs..
so i wont.

sorry horoscope, you are a little wrong this time.

the only words i have to say:
Nick, I miss you.

Thursday, January 14

pictures from around 8 tonight...

me and my camera were bored
i dont see to take as many pictures as i used to...

ugly kissy face...

lyrics from the second verse of heartkiller on the last picture

all i have to say about today:

this morning was great
school wasnt bad
after school was alright
dinner was frustrating
after dinner i was hurt
and tonight i almost lost my mind
i have hope.
tommorrow has to be better.

*venting* sometimes some girls make me mad...PLEASE STOP FLIRTING WITH MY BOYFRIEND!! >=O

this is a mean and selfish post...read at your own risk

Girls make me mad.

i do not like when girls flirt with my boyfriend.

i do not like when girls flirt with my boyfriend
then say he's the one doing it and not them.

i do not like when girls flirt with my boyfriend
 then say he's the one doing it and not them
and then are nice to my face.

i do not like when girls flirt with my boyfriend
then say he's the one doing it and not them
and then are nice to my face
and they have a boyfriend.

i do not like when girls flirt with my boyfriend
then say he's the one doing it and not them
and then are nice to my face
and they have a boyfriend
and still say they love thier boyfriend,
even though they are flirting with mine!!


ok so here's the deal,

the only person i flirt with is Nicko, and im only trying to flirt
i dont really know how..
if you already have a boyfriend, then why would you flirt with any other boy?
especially a boy who already has a girlfriend...

Honestly, i don't think any guys are attractive
besides Nick and the exception of Ville Valo
i love Nick with all my heart
and no one can compare to him in my eyes,
i dont ever look at any boys the way i look at nick
and i dont think of anyone else the same way
i'm not interested.

if you love someone,
how can you think of anyone in anyother way besides a friend?
i understand that most people do think other people are attractive,
but i am not one of those people
and even if you think someone else is attractive,
you shouldnt make a move if they're taken
or even worse if YOU'RE taken yourself!

and i hate when people get things blamed on them when they shouldnt
i've been through enough of that in my life
so when it happens to other people i show sympathy to them

i just really don't understand why some people cant just settle down

maybe it makes them happy to flirt with other people..

that are taken...

but what about the person on the other end?
shouldnt they care that they are hurting the other person (me)?!

i get paranoid about things like that
i'm finally happy
i have the guy of my dreams
he's perfect for me
we're madly in love

if anyone ruined that, i don't know what i'd do
i do trust my boyfriend nowm so i know he wouldnt let anyone do that

but sometimes i still have the fear in the back of my mind
because it has happened to me before

my biggest fear is losing him
he is my love and best friend

and i think people should care and stop trying to jeopardize my life..

losing him would be like losing everything to me
he's the only person i talk to about truly everything
he loves me and shows it, every day
despite what others may think...

alot of people dont know how we really are
some people have never seen us together

if they saw the way he looked at me
they would understand how important we are to eachother

the look he gives me is unmistakable
anyone could tell it's love

note to all of you girls:
please dont flirt with other people's boyfriends, it may be your hobby but it makes people mad.
especially me :( if you're gonna flirt with someone's boyfriend
flirt with your own!!

and for you single girls...
there are alot of single guys out there
go flirt with them, i'm sure they wouldnt mind :)
just dont flirt with my boyfriend...
just ask him if he has any single friends you can flirt with lol

problem : solved

Wednesday, January 13

the big wednesday!

i started typing on my new story after the wifi connection was lost
but i got distracted and started messing with my webcam
(click to enlarge if you must)

obviously i got bored on photoshop too...i mean i was in the car for an hour

i actually smiled in my id picture 0_o

after i got my ID, then we were going to the BX
which is the Base Exchange
top go shop
i saw a restaurant called Flying Tiger
turn out its a Chinese place ^_^
we turned around and went there
this is what i had

wonton soup ^-^

and General Tso's chicken, a chicken wing, fried rice and egg roll

tehya got fried dumplins and eggroll

look how tiny my egg roll is!
isnt it kawaii?!!
yes!! sukoshi egg roll! :D
hehe using japanese to describe chinese food XD

then we went to the bx
and i tried on these clothes

i got them ^_^
tell me what you think :D

afterwards we got ice cream and then went home
not too bad of a day, i guess :)

Tuesday, January 12

today and about tommorrow

just a couple pictures i took on webcam
i was bored

i'm in a pretty blah type of mood

i was bored earlier and listening to music and this is what the new banner started as
you may remember this picture from a previous post
but it was purple, not blue

so, tommorrow i have a busy day
i'm going to the doctor and then going to the army base.
i'm getting my military ID renewed
because then i can get certain discounts and shop on the army base,
plus it gives me something to show off and prove my age.

best part is that i dont have to go to school tommorrow.

Monday, January 11

i feel bad...

and i should,
because i said something mean
but i was speaking my mind...
i'm sorry :(


today has been relatively good,
the first thing i see when i turn on my phone is a text from my darling Nicko <3
"i love you cutie" is nice to hear in the morning :)
no problems with teachers or anything of the sort.
and everything was ok :)
i had pizza rolls when i got home

i changed a few things on my blog, do you like the changes?
im thinking of making more

i took this earlier....
i call this my hungry goat face >.<

here is a new video from today

i have a big day on wednesday
i'll tell you in tomoro's update :)

i've been reading...

i've spent most of class today reading blogs
and then read an article about HIM's new album on Metal Hammer 
im still excited for it to come out ^_^
and so are other people!
i was upset that there were so many people talking sh*t on there though,
the article is directed towards the fans, why are they even there?
if they think that the band sucks then they can go vent it somewhere else!
i hate when people diss them...

there are alot of "radio-friendly" described songs on there
but just because some songs are radio-friendly doesnt mean that it wont be good
HIM has a style of its own and Ville's voice and style are unique
no one sounds exactly like them so they will still be HIM
and some people are not getting that into thier heads...
if they are truly fans then they should have faith in the band
accept them as they are, you know? be open-minded to thier new music

it upsets me to see people who "love" them stop liking them just because they're on a radio
what? do you think you're cool just because your music is "underground?"
so you think you can just diss "mainstream?"
too bad HIM is well known all over the world
thats not underground at all,

people should be happy that others know about the band
why wouldnt you want to spread the love?
amazing music should be known to everyone

whether its well-known or not
it should still be appreciated

Sunday, January 10


i went to church,
began typing a new story,
went to eat and the food wasnt as bad as i expected
then came home

today i was crushed but only for a little
nicko cheered me up ^_^ ♥ ♥
we've been talking all day which makes me very happy

i new it wouldnt be an entirely good day because this morning a crow landed in front of me, squawked and pecked my boot then flew away....crows are bad luck!!!!

for seeing a crow today, this day has been good.

i love him so much
and i want to see him too
i really miss him :(

in other news:
congratulations to Rabbito and Rineko
they are living together now,
living with your best friend has got to be fun
they're gonna be so happy now :D
i'm happy for them ^o^

i found a bow in my room and it was cute
i hadnt seen it in a while so i put it in my hair

everything kawaii reminds me of rabbi-chan ^_^

A N N O U N C E M E N T 
visit my friend Kasey's blog!
either click on her name or go here:
she's new to blogger and needs some readers :)

am i really the prettiest girl? i doubt it...
i want to be so pretty that you dont see any other girl but me...
i know that its selfish but there are so many prettier girls out there that it is hard to believe you sometimes...

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