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Saturday, November 21

excited ~~~ ♥

so, tomarrow a couple of my friends,
who so happen to be in a band,
are playing a concert at Mad Frog...
guess who they asked to be thier photographer?
*points at self*
and guess who got a free ticket?
*points at self again*
now, guess who's excited?
*points at self once more*

↑↑↑thats me laying on the floor↑↑↑
i put this on here for Mina
because she said i never smile in pictures
well although i did say why...
i smiled in this one from a few days ago

sometimes i sit here and wonder why i'm so awkward looking, but i never really figure it out Photobucketmaybe its because i'm so short or cuz im too skinny or something but still i cant help but ask "why me?!" Photobucket i guess everyone has thier good days and thier bad ones...

but this picture is one of my favorites ↓↓↓

i took it this summer
and the flower thing was Nicko's idea
i think im cute here....

Friday, November 20

a creation inspired by wicked game...

i'm taking advantage of my curly hair
(click to enlarge)

me playing piano...

the song is untitled but i made it up about a year ago
i actually took this video a few months ago,
but just now uploading it lol

baby gerbil!

no edit i made this, like them???!
but i was holding a gerbil this morning in animal care
its so cute!!

i just thought i'd share that with you all

now i edited it lol

berry sad

ugly face


you see that bass up there??
its a black Fender!

it sounds really good
and its almost as big as me!
but you all know that i'm tiny


now all i have to do is learn how to play it,
i'm learning fast so far!!
i only had it since last night but i know 2 songs now
and made 1 by myself already

it makes me happy

Wednesday, November 18

the product of my boredome...

i randomly just took a picture laying on the floor and i was like
"hey...i'm bored..im gonna do somethin with this"
and this is the first think i came up with
"you can still see her ghost"

then i started playing around with the colors and was like
"hey...i want my hair to look like fire"
so i did lol well, tried

then i was listening to the song "pyretta blaze" by type o negative
i loved the phrase "thermogenic luminous"
but i changed it to "pyrogenic" cuz i liked it better
so i tried to embody that here...

i tried to make it look like my hair was flowing into the fire, like that my hair was really the fire...i like this one the best  ^_^

that song, "Pyretta Blaze,"
i dont know why but the girl they describe just sounds so dreamy, like the perfect mixture of beauty and mystery...i want to be her, haha she sounds perfect. it makes me wonder if she's real or something you know what i mean? sometimes i try to imagine her in my head.
i really love that song, i think its beautiful *

here are the lyrics:

Beautiful - yet dangerous

thermogenic luminous
like a moth drawn to a flame - i'm the same
all cremated equally

As a spark - still i knew
i'll be lured - be consumed
she a pyre - incarnate - incinerate
an inferno turned to flesh

You are the first will be my last - will be my final words
said she - ah - pyretta blaze
you are the first will be my last - will be my final words
said she - ah - pyretta blaze

Say the words - i long to hear
pinch bite kiss suck lick and sear
in a pyromantic way - i'm her slave
living for her to ignite

You are the first you'll be my last - will be my final words said she - ah - pyretta blaze

you are the first will be my last - will be my final words
said she - ah - pyretta blaze(x3)

said she - ah - pyretta blaze(x5)

sometimes i don't understand teachers...

this is just me venting about teachers...
out of frustration...just sayin.......
(○-○) (o_o) (○-○)
—when a teacher goes to college to be a teacher, they should know what they're getting themselves into...i don't get why teachers get so angry when a student doesnt do their work, im sure they neglected thier own schoolwork as a student themselves before...and they still get paid.
—thats one of the differences between students and teachers, teachers chose to be a teacher while students are forced to go to school by law. there's alot of stress that comes with being a teacher because from my prespective it seems that when you sign up to be a teacher you are signing up to babysitting about 300 kids a day and trying to make them do what you say...you're basically trying to be a parent but you're being paid for it.
—teacher's shouldn't expect students to do exactly what they say. some teachers offend or ignore thier students and even if they dont realize it the student does and may not do thier work. and there are also students who just flat out lose thier work, but the teachers dont believe them.
—i give up on classes alot because alot of the time when i raise my hand, even if i raise it first or keep it up for a long time i wont get called on but they'll call on everyone else and thier dead hamsters before they call on me, but they'll look at me. I DONT UNDERSTAND THAT!
—this is what they signed up for, they should suck it up and get over it just like they're telling us to do. thats my opinion

Tuesday, November 17

i miss the beach T-T^

i was thinking about it a couple minutes ago and i really miss the beach!!
i took these pictures in NY at the beach there and it was so pretty...

remember how on sunday i said i had been thinking about rain??
well, it's been raining ALL DAY here!
actually...today has not been a good day at all
i've been really mad almost all day...
in the morning i was tired and my tummy hurt
then people starting things and stupid drama
which i dont like or need!!
and my boyfriend is mad at me cuz i've been having a bad day!!
having a bit of a hard time
hopefully tomarrow will be better

Monday, November 16

happy happy happy!!

wanna know why im happy?
i'm happy because rabbito has twitter!!
and we chatted for the first time today! (^o^)
i found out we have an 11 hour time difference between us!
it was 7 something in the morning here but it was 8 something at night over there!
aye ya!!! thats a long way away!
but thats ok (^_^) (^-^) (^_^)
i was happy to talk to her
and she was happy to talk to me too! see ↓ ↓

that's from her twitter :D
as you can tell by the cute bunny background ♥

this is an old picture...but my wrist says

speaking of old pictures...i was looking through mine today! i used to be kinda pretty!! here's some of them:
click to make them bigger ^^^

well this is all for now ^^

Sunday, November 15


i'm gonna miss this weekend,
but i'm sure i have more good times to come :)
my mind has been wandering around different topics lately but i've been mostly thinking about rain for some reason
i like rain

well here's a picture i made a few days ago
in honor of all my friends and my boyfriend Nick
this is for you all!!

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