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Friday, November 6

I love Pocky!

is one of my favorite things ever!
every time i have $2 i buy it at the store!
its soooo good....
but we only have 2 flavors here
~strawberry & chocolate~
one day i want to try them all!!

One Lovely Blog Award!!

i didn't really know how to copy the award picture so i print scrn-ed what she posted as proof that i got it
~ ^-^ domo arigato! **~

thank you rabbito!!! ^-^/*
i would especially like to give this award to Chloe, Mina, Rabbito, Louise, Marquis, Jamie and Sweetmango!
i don't know 15 people...but anyone who reads this can accept this award :D
if u wanna see Rabbito's blog its on my sidebar :D so are the others!

Tuesday, November 3

i am a cat!

i was obviously bored, haha.
but i don't think i ever told u guys my nickname is Kitty.
it all started back when i was little, about 5...i was going through this faze where i thought i was an animal. i went from cricket to butterfly to lizard to hummingbird to dog to mouse and finally when i turned 6 i came to cat. and i decided from then on that i was a cat.
for years i have been perfecting my meow, my nails are long and i would call them my claws. i would rub my face with my "paws" and one time i decided i was going to have a tail as well. i would occasionally wear cat ears and draw wiskers on my face and one time i tried cat food but it was blatantly disgusting... (but i never went to the measures of even trying to lick myself) i tried rat on a stick once, but that was back in my lizard days. of course i would never dare eat a mouse, (i didn't even know i ate a rat till my friends dad told me what it was after i was done eating) mice are so cute
i really love fish, but i like sushi. i don't like any fish cooked besides catfish (funny, eh?) i don't really like other meat besides fish though, the exception is chicken but only if its from kfc or nuggets and i like tacos, lol.
i scratch really hard apparantly and i have pretty good balance. i almost always land on my feet.
there are so many times i probably could have died but i'v never broken a bone, so i probably have 9 lives haha.
i don't sleep at night so i'm kinda nocturnal! haha sweet! and i can see in the dark (usually)
i rub on my friend's shoulders and purr, they look at me funny at first but they're used to it now.
and i have perfected the meow. everyone says i sound like a cat.
there are a few other reasons,
if you want to know just ask!
but now you all know my nickname :)

Monday, November 2

Photography - Fall's Definately Here

just some photos i took today, enjoy :)
these are from my back yard

these are from my front yard

these are from my doorstep

Sunday, November 1

Lyrics - Infatu[h]ated

(verse 1)
he is with me all the time
but all he thinks about is you
you are getting in the way
and i wish you didn't want to
i cannot tell how he feels just by looking in his eyes
i cannot tell how he feels but i know i'm not the one on his mind
he's infatuated
but i'm infatu-hated
you've got my heart jade-ed
is that your goal?
wont you leave me alone?
but i can't escape it
because he's infatuated
but i'm infatu-hated...with you
(verse 2)
walking down the street and holding hands
good day, i'd say, wouldn't you?
but later that night he says your name
then i don't know what to do
i cannot tell how he feels from a static voice over the phone
i cannot tell how he feels until those feelings are shown
(verse 3)
every time you come around
you take him away from me
you don't understand but i guess
whatever makes you happy...
i don't want to get in your mind or cause you any trouble,
but thought that you're here or even near just turns my world to rubble
(verse 4)
kill me, kill me, hurry up
i cant take this anymore!
and the confusion lurking around me
is making my head sore
he wont know how i feel because i wont speak up
and i dont wanna make him sad or mad so i just keep my mouth shut
i cannot tell how he feels just by looking in his eyes
i cannot tell how he feels but i know i'm not the one on his mind

because he's infatuated
but i'm infatu-hated...with you—
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