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about me,

hola, me llamo aeri :) nice to meet you ♥ 

my real name is Asberry Quiñones & i am 18 years old.
my favorite colors are purple & green, but only certain shades
i have an on-call job, i do lights for a magician named Phil Dalton
i ♥ art, music, blogging, dancing and writing 
i've wanted to be an artist ever since i was a little kid
i've been dancing since i was 4 y; i took a break for about 2 years 
now i'm back this year but now taking hip hop in place of ballet :P
i do freelance photography, mostly for local bands and such
i'm a senior in high school, but missing some credits...
therefore will have to do more school before i graduate :(
but at least i have the guts to finish.
i am in love and engaged to my dream boy (literally!) 
he's the best friend anyone could ever ask for
his name is Nicko :) visit his blog ~
from my looks to my interest, i'm different
i'm one of those people who have just never been normal
in real life, i'm shy and nervous but online i love to have friends :)
be sure to visit my pen pal section and email me :)
and of course, i have a tagboard ^^
i also have a social networking site called MoshiMoshiLove,
i'm trying to get it to be really active so please join if you can!

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if you want to know anything, comment and tell me what to put or ask me questions on formspring :)

t w e e t :3

random picture gallery! ~~ ♥

me and my honey <33

i love this boy so much i cant even describe it :) its one of those things that when they happen, you just know that it's right <33 nicholas scott mutters, i love you forever <3

pictures of me :)

pictures with friends :)
 this is: labby                                  this is: shawna and labby                                              this is: labby                                this is: labby

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