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Saturday, March 13

well i got to see nick today so that was good :)
other than that...i guess i've been in a bad mood all day..
i guess i have my reasons...
you would probably think they were stupid if i told you though.

[ e m o t i o n s ]

something i sometimes wish i didnt have.
a quote taken from the song "shatter me with hope"
listen to it here:

Friday, March 12

my hand..

i got bored and drew all over my hand

Thursday, March 11


i was a little worried i guess,
for a second i was almost doubtful..
maybe i was just thinking too much.
im just glad everything is fine now.


i apparently got bored and these are the product of it lol

(inspired by a song called behind the crimson door by HIM)

Wednesday, March 10

Jarritos soda is good ^_^

guava soda is the best but this was mandarin this time
yes, i was watching my HIM dvd
im pretty sure that was the "when love and death embrace" video haha

Lyrics - I'll Never Give You The Chance To Say "Goodbye"

All of these years I’ve been sitting here,
All of these years I’ve been wondering,
Then you come along right as I died
And now with your hard work you've brought me back to life
You say you want to stay forever
You said to let you, so you im letting you, I wont let you go, ever
Forever started a while ago
and we’ve still got ways to go

now I cant imagine a life without you
so let’s live ahead with our love that’s so true
you’re the only one who can pull me through
so I trust you,
I’m trusting you…

Keep me safe and don’t give me away
Keep me here in your arms today
Kiss me and take my pain away
And I’ll never give you the chance to say

Don’t give up on me
Don’t give up on me
Don’t give up on me
And I wont give up on you (x3)

because I cant imagine a life without you
so let’s live ahead with our love that’s so true
you’re the only one who can pull me through
so I trust you,
I’m trusting you to...

Keep me safe and don’t give me away
Keep me here in your arms today
Kiss me and take my pain away
I'll never give you the chance to say...
Keep me alive so i wont decay
Kill all the voices that lead me astray
Make me happy to night from the break of day
And I’ll never give you the chance to say..
I wont ever give you the chance to say...
If you do these things everyday and replay
I'll never give you the chance to say

my vocal cover of wicked game...

i personally think that i sound like a little kid with a stuffy nose but i like it at the same time

nick said he likes it :D

i've only let 2 people listen to it so now i'm showing it to the world

listen at your own risk >.<

please leave comments!!

Tuesday, March 9

arturo is awesome :)

no one has ever explained my name this way :D
i like this meaning a whole lot better than the official one ^_^

drama class!

these are the awesome people in my group for my music video project :)
Jacob is the one with the long hair, Fletcher is the other white gay and the black guy is Solomon :D
there's a girl named Yolanda is in our group but she stayed away from the camera :(
these guys are the awesome and make me not wanna skip the class XD

he loves me :)

i've been meaning to post this for some time now,
and someone on formspring has been bothering me to post this.

you could say this post is very well overdue,
but at the same time its not.
Nick sent me these messages when i was asleep on february 20th,
but every time i read them i blush :)
i read these messages over and over all the time and i locked them into my phone so they wont delete no matter what, 
and now to all who havent noticed yet how he really feels,
here you go :)

it makes me feel really special when he calls me Asberry,
or calls me by my full name
for some reason it makes me feel like he's being more serious
because he usually just calls me Kitty, my nickname
so when he says my full name
something about it really gets me feeling special :)

he's the sweetest, most amazing, beautiful, thoughtful, caring, loving, adorable, honest, faithful, perfect guy ever <3
sometimes i think its too good to be true
but then i realized the truth doesnt always hurt

Monday, March 8

warm weather, its quite nice :)

its starting to feel like spring :D
actually it kinda feels like summer
i just wanna stay outside forever!
i was off school today because the school had a power outage and they couldnt turn the power back on
but it sucked because i had been at the bus stop for 20 minutes before anyone told me!!


when nick got home from school i went over to his house
we played soccer in the street :D
i dont really know how to play soccer so he taught me a little
so i know how to correctly stop a ball now :)
and i learned that i can drop-kick a ball straight

we'd played with spray paint on a practice board
i did a tag at the top then we flipped it over and he did a throwup
then i did one
he said he really liked mine so i was really excited!
because graffiti-style art doesnt come naturally to me
but he's really really good at it
he actually looked at the board for a while and smiled because it looked so good :)
so i learned i could do a tag & throwup
and it looks so much better with paint than on paper

after nick got tired (and i did too)
it was so hot outside
we went in the garage and i looked at his drumset
then thought to myself
"i really wanna learn how to play drums.."
and i think he read my mind because he said he felt like teaching me drums
so he did :D
he taught me how to play using 4/4 times
which i learned from singing lessons but this time it was drumming
i was so confused at first and my leg didnt really wanna cooperate
then my hand kept going stupid >.<
but i started getting it right kinda easily
he said i was learning really fast & sees potential in me :D
so now i can say i know how to play drums :)

i really liked today,
i liked playing with him and him teaching me things
it made me feel special and proud of myself
and it made me excited to learn to do things i couldnt do
or never knew i could do before

thank you nick :) i love you

Sunday, March 7

asberry in wonderland?

oh, never lol
i went and saw alice in wonderland today with nick and his friends
and i must say i was disappointed...
i have never seen the original alice in wonderland
but they say its a big acid trip.
the only thing i really liked about this movie 
is the crackhead rabbit as i call it lol
idk, this movie was really awkward to watch especially in the end part
the mad hatter does some creepy dance thing...
it was wierd lol idk
just dont make me watch that again XD

i'll admit that i was annoyed this day
and nick brought to my attention that i was being mean a little >.<
sorry honey i didnt mean too!
sometimes i just forget things and subtly act out
im fine now though..
fine as long as i never have to watch that movie again XD
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