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Saturday, April 9

i love you babygirl!

well your blogger is still up here i love you baby muah <333

Friday, April 8

✦✧random pictures, drawing and writing tag✧✦

 ohayo gozaimasu  its a nice morning today
only thing that didnt go nicely was that as soon as i came outside this morning to wait for my bus, it began to rain  i hate when that happens!
and a little clarify on the taking requests:
i am taking requests for wallpapers but i will also take picture requests also :)
so Aidyl, yes i dont mind at all ^_^ just email me the picture and i'll get it done for you :)
right now is extended advisory
i need to catch up on a couple classes :/ ewwiie
and we voted for senior superlatives,
rumor is that alot of people voted me for most artistic :D
my friend said her whole advisory voted for me ^_^
im excited :D

i also did this handwriting tag from Pu3 :)

The Handwriting Tag
Rules: Get a piece of paper and write the answers to the following questions:
1. What's your name/your blogger name?
2. What's your blog's name/URL?
3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Your Favorite song?
6. Your favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag three to five other people

so i tagged moon , wynter b, aidyl, pooper and rabbito ^_^
turns out rabby has already been tagged D:
sorry rabbito chan xD
also while doing this i doodled
messed up the shoe >.< but i only drew it in pen
so good for a pen drawing right? ^_^
i'm eating a bagel :) will blog later <33

Thursday, April 7

random doodling...

bored in class with ms paint xD

i like my signature :)

thinking of youu <3

pop and lock and pon and zi :D

goooood morning 
i am super sleep this morning
i woke up at 4 for some reason and could not get back to sleep for anything :(
today i have my hair in 2 braids...
it was supposed to be down but i laid in my bed till 6:3O and ended up with no time to do anything with it so i left it in my hair D:
but not looking that bad...

yesterday, i was watching dance videos on youtube and my friend sent me this link to this video
i was like omg :o how do they DO that?!?
nicko can dance like that so he said he'd show me ^^
he said there is no fluid movement in it...that its all twitching basically
the ballerina in my brain's mind shattered!
because i used to be huge in ballet and we were taught that if the movement wasnt fluid then it was ugly then you get in trouble with the teacher >.<
so this is gonna be even harder than hip hop!
let me (re)introduce you all to some cute little friends of mine :)
you may have met them before, thier names are...
thier undeniable cuteness is just contagious :)
they are these 2 little emo characters that obviously have a thing for eachother (i think mostly pon crushing on zi) and they're always in these cute pictures. the artist is jeff thomas or "azuzephre"
i love these 2 ^_^ sooo cute <33
^ that one is one of my favorites :) its adoooorable <333 !
♥ well this is all for now :) will be back later bloggies ♥

Wednesday, April 6


well since i was thinking about myspace it reminded me of all of the lables people put on me and everyone else back then. the one i got the most was always "emo"

i've always been myself and nothing else, i never tried to follow a trend really just did what i wanted and wore and listened to what i liked and talked however i wanted.  i guess you could say i was "emo" before there was emo. (well, before it got big here). people randomly started calling me an "emo kid" and i didnt really know what it was and they said "its you!" and i got mad, like =.= no, i'm me! at that time i only knew that emo was a post-punk-ish music genre..not people?
by default "me", i had sideparted hair or bangs that covered my eyes, after it was shorter i always spiked it crazy cause i thought it looked cool. i liked alternative rock music like afi, HIM, the used and green day, post-hardcore and metal and screamo (on and off lol). i wore black all  the time and sometimes gray or red, and i wore losts of stripes because thats what i felt looked good on me. i had a black hoodie with roses on it which i wore at nearly all times. i wore converse and vans and wore lots of eyeliner and my jeans were a little tight but that was really because i was growing out of them and needed to go shopping. i always had on some kind of necklace or bracelate and half of my clothes were safety pinned but it was because i just liked them, i liked having them on me in case someone or myself needed one. i drank coffee all the time and wrote poetry, did art and wrote songs like it was my job, but that's because i actually wanted it to be my job! and i was always emotional, but i was actually really hyper almost the time and super cheery, which my friends actually couldnt stand how happy i was all the time lol i was hiding that i was depressed and when it got bad i just hated the world. i took alot of pictures all the time and loved to edit and i knew html like the back of my hand. i wont lie, all my friends always thought i had the coolest myspace lol

my friends wouldnt stop calling me emo so for maybe a week i let it go and just took the title. i didn't much like it still lol  but i figured out it was a pretty good shortcut for finding things i liked. i figured out if i wanted to find a picture of a band i liked or those cute little emo drawings (you know what i'm talking about :) they look like cute little ghosts) that i loved or pictures i liked, all i had to do was search emo and all the stuff i liked would come up, i thought it was kind of funny lol

during the time i took the lable, i kind of secretly hoped it would help me make friends...because if i'm "emo" then there are other emo people too, then since we probably have stuff in common we could be friends! :D well, it turned out that i was too wierd for emo people xD they also hated my cheery hyperness and that i wasnt shy about doing daring things (like biking off roofs, jumping from high places, breaking things...etc) they said i was more of a punk xD oh well, suit themselves lol they were boring as hell anyway!

and even now, STILL hate being called emo, not emo i'm me always have been always will be :) i dont care if i'm "different" or whatever ya know? i like emo music and i dress how i think looks good on me, i dont really care how people think of my looks unless im at an interview or audition so yeah lol

i'm bored so this came up xD your probably even more bored now reading this lol will post in study hall :) see ya!

any suggestions on a topic, plz tell me...total writers block right now D:

i'm going to sound like a crazy person.

think of a situation where there is "something" haunting you and only you can see it. it started out as nothing then turned into something big and mean. it has its own powers, the ability to see into your dreams and thoughts and the power to twist them into things that are worse than anything you can ever think of. it uses your every thought - happy or bad - against you and makes it bad or worse. then you later find out that its really the lost part that broke away from someone, and that part was trying rejoin with the body of the one who cast it away and used you to try to get there.
sound crazy? i'm sure it does, that's why i'm not going into detail about it >.<
so, like the new blog theme? ^_^ i know the bg is a little lopsided but its still pretty close...maybe exact measurements later...my first non-tile bg i've made since my myspace days haha
i kinda miss myspace, i had alot of friends on there and i loved how you could customise your page with songs and html codes. and everyone could see it, because everyone had it. honestly i always like it better than facebook lol
been photoshop addicted lately... so i'll post this too
p r o j e c t s   i n   t h e   w o r k s :
blessthefall (with craig) wallpaper :: the used wallpaper :: summer 2O1O picture collage
and remember i'm taking requests :) go to my wallpapers page and leave a comment
i am very bored right now -________- i'm in yearbook and we dont do anything in here! just sit here...we work only like every 2 weeks. speaking of work...i'm gonna try to apply at mcdonalds >_> i really dont wanna work there but i need a job really bad so i'll have to try -_- i wanna make money ^_^ i like the feeling of it...yayeah :3
sort of drawing a blank on what to blog about o_o i'm sorry xD

Tuesday, April 5

mwooow ( > ^ _ ^ < )

im at nicks......AGAIN :D
for dinner we had something i wish i would have taken a picture of [[didnt do it because i was afraid his mom would think i was odd xD]] it was sooo so so good :D
it was chicken...baked with corn flakes! odd combo, huh? well it's delicious~!!
and we had green beens, brown sugar carrots and blueberry muffins :) my favorite kind ^_^
his dad said i kept nick up too late last night :( ...better remember you guys are the ones who made him shower at 10 @ night! :P thanks for the dinner ;D
seriously it was awesome :D
today we played soccer and basketball and watched him play drums ^_^
i love hanging out with him :) how bout cancel school so i can just lay around with him all day xD
i miss him and i still here for 14 more minutes D: wahh
love love love is amazinginginging =] <333

kinda touched up my blog layout...

figured out how to do backgrounds ^_^ check it out if you wanna and please tell me wat ya think :D

a restless night...

we know eacother so well that we even have the same dreams sometimes,
last night we had the same dream about eacchother and it was bad :(
i woke up crying and he woke up furious, i wasnt going to tell him i had a bad dream because things are going so well with us, but he told me about his and i told him i had one too.
it just sucks because they seem so real
i go to sleep in real life, then in the dream i wake up and get out of bed, go through a whole day with my normal routine, and nothing unrealistic happens in the dream it all seems real.. then at the end of the day in the dream i go to sleep then wake up in real life. this dream lasted 3 days, so i honestly thought it was thursday when i woke up.
and even wierder that today started just like the tuesday in my dream, which is honestly freaking me OUT.
im sure all that stuff wouldnt happen though...
so anyway, added new songs to my singingbox list :)
keep on adding too xD if you need some mp3 links for ur, go to free download sites
they have good ones ^_^ basically if the song plays on there, then go to the download link, right-click and do "copy shortcut" and you got the link :) and if you click "save link as..." you download it xD i did it by accident
speaking of song downloads, i want an mp3 player...
i actually want a mini ipod :( not a shuffel tho...pretty sure someone stole my shuffle...
i want one of these
Ematic 4GB MP3 Player with 1.5" Screen and Built-in FM Radio, Assorted Colors

  • 29.50$ walmart online - store pickup

  • 4GB flash memory

  • 1.5" color display

  • Voice Recorder

  • or one of these
    Ematic 2GB MP3 Video Player with 1.5" Screen

  • 25$ walmart online - store pickup

  • 2GB capacity and 2GB flash memory

  • Stores up to 1000 songs, hours of videos or hundreds of pictures

  • Ematic 4GB Video MP3 Player with 2.4" LCD, built in 5MP Digital Camera, (Assorted Colors)
    but this one is my favorite!
    under 50$ and has a camera :) the even have purple! but the orange one is the one that caught my attention surprisingly o_o and the yellow too...what is wrong with me xD i like the pink too :D oh no im dying xDD

  • 4GB & 39.88$ walmart online - store pickup

  • 5MP digital camera

  • Video recording capability

  • Voice recorder

  • FM tuner/recorder

  • E-Book function

  • omg i sooo want it and its so cute too :]
    well...i'll probably blog in study hall, so i'll see everyone later :)

    thank you for your comments by the way ^^
    i'm replying back :D and also, just a reminder i moved my tagboard to its own spot in a page (link up top) and comments are enabled on my profile page and wallpaper page :)

    new personal wallpaper...♥

    old pics of me and nick :) took about 2 hours
    inspired by "i caught fire" by the used
    thank you pandora radio for reminding me how much i loved that song <33
    this is now my desktop bg. and oh how i love it =)

    Monday, April 4

    dressed up with no place to go xD - SUPER FAIL!!!

    ohayogozaimasu...ahhh not so good morning >.<
    today is the first monday back from springbreak and right now i'm basically blogging in my sleep!
    i woke up so late that i missed my bus and i dont even feel like getting up! wahhh T - T someone just tranquilize me so i dont have to go to school!!!
    well since i'm on here, i will tell you this funny story about saturday.
    pretty embarrassing too - might i add lol
    well this saturday we were supposed to go to a wedding, and i very much did not want to go =.= but i got ready and everything anywway and we leave for it. well  my sister is reading  directions (idk why she didnt give the directions to me) and she read them right, but my mom heard wrong and i was too annoyed so i wasnt payed attention and we got super lost >.< so of course i was happy because that means we're going back home! :D unfortunately we didnt know how, because we were lost...and we got so much more lost that we ended up finding the place! we turned on the street and as soon as we get to the light, a train decides to not only go, but stop right in front of us! 1 minute before the wedding. and i am a late freak! we tried to drive around it, but coulldnt find a way, and we asked someone and he said all we can do is wait so i was like ugh! but she went back and waited...wait wait wait....then the train started moving! at like 2 miles per hour -.- well then we drive to the churc...cricket cricket...uh no one's here, what the hell. 
    mom: i'm confused...
    me: mami...are you sure it was today
    mom: i was pretty sure, tehya check the date
    tehya: i dont have that paper?
    mom: okay *pulls out invite from purse*
    me & tehya: o_o
    mom: ... um... its on the 13th..
    me: DDDDDD:<<<<< you brought me all the way down here to someowhere i didnt want to go just to ruin my day with an invisible wedding that wasnt even on the right day!? ^&**$$$(%)*^%#$!!!!!!!!!!
    if you know me very well, you know how mad something like that would make me...furious!!! ahhh so so mad. and embarrassed! i wanted to go to the mall that day and she f'd it! >:(
    still got to see nicko though so i was ok later :) 
    i wish the night could have been a little better though.
    i say that because i was completely uncomfortable having to be in a room with his friend's gf that i really dont like. since i had the oppurtunity, i asked her about the rumor she spread last year. she says it wasn't her, but there's no way that it couldnt be. she said it to my friend, and that friend not to be mean but isnt smart enough to pull soething like that out of her ass and wouldnt do that to me now matter how bad we fight. i also hadnt talked to her in months, so she wouldnt even know that stuff. i like how she is evading the fact that she said and tried to say it wasnt her. you're caught! you should have just said you were wrong! >:/
    this is what i've said before, people do stuff and no one ever calls them out on it. second person that i have. one of my other friends did something to me last year around this time, seriously her and her friends had a "plan" to break up me and nick so she could go out with him. she was my friend for 2 yrs already! she never confronted me about it to say sorry, she always "liked" stuff about me and him on facebook and acted cool to my face, even said stuff like "if anyone ever flirted with him i'd tell you".....but she was the one flirting! :( i got the perfect oppourtunity to bring it up after one of those "like" games on FB, the one where its "1 thing i like about u, 1 thing i dislike about u and something i've always wanted to tell you...like this and i'll do one for you" so i did, and for the 1 thing i dislike i said "something you did that i dont think you knew that i know about but i do" and then she sent me a very very very long im sorry text message. we made up, but i dont talk to her anymore...but at least she owned up.
    2 other people i have called out, even in private! that didn't say sorry, an old good friend and the girl i metioned earlier. and im not stupid, i know they did it, the old friend there was proof and this girl is the only one who could have said it.
    the sad part about it, is that even your friends will do this shit to you!
    i don't know why people backstab like that >:/ people that i didn't even like i've always been nice to them and wouldnt stab them in the back, i didn't do anything to them and still they do shit to me. i hate that. especially when my own friend did it, the sad part is it was always the people i was friends with that did the worst things!  ugh that sucks! which is why in RL i don't have alot of friends, because i lost interest in having "friends" now because of being hurt by so many friends. i'm really only interested in online friends now because i've such a better experience with them and they're so much nicer and more trustworthy to me. i'm still nice to people in RL but i'm not as nice as i was. i'm done being nice to people when they are going to backstab me and not even own up. if you cant own up, then you're not worth it point blank period.
    so, i know i wanna go shopping for clothes...
    but i thnk i might buy a drawing tablet with 80 of the $
    my boy has one and i've been playing with it all week,
    kinda like it :) so im thinking about it...
    since i love to draw and it would help with my designs
    i like it now :) still think its a bit hard to use though
    but i guess if i have my own then id get used to it easier

    and speaking of my boy, i get to see him today =)
    which is good cause i need to >.<
    because i have to miss dance class this week ;'( woe is me!
    i am so sad about it :( i'm gonna be so behind!!
    he better give me lots of cuddles and kisses today >_<
    baby can we go to the mall finally? xD

    p.s. i told you i'd be in some dance videos from class, nothing pro or anything tho xD on my dance teacher's facebook page he has 2 videos posted, of course the only 2 i messed up in! xD but look on his wall and the videos are near the bottom. his name is Steve Irwin, yeah just like the crocodile hunter lol but he's actually a dancer! he just hunts for music to move to :)


    i am soo bored, just looking at clothes on yesstyle.com blahh
    i still want those shoes from there :[ soo  so bad
    Short-Sleeve Rabbit Print T-Shirt
    i really want this cute dress thingie :) its 13.50$
    Layered Floral Skirt
    this skirt :) adorable...really want it >.< ~ 25.00$
    Cat-Print Pullover
    kitty sweater <33 25.29$ >. <

    i love too many things on that site @_@ moww

    i got mad just now >:[ i just saw 2 of the girls in my class flirt with one of my groupmates when he delivered something to the teacher, and those 2 girls are friends with his girlfriend  that he has been dating since freshman year! he's a nice person and didn't flirt back but it was still wrong of them, that's thier freidns bf, they should know better :/ they have been friends since middle school...they better be happy his gf isnt in this class or she would chew them down to thier souls >.<

    and i honestly think i have a gas problem :( i cant stop farting!
    will blog later :) xo, aeribaby <3
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