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Saturday, December 11

Photoscape Tutorial - Newspaper

i was fooling around and ended up making a newspaper xD
no one will probably use this, but i thought it was still fun :)
+ i need to know how to post these tutorials, so this will be a test run :) bear with me people! haha
the article is funny xD click to enlarge
Step 1:  go to "page" and follow this:

it could work with any other of the frames too maybe, but i chose this one.
Step 2: now go to the "edit" tab and choose a picture.
*this will not change what you did in the "page" tab
Step 3: make the picture a little more black and white with the Remove Color Cast tool.
Step 4: use the "Cellophane" filter.
*try to use the effect really low so its not overbearing.
Step 4: one of the most important parts and i lost the pic :(
use the "Newsprint" effect under Filters and set it to a low level then save the picture.

Step 5: go back to "page" and insert the picture you just edited then click Edit
Step 6: Write an article. 
*make it funny, interesting or just anything! have fun with it :)
 After you've added the text you should have something like this:
Step 7: name your paper!

Step 8: combine it all ~

Step 9: Add texture
*click the texture once or twice to your liking. it will make it look like paper :)

 Step 10: Film Effect
*to enhance a little of the paper-y look
and now you have your own newspaper!
click to enlarge and enjoy :)

(feel free to comment your opinions or suggestions!)

new shirt! ~i love discount stores ^ω^

 a couple of days ago when i went to the modelling appointment~
we stopped at a store to get a christmas present for my sis
and i found a few cheep tops that my mom let me get! 
(click the picture below for my comments on it)
i sooo love it! its a different style than i usually wear
but i really like it :) and i love the color ~
i got a couple of other shirts also, but havent worn them yet :)
will post pics when i do tho~
in the meantime ~
i finished making my BeeFee Quiz!
click here if you wanna take it ^-^
just do it for fun if you want xD
mehh today has been very uneventful so far...
not such a good mood either  sigh..
this "being happy" thing is getting hard again,
i wanna go places, but have no one to go with me..
also can't drive or money for bus fare
[[and no jobs have called me back yet]]
i'm starting to get very frustrated >_>
 just somebody kidnap me?!! 
as for the photoscape tutorials ~
i am figuring out a way to do them :)
probably the screenshot way
but what would you all like to see first?
i'm thinking of doing a vintage photo first
let me know your suggestions :)
j  a  h  a  n  e  ♥

Friday, December 10

good mooood ^_^ nicko i love you!! ♥

Happy, happy, happy in love...oh boy i think i've fallen,
happy, happy, happy in love...i'm so in love
my boy is the best ♥  i was considering not taking my celly to school with me today [cuz nick doesnt have a cell right now so i had no reason to bring mine but i ended up taking it anyway.  
~ well, he called me from his house this morning just to say "i love you" and that he hopes i have a good day ♥ ♥ ♥
i am in the best mood <33 he is so so so soooo sweet!!
just like candy  ♥
last night me and him also chatted with my mom....it was quite the conversation xD
we talked about nicko being an underwear model and before that we were talking about manatees and that i think it would be sexy if he sat on one xD dont ask!! hahaha...
then we were talking about taking a picture of nick in boxer briefs and making it into a huge poster, and we couldnt figure out a background and then i remembered i could always change it on photoshop.
nick: well, what would you change it to?
me: hmm...i'll put you on a beach with some palm trees...and dolphins jumpin around!! xD
mami: no, manatees...
me: 0_o
all: *burst into laughter*
itas hilarious xD
hopefully me and nick get to go to the festival of lights this year =)
i really wanna go...i heard there are baby animals!
speaking of baby animals... i have some photography of wild animals from this summer i have yet to put up, so i'm editing my favorite ones and then i will put them up :) you will like them ^_^
i went to the modelling appointment last night...it was so fun!!!
i got to walk on a runway, and everyone said i did good :)
i was the only girl who didnt take off thier heels and i know i had a good walk :)
and despite my fear, i made eye contact with every person in that room.
they really liked me ^_^ i am gonna read a commercial monologue for them soon also, because i get to schedule a second interview~ !!! gotta call saturday to schedule it :) woo!!
i took some random pictures last night and photoscaped them as i couldnt sleep last night xD

i think i've made my way around photoscape...i don't see alot of tutorials for it either,
it's an easy program to use, but would anyone like me to do tutorials for it?
if you do then just tell me and i'll do it ^_^
~~ i know there are photoshop tutorials, but photoshop is also not free so not everyone has it. but photoscape is free so anyone could use it...i basically know my way around every popular online editor because thats all i did pre-photoshop, so what if i did something like that?

Thursday, December 9

Rabbito said i look like an asian baby xD

bored this morning and did a bunch of homework
i played sims all last night and procrastinated >_>; haha
i also couldnt sleep :/ didn't fall asleep until like 3 am T-T
and woke up at 5 @_@ aye cara... muy mal >_<
i hate not talking to nick in the mornings TT^TT
we need to be able to talk before school
and later into the night than just 10 pm :(
thats probably why i don't sleep.. i miss him
i got a omment from Rabbito this morning...
i started laughing so hard when i saw that last line...
she said i look like an asian baby!!! xDDD
that's a new one xD i ♥ her forever xD
i got some colorful sparkly gel pens this summer
and just opened the pack 2 days ago ^_^
i think it's kinda funny that it is missing a yellow xD
i love them so much! they write so smooth ~
it makes me wanna write cute notes to my bf xD
and to my beefee rabbito :D i might actually write one ^_^
i got another 100% today on my quiz ^_^
unfortunately i focused so hard on my other classes,
that i neglected one of my classes nd now have a bad grade!!
so i gotta work on that...
and to nick: good luck on your tests today!! =)
well thats about all for now...
j  a  h  a  n  e  ♥

Wednesday, December 8

screenshot collages

from the sacrament video by HIM

 i really miss my nicko :( i got to see him on webcam last night after he finally got his working....first time i seen his face in over too weeks and still pretty as ever! i wish we saw eachother more :( he just lives up the street and around a few corners...i hate the cold but i would walk to him if he wanted me to <3
he don't have a celly now tho :[ his parents were trippin for who knows what reason and took it...so now no more morning chats before school starts :( which means i am very tired in morning cuz he wakes me up xD
soon i wont have a celly :/ the contract for my cell phone ends at the end of the month @_@ but i think that's okay. i will get a cheep phone and a cheep service this time around. i only text 4 people...mom, tehya, papi and nicko and those are the only people i call also +grandma so i dont need nothing fancy =) maybe i'll get cincinnati bell or cricket.. not sure yet. we will see ^_^

i am actually happy 2 start over with a new phone...i wont give anyone my # so i wont get annoyed, and i'll only talk to the people i need to :) +mobiles can cause problems... like when ppl you don't like try to text you or just say they wanna hang out and that they're coming to my house =.= no. your not coming to my house...me no like you. xD if they don't text me, then i will never know...and they cant warn me so i can act like i'm not home even better :) it'll be nice when no one has my number. no more chain messages or people attempting to start "drama"

i wore my guitar pick earings today. they say "rebel" hahaha i bought them from claire's when i was like 1 years old xD i only bought them cuz they had some guitars and black and white studs came with them...i didn't really want these xD
my fingers are frozen ;-;
oh yeah, and you know how i said i was gonna make an entry exam to be my beefee? (sounds cuter than BFF hahaha xD sounds....beafy >:D xD well anyway...) i'm actually making it xD just for fun!


Tuesday, December 7

in need of a new beanie >_>

i want this beret!! badly! it reminds me so much of the beanie i want ^_^ but...will it look wierd when i re-dye my hair black ? i always thing that black beanies on people with black hair look funny...people with brown hair look better with them than black hair.  i love beanies!! i used to have them in so many colors, but people borrowed them and never gave back...then they moved =.= hat steelers XD
i had a teal one, (i'll admit i look better in green than any color) i had a dark purple one, i have a maroon one that i've had forever cuz it used to be my moms, an ivory one i collected from a yard sale, used to have a brown one, a dark green one, a gray one, blue one and a rainbow striped one...and they're all gone T^T one day i will do my collection all over again! even if i have to buy a bunch of white ones and dye them i will have them back!!!!
gahh, i need a job. i've applied so many places @_@
i also have apps to turn in still....
i need to turn in another gamestop one and a wet seal one and just reaplied to the craft shop then applying at wal-mart and following up on kroger and checking in @ shoe carnival then see if hot topic said anything then check my email to see if i got anything from Nike or Converse...or Forever 21 or the Dollar Store or the other craft store or the other grocery store or the drug store or the food court or the...the... *faints*
o.o ... *twitches* e_e
ughh >_> well so far the most promising jobs are from shoe carnival and hopefully that modelling agency accepts me, thats a job ^_^ jesus christ superstar this work is so hard!
i used to have an unhealthy obsession with that musical >_> and now i hate it haha actually i only think i hate it i havent seen it since i was like 9 haha. i'm so bored! sitting in study hall waitin for it to be over. the day goes fast after lunch basically, especially after this bell. i think it goes fast after lunch because i like the classes after it. we have a mock congress for the next 2 weeks till winter break and i'm in 2 commitees....i write bills :D hell ya! its awesome :] so far none have been read yet...but i have 2 more ideas. technically after you turn in 2 bills you already pass for the whole 2 weeks but if you write more than 2 you get extra credit so i'm doing that! i think its fun.
and everyone likes my present outfit! they all say they like my socks xD and the holly berry on my face. i like it too :D yay! i farted... i think the guy next to me heard it :/ i'm hyper cuz i had sausage for breakfast! don't ask why sausage makes me hyper cuz i dont even know....i love it :D i farted again :( 
well i'm gonna play some mahjongg. does anyone else ever play it? its been one of my favorite things since i was only 8 ^_^ kyodai is the best though
sorry for all the randomness.........bye!!!

its dress as a present day!

that gift was attatched to my chain that i usually have my razorblade on ^_^
 and i wore a red bow in my hair with stripey headband to match :D
and my blue barrette to go with my polo
 and i'm not so sure if you can see it,
but i drew a holly berry leave on my face ^_^
and i have on black and sparkly silver eyeshadow :)
i also wore a khaki skort so i should show off my christmas socks xD
they're cute socks :P i'll admit it hahaha
i might start wearing bows on a regular basis again
i used to wear these all the time and had them in all different colors~
 i can pull it off tho right? xD
would you want me for christmas? i look cute in a box :D
well besided the present-being, i'm kinda sad that nick got his phone taken :( i've never wanted it to be the end of school so bad! i just wanna go home and talk to my hunny :[ oh and im freezing >_< i got to drink coffee this morning tho :) it was...stale tasting xD but i guess not in a bad way if that makes sense? xD it doesnt but hey its whatever right?? xD oh and i'm excited that i have more followers now!! feel free to talk to me ^_^ i almost always reply ♥ don't be scared to mail me! 
i was browsing around earlier and found this list of coffee recipes and they all look amazing! one i really wanna try is the vietnamese peanut brittle coffee sundae omg...just look at it! you cant say that doesn't look aleast somewhat heavenly @_@ all of the recipes look gret :) or maybe i just love food xD ~well till later!  j a h a n e ♥

Monday, December 6

he big news: i'm gonna be happy and i'm going to be free.

i have news. i planned on posting this last night, but wasnt sure how to word it. to be completely honest, i actually almost completely flipped my lid this afternoon and almost gave up on trying, but i kept my cool...even though i really just wanted to scream and yell and curse and just rip up things...i didn't. which is kind of what i'm getting to...i'm gonna change. i guess you could think of it as an early new years resolution. i just came out of a really hard month, and this whole year has been tough altogether. my uncle died and we were always really close. my old pre-school sunday school teacher passed, then her husband did and now my old best friend's older sister died just 2 weeks ago. plus this summer with me and nick hardly being able to see each other and going to texas for a while in the summer, it has all really taken a toll on me. and also since last year i've become bitter towards everyone i know in some way...since last november, i have not taken any anti-depressants and now i can not control my anger...or any emotion for that matter. i was never feeling happy for more than 30 minutes and could not stop thinking about "stupid" things. i get upset so much easier than i get happy and it should be the opposite. it got to the point where i stopped caring about myself and almost stopped caring about other things that were important to me as well... which is honestly very scary to think about. i didn't want to do anything but lay in bed and just stare at the celing. no talking to nobody and no music, no dreams or sleep. just stare at the wall. it was bad. it has been a very hard year.
 i am very envious now. i feel really deprived and often neglected... all i think sometimes is that God hates me and that i don't have a place here. all of my thoughts are out of jealousy and makes me feel like there's no need for me to exist in this world... i let everything go. i don't have friends to hang out with or a dad to play ball with me. my fiance is cursed with  IBS so i cant see him either...although we talk alot, i feel so lonely...i love attention, but only from certain people and he is one of those, he is my snuggle bunny, my best friend, my lover...my everything. i hate every second i don't get to hold him and do you know how many seconds that is? i havent seen him for 2 weeks...it makes me so angry...the thought that we are perfect for each other but all of the bad things happen to us. why did it have to be me...why did God finally send me my angel then chain him down and torture me. and then this horrible mindset saying to myself "this shit should have happened to her, not me." and then since a month ago last year...i have let a person who i don't even know take control of my life and ruin me. i get jealous of people who even remotely remind me of her. her name makes my stomach upset. random places i know she goes, i wont step foot on. having to be compared to her and worried that she'll always be there or come back. she scares me that way. she almost scared me away from the only person who's ever going to truly love me just like i love him. there's a huge list of reasons i am jealous of her. and i'm going to write it out, an burn it. because i am done. so, fuck you. yeah, i said it. i will be jealous for a very long time but you're not running my life anymore. i am.  i'm fed up. stay away from my life and i wont bother you in yours.
im tired of being held back. 
my mom is a chairperson at a dance company. 
if i wanna dance i'm gonna fucking dance.
i don't give a rats ass if you had him first, he's mine now
...and i don't feel bad for you anymore.
unless you keep talking to my boyfriend...then i'll feel bad for you because you'll most likely have brain trauma.
if i could tell anyone how i really feel about you, i would. but thats that.
you're gonna be gone. soon you're gonna be nothin' but another person and i wont have to ever worry about you again.

my early new years resolution:
i'm gonna be happy and i'm going to be free.
idk how i'm gonns pull this off...but i'm determined
and this is gonna be really hard...but its gonna be so worth it
feel free to join me on my journey :) who's with me!?

i have a modelling appointment thursday at 7
and i (finally) start dance again in early January :)

g   o   o   d   n   i   g   h   t
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