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Saturday, May 7

LaTiN FeSTiVaL ~

yesterday wasnt really the best day...but i tried to have fun with it anyway. i went to the Latin Festival downtown and it was alot of fun :) i love being there. The best parts were the music and the food. you all know that i L-O-V-E food...! The first thing there that was cool was the music. right when we got there a band started to play called Tropicoso, and i really liked therm. i'd heard them before at a music festival but i wasnt at the front and couldnt hear so well. it was fun, i didn't dance though. i don't dance with anyone but nick unless they are my dad's family. There was also a guy walking around singing and playing guitar, i call him the mariachi man :) i got a picture with him. he had a really nice voice and always looked so happy!. everybody was taking his picture lol, he was really friendly as well. he was probably the most authentic part of the entire festival.
as you see also got shaved ice :) it was amazing too! they had my favorite flavor, pina colada! and yes i know, it is a alcoholic drink, my mom always let me have the virgin kind at restaurants after i sipped some off of hers once when i was little. my mom got one too but she didnt like it, so she gave it to tehya. i have a 14 year old sister in case you guys didnt know. i have some new readers, i'm at 60 followers now :) so hi you guys :D be sure to check out my about me, tag and leave comments and i'll reply :)
the shaved ice was super yummy. i want it again >.< but one of the things i first thought of getting was a churro. one of my favorite snacks as a kid. its deep fried dough drenched in sugar and filled with cream, caramel, or chocolat. mmm <3 we got a whole bag to take home!! 2 are filled with caramel for me and

after churros i couldnt even eat all of mine. xD for some reason i cannot eat a whole one anymore. when i was a child i could eat as many as i wanted and never get sick. i always got the chocolate kind when they used to have them at Taco Bell. I put away my churro and we looked at some standing shoppes. at one stand they sold these gorgeous wooden flutes. i had to have one! 3$ and it sounds so soothing to play :) we also bought alot of little pins for my family for when we go up to wisconsin this month for Manuel's wedding. i got a pin with a llama on it :) if you ddidn't know, i have a love for Llamas, Alpacas, Goats, Giraffes, Sheep and Buffalo. I think they are just adorable creatures :) i'll show you the Llama pin when i wear it.. after the shoppes we got more delicious food. i had one of my favorite things ever. Tostada :) This tostada is the best kind to get. I am a seafood lover, i am not much into livestock or poultry meats. 

mmm, it was so great! 2 slices of lime, toasted corn tortilla, shrimp, octopus and tilapia with pico de gallo......and my favorite, avocado <33 yummy! i found out that in some other countries, they actually use avocado in cold drinks. how do you all eat them? i slice them with salt or eat it on toast. it is great on italian toast :) it's just really hard to find avocado here. they are expensive sometimes..
my sister got a balloon and din't wanna hold it , so i tied into my hair xD i look like a child in that pic. it looks like i have no boobs! D: which is odd, because i have a relatively large chest for my size ..xD
mami got herself a little gift too, she bought a shaker. when you shake it, it sounds kinda like water. it's really really coo; :) my sis got a little necklace with a moon on the chain. after we walked around a little bit more, mami got herself another present...margarita cocktail in a can ...it has tequila in it a.k.a. not for me lol i am not of age to drink...but they had to open them and i had to hold one of the cans when we were going back to the car. i got really funny looks because i look so young, but in reality i am only 2 and a half years away from being at drinking age xD i hate looking so young!
this is the only time i ever saw it in a can, usually when i hold a can i think it is soda and i accidentally sipped some >.< it tasted like a tangier sprite at first but the alcohol hit me a second later and i was like BLEHHH!!! no more of that for me! i forgot i wasnt holding a soda >.< uggh bleh bleh bleh 

i do not drink if you could not tell lol i did before but it was a long time ago...so long ago that tequila and me no longer get along obviously lol yuck >.< my mom offered me a can and i said NOOO! when i was 13 she said i can drink when i am with her or my dad when i am 16. i guess i grew out of alcohol xD i think it is a good thing though :) i don't need it ^_^

last but not least, at the very end before we went to the car, we watched the folk dancers from panama. very simple dances, but no matter what age they are, they are always moving thier hips. lol you go girls! as they say in spanish, si se puede! ;D  it was much fun. i am sort of happy that i went...

after we left, we went to check out planet dance. i really like thier studio alot. the floor is green! ee!! i cant wait to dance thier :) the teacher and her husband were so friendly to me! and they have performance oppourtunities...yes yes yes! it is perfect :) i HAVE to go there...!
here's some pictures from the car to conclude my post. enjoy xD

i really like my hair!


Friday, May 6

your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.

*(four pictures in this post)*
i've been listening to BoysLikeGirls. i always likedloved that band, it used to be one of my favorites when i was younger, 7th and 8th grade. i listen to them when i feel really sad because they have such cute lyrics and most of thier songs are upbeat, and upbeat songs make me feel better sometimes...
i looked cute-ish yesterday i guess, my stripe cami, jean shorts and of course my converse, +an old heart headband i came across while cleaning my room. of course these pics are from yesterday, today my eyes are very swollen from sobbing last night from the grief of my dead art career. i think i might be done with art.  i'll just go to law school so i can take out all my anger by getting payed to argue with people.
this really isnt that edited. i softened a little added rose, darken my hair and vignette...my hair is turning brown at the ends -.- i need to re-dye it, i will in about a week, more blond again and a blue-black. then this summer maybe go back to green or purple.. dont know...

lyrics are from a song, one of my favorites from BoysLikeGirls


other favorites:

Heels Over Head

The Great Escape


my alltime favorite :)
i'm hungry..

read this story! it's so touching~~

it's on konayachi's blog today
i read it and started tearing up T-T
i wish i had a brother like that!
it's super sweet, you have to read it!
click here!!

Thursday, May 5


i said how my basement was flooding and it ruined everything. guess what else was down there...my entire art portfolio...it's all ruined. each and every piece. that portfolio was for college, to get me in. now, i have nothing. and no one gives a shit about it but me. no one understands...no one really cares about me, i'm crying my eyes out looking at all of my mold-soaked papers and paintings, weeping and sobbing uncontrollably, and who was there to hold me? nobody. who was there to talk to me? nobody. no one was even outside. the loneliness just killed me more. and nick doesnt want me to go to art school anyway so i guess my portfolio being completely destroyed is a good thing.
being an artist has been my dream literally since i was 4 years old. my mom threw it all away. and she doesnt care. instead, she says hurry up and get a job and get out and threatens to hit me, because i'm upset that she ruined my future.. fuck anyone who doesnt care. i give up
just like everyone's expected since i was 13, i'm not gonna do anything with my life. i was raised poor and i'll die poor. life's all about death anyways right? what's the fucking point? i'm just at the end of my rope.. the next thing that upsets me is going to end me. i'm really getting worked up and i never release all of my feelings so they blow out on once. and i dont release them because i cant. fuck highschool and fuck college i just wanna get a job and leave. and if i do graduate which i probably wont i'll have to take a fucking year off to do a bunch of shit artwork becase i'll have no fucking inspiration from this shit happening. i'll do a painting series called "death" with paintings of my mom dying in different ways and reminders of how much i hate her and each thing that made me feel that way. i really do hate my life right now...sounds cliche, but i really do.

its my senior year,
i missed my homecoming. my prom. no art classes. no real friends. no job. no money. no brain. no hope. no football games, basketball games, baseball games, no talent show, no play...bad birthday. bad birthday weekend...nothing going my way...no nothing.

i just have to sit here and wait for good things to happen,
because i cant make them happen.
i have no more patience, i'm fucking sick of waiting
i'm sick of being walked on and put down
i'm sick of being told what the fuck to do
so fuck it

someone fucking hire me already
i want to get the fuck out of here

i really almost ran away today, back to the falls where i always ran away. my spot under the rock is still there, and i wanna go back and sleep there...

but most of all, i missed my cat.. that's what i needed the most..i really did say "little scotty" while i was crying..but he's dead..it just made everything worse..i don't wanna wake up after tonight..i'm so done with my life, i really am

all this under 3$ each?? i love it!!!

wholesale Long Sleeve Stripe Black Hem Dress Whitewholesale Spring Hot Sale Skeleton Printed V-neck T-shirt Blackwholesale Sexy Backless Short Sleeve Gauze T-shirt Blackwholesale Newly Three Quarter Sleeve Long Cotton T-shirt wholesale Fashion Elastic Short Gauze Skirt Greyi love all of this stuff! alltogether the total cost is only 15$ to buy it all! i really want it :) im seriously thinking of buying some of it...that first dress and the shirt from the 3rd pic forsher!! i'm gonna be browsing this all day xD got the link from Ani from epued.blogspot.com's sidebar. take a look!!!

Coffee Samurai

anyone else watched this OVA? it's interesting. i saw it last week on Anime On Demand from the Anime Network. It is a little bit wierd, but there are funny inuendos in it that i didn't noticed until i watched it for a second time. like when the girl finds the "coffee samurai" he is in the form of a coffee maching (because he wished to be reincarnated with an iron body) and she finds him and takes him home as this vending machine and lays him on her bed and sleeps next to him (because she was drunk and took home a coffee machine) and the lid to his vending trap pops open xD
it's really wierd, i didn't get the whole show at first, but now i think it is cute :)

anyone have anything to add?

Wednesday, May 4

10 Day You Challenge

♥ finally saw him!!! =D ♥ (♥pictures♥) ♥

the moisture ruined my hair! (no edit)
it's a good day today here in AeriLand, it's partly cloudy with a chance of love! 
i got to see my Nicko baby yesterday :) i am happy
it had been 3 whole weeks and i was hating pretty much everything :[
and i missed him, which didnt help the situation >.<
now, i still miss him, but i have high hopes :)
we're hanging out ALL week and having our date friday :)
he got sick last week so it didnt happen...but this week it will :)...
here's pics from yesterday :)
dont laugh i was wearing no makeup and i only added glow so its hardly edited >.<
*and to clarify, I'M the one that needs the editing. HE looks perfect already ♥
cheek kisses <33
my eyes look marbe-sih ^^
we have the same marks on our little fingers! his is the left one, mine is the right :))
♥ xoxo kisses xoxo ♥
this picture makes me wanna touch his face <3
he hates it but i think its cute, i think we look really young here
can you believe i'm grown?? its crazy ya? @_@
in the grass :) see him having to bend down xD
he got even TALLER! he was exactly a food taller than me last time i saw him nearly a month ago and now i am pretty sure that he grew about 2 inches! and i know im not getting shorter so he had to grow! 

stop growing!!! xD

and yes we both have ponytails :) mine is sort of a bun but yea, we match :)
he's too cutee  :)
we're supposed to hang out today too :] heeeee

and also, we're trying our way with music producing :)
i am doing a song in his bedroom studio
he likes it so far
and you all know that he raps, there's one song by him on my blog and on his there is a different one, and i designed his blog :) it looks cool :) check it out! he blogs pretty frequently and he can be pretty interesting :) i recommend!

we made our first music beat together yesterday so i will put it on our youtube channels later :)
i am working on a new layout for my blog and may be up by the end of the day :)

till laterr, byeeeeee ^_^

Tuesday, May 3

10 Day You Challenge

  1. With Eyes Wide Shut - Blessthefall
  2. The Siren's Song - Parkway Drive

R.I.P. Courtnei, i really miss you

what's it been, 3 years now?
you know i still hate Mercy hospital,
they didnt take my unlce during an emergency either, you know
and now he's up there with you.
you'll like eachother, he's funny and i was his favorite, and you're so much like me
he was an artist too
i think you'll hahve fun together :)
i'm sorry about your mom, but at least she's with you again
i still live on our street and always pass our house
i'm sad that this is our only picture,
we were going to take more
when i get up there, we'll finally have our parade :)
i love you CourtneiCranberry ♥
i miss you so much...
♥ Rest in Peace ♥

Monday, May 2

10 Day You Challenge

  1. Sleepy Hollow
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

hey everyone :)

i just tweaked up nick's blog a little :) you all should go check it out!

also, here is my video/tutorial on my paper accessories

i'm feeling a little better :)
if you like my videos,please subscribe and / or friend me on youtube :)

trying to look alive +my favorite accessory!

goodmorning everyone! well, actually bad morning Dx i am super sick! (hence the title "trying to look alive") although today is my one and only senior skip day, i had planned to go anyway, as you have seen in last nights random improptu, insomniatic vlog post xD
i was already sick yesterday, but felt better by night time so i thought i was fine,
but i got a sugar rush and couldnt fall asleep, then got sick during my sleep :(
hoping i would get better, i got ready for school anyway, as you can see i'm still wearing my school sweater in the pictures...i got sick again :( basically i moved all of my stuff to the bathroom to keep myself from boredome, including my makeup kit that nick bought me
it's definately one of my favorite belongings :)
i have fun mixing the lipglosses and shadows~~
 and the blush looks good on me!
---------------now for my favorite accessory---------------
you'd never guess,
I  T  S   P  A  P  E  R  !
i love it :) i love paper!
who doesnt love D.I.Y. accessories? i have many.
this is thick paper called cardstock, you can color it, cut it out and pin it in your hair :)
thats what i do, like another reference to my valentine's day pic, and a more recent pic
 those are in fact the same heart!
one side is colored in pink marker, the other is painted with red nailpolish
versatile, eh? :)

this is my eyes today, dont know if you can see it so well

purple and i actually used 3 different greens
(not retouched) you can tell since you can see all my pores -.-
trying to look alive xD
only smoothed my skin a little to make my face less shiny
flash pics always make my face look oily -.- blehh
i'm ugly :( but i kinda like it for some reason
and last point of relevance:

i just thought it was funny :) xoxoaeribaby<33333
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