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Saturday, January 23

the only good part about today

after my sister's birthday party, we went to church
for a video game night from 5 - 8
i was sitting there with my laptop editing pictures
after a little while, Nick T., Kelley and Kyle wanted me to come play Apples to Apples with them
but i said no lol
then they whined at me for a straight 5 minutes XD
after i laughed my face off i went over and played it with them
and i almost won >.<
stupid Kyle won >.>
*holds a grudge*

then a little later, i was back at my laptop after some pizza & rootbeer
Nick T. is back over here lol
he's a wacky dude lol
he's also the Pastor's son

we were bored and took random pictures lol

he brags about having no gag reflex XD XD XD

now he's gotta cup in his mouth lol

rotfl now he's trying to eat my face

now we're just bein creepy haha

he's one of the nice people at church,
i dont talk to many people but i talk to him
he's cool :)
and he hates stratocasters XD

hello blog readers,
you have been formally introduced to
Nick Trascritti :D


edits for friends

i get bored  durning the day and edit pictures
i made these today

here's 2 edits of chloe...

i really like them ^_^
especially the 2nd!!
i think i did good...i stole them from her twitpic account XD XD

then nicko...
but idk which one i like best >.<

and i made an animated one but idk...

i cant choose which one is the best :(
i'll just let him choose >.<

what do you all think??

am i pretty?

(webcam pics)

only edited one.

(camera pics)

actually i like the webcam pics alot better...
which do you?

Friday, January 22

Happy Birthday Tehya!!

my amazing little sister :)
give here blog a look!

new video from us today:

Poem - Five Butterflies

no sun in the sky
no snow on the ground
no light in the dark
not even a sound
late in the night
after my cries
its just me and my five

they come when im happy
and bring me more joy
than other something
than any other toy

the fly next to me
wherever i go
distracting me from sadness
i would say so
then after my walks
and relieving sighs
now its me
and my five butterflies

Thursday, January 21


today was our first out of 2 exam days at school
i got a 44/50 on my first block exam, GO ME!!

....but i got a big fat ZER0 on my second block exam -_-
cuz the teacher is a citag lol (text message mispell of the "B word")
she didnt even tell me who i was supposed to do the exam on,
so i couldnt even do it!! ugh...

but i know i'll pass 4th block and i dont have an exam for 3rd

pretty sure i got an A or B to pass 1st block for the year :)
one credit for me!! and im almost done with history online
im doing better :) im proud of myself :)

after school i went to get coffee with my grandma and she got me a cup for home

then got me some breakfast too

wasnt the best, but man was i hungry!!
even after i got those pancakes today in 2nd block

speaking of 2nd block,
my teacher awarded me as
"The Next Lady Gaga"

...........just kill me now hahaha

Wednesday, January 20

Nicko makes me a very happy girl <3

♥ we've seen eachother 3 days in a row now ♥

Tuesday, January 19


nothing special today i guess..
but i saw nick again which was good.

that sums today up basically,

i was listening to cradle of filth...
its a bad pic but it was taken on webcam what do you expect

tomoro should be better

Monday, January 18

today was a good day :)

i hung out with nicko today, for the first time in like 3 weeks
and we had fun ^_^
we were hangin out and cuddling and he was being cute
it was funny though because we were doing something and then i crawled away somewhere
then peaked around the corner and stared at him with wide eyes
he gave me a wierd look then smiled and acted like it was nothing XD
the look on his face makes me XD XD XD
soi crawled to another part of the room and did it again lol

everything about today was good :)
and we agreed to start seeing eachother every wednesday
that way we will always see eachother at least once a week :)
i cant wait till i see him again <3

i've been wearing a hoodie all day but this was under it
my metallica shirt ^_^

random kissy picture XD

i look wierd 0_o haha

Sunday, January 17

"I'll save you, i'll be your knight in silver skinny jeans"

the title is a quote by Nicko from this morning
and so far that's the only good thing that's happened today
 and probably will be the only good thing.
 Today has just been pure crap.

4 Words:

i just feel lonelier and lonier every day.
i have no life...
i stay home alone and draw,
 write and play intruments,
sing and do a bunch of other stuff
 because no one ever wants to hang out with me

or they'll say they do then make other plans...

that right there is why i never get my hopes up
 because they just fall in the end

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