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Saturday, March 6

Friday, March 5

LaSalle VS Northwest

my boyfriends school verses my school :)
i sat on his school's side
cuz i kinda dont like my school lol
it was awesome :)
his school beat my school by like 30 points haha
he'res some pictures my friend took that you can see me in lol
play I-Spy!

Thursday, March 4

sidewalk chalk!

it was a bit lonely today,
my boyfriend called me right after he got home and said he wanted to play outside
i did too >.< it was really nice out!!
i called my mom and she said it was fine
but then his family decided to go somewhere so i was stuck at home :(
i sat outside alone and drew with chalk a little
obviously he was the only thing on my mind..


i got my grades today:
93 in Math
95 in Drama
97 in Art
all A's for the first time since 4th grade!!

Photography - Written (in chalk) With You In Mind

pastel samples

a sketchbook assignment from art class
i love the first one and the last one

Wednesday, March 3

i thought dreams were really just dreams...

in just the past few days,
all of my nightmares came true
1. came true
2. came true
3. came true
4. came true
5. came true
6. please don't happen..
i'm scared..
i dont want to sleep now...
i dont want to give nightmares a chance to get to me

i don't know what to do
im just telling myself not to cry

all i can say is that its really hard..

Poem - I Feel, I Will and I Know

i feel hated
i feel worn
i feel torn
i miss you 
and it hurts

i am alone

i feel worthless
i feel unwanted
i feel unneeded
i miss you
and it hurts

i am alone

i feel stupid
i feel dumb
i feel numb
i miss you
and it hurts

i am alone

this is my fault


i will never be good enough
i will never be enough
i will never be perfect
i will never be the best

i know what i want
i know what i need
i know what i have
and i don't want it to leave


i am not alone

i only feel alone

i am dying

i miss you
and it hurts

Blaze made me feel special :)

i try my best to be a good friend to all who will accept it :)
she got a new blog...i need to re-link her >.<

more of alicia :)

she's just so pretty i cant help it!!
she said everyone likes my edits even her aunt :)
that made me feel special

the last one is my favorite :)
[click them to enlarge]

Tuesday, March 2

Photography - Good Morning, Moon

Taken with my cell phone @ 6:42 am

Sick today -_-

my stomachs been hurting for a few days
but today it was the worst :/
and everyone i know is hanging out without me for the second day in a row..
and it makes me feel really left out..

Monday, March 1

doing better in school :)

i got a 94% on my math test
and i have an A in the class

me and my phone got bored :P

the curly hair pictures are from saturday
straight hair pictures are from sunday

Sunday, February 28

my pretty friend Alicia :)

i love her dearly.
she is one of those friends that i can always talk to about anything even if we dont talk for a little while we just pick up where we left off
even though we dont live close to eachother and dont talk as much as we used to
i still consider her one of my best friends

these are my latest edits of her :)
she's on a trip to arizona right now
^^she's on a carousel :D hehe

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