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Friday, May 20


i hate being here!!!! i'm done with it :( i hate it so much. i cant have fun. i can't be happy unless i can talk to nick and my phone is acting up. i try to get a hold of him and i barely can :(( i woke up early this morning to talk to him and i got to but not very much :( i text him after school, no reply, talked briefly while i was shopping then messages come a whole hour late :(
this morning i woke up late and the first words of the message i get it is "okay i give up" so of course you know i am freaking out....i have had some fun times with my family but i am still miserable because i cant talk to him :( why cant i just have both? why is there always has to be something to make me upset...i dont understand why there has to be always :( why cant i just be able to talk to him? why do i have to be poor and have bad phone service??
and the worst part is, his message cut off... "okay im giving up this sucks for me i feel so lonely i feel like im by myself cuz i only talk to you...and now that ur not here...well i love you so much i" .......then no continue text :( i am too afraid to know what else he said :( i'm scared :( i wanna go home :( its the day of the wedding and i dont even want to go now i just want to be home :'( someone sendme a plane ticket :( i miss my baby :'(

Wednesday, May 18

ughhh D:

well looks like i can post from my phone...so yay :D but i just ate breakfast in the car and got motion sick really bad T-T ahh not fun..! And i am so not ready for the rest of the drive >.< i feel so icky! We have to leave right on the unlucky week of the month...you girls know what i mean, blehh! Hope you all are well :D pray for me ne Dx

about to be on my way...

random want: this bungalow bag! its covered in baby sea otters :) they remind me of my nicko <3
well ppl i'm about to be out, i'll be on my way to WI in the next few minutes. am i excited? not exactly >.< i'm cramping badly right now, not ready for half a day on the road. and i'm really really hungry D: not helping the situation!
number one reason i dont wanna go is i'm gonna miss nicko so much :( even though he's grounded i still like to feel near him...whenever i leave the state he gets  really sick. even when we had only knew eachother for 2 weeks and i went to new york for 2 weeks, he got sick then too :( and i have a crap ton of homework to do while i'm gone, but i will find a way to still blog :) i'll be on the road for a while, so i'll try to still post and what-not...i'll post at the next gas station i think ;D i'll try to ^_^
i miss nicko's cutie face <3 still kinda freakin out about him with straight hair xD it made his face really young looking i just realized o_o but so cute ^_^i think its funny that the only reason he looks so much older than he is , is because of his body shape...which is quite sexy must i say xD he has really nice shoulders :) yummy <33 thats why i like when he wears beaters ^_^ heee and tight shirts <3
i miss him alot, i wish he could have come with me :( it would have been like a replacement for not going to prom :( i'm kinda sad about not going lol of course i wasnt sad until everyone at school was talking about it and bragging about thier dresses and showing me pictures ...i was like noooo stopppp T-T ahhh
here is my vLog from last night:
and i wanna learn this dance...the song is stuck in my head xD
i love all of thier choreography
they're so good ^_^

well people, i'll probably be tweeting throughout the day so follow me on twitter :3
@AeriEsperanza, i almost always reply to tweets :D unless i forget >.<
and if you wanna talk while i'm up there, i have 
skype (kitty.quinones) 
and msn :) (yrrebsa@live.com) 

i love you all ^_^ wish me a safe trip!!

Tuesday, May 17


i've been wanting one for EVER. i have had 1, a lip ring in the summer before 9th grade, but my mom made me take it out so thats gone :( i still have a little dent there lol its like a dimple

i tried to pierce my nose once, but i couldnt get it through lol hurt like a b-word. i used a needle that was too small lol

i wanna get a piercing but i dont know if i should or not...
i always wanted snake bites, but since my mom made me take out my lip ring, i never got to do the other side.
i just remembered that i've pierced my lip about 3 times lol the first time it was after i got a cavity filling at the dentist and my lip was numb and my friend had come with me, so we went back to her house and i said i would pierce my lip and she didnt believe it lol so i did it and my mom didnt notice until we had gotten home and made me take it out and it closed before i could put the stud back in. sad face :(
i wanted a septum or a nose ring on the side, most likely side...because a septum ring would only make my nose look better. nose piercings hurt >.< my nose was too thick to do it myself. 
if anything i'd probably get my lip ring back easiest...just cuz i had it before, so it would be easier to get used to. but i always thought i would look so cute with snake bites >.<

i probably wont get anything at all lol
but i want one :( lol

a demented little secret xD

morning everyone :) i think i may use this picture for part of my new blog layout. i had it as my msn pic and nick said it was cute ^_^ also, i am almost to 1,100 posts O_O oh my! isn't it crazy? xD but it makes sense.
this blog started out to only have my poetry on it, poems alone are over a hundred posts. then i started posting my songs i wrote, then started posting my photography and artwork. now, i don't do as much of those things anymore, but i will start posting those things again. i've got some photography coming up very soon and a couple of drawings :) so stay tuned ^_^
so how is everybody? sometimes it seems like people just stop blogging out of nowhere D: speaking of which, i promise that i will not stop blogging this summer like i did last summer >.< i lost quite a few readers and lost touch with alot of my friends. i'm sorry :( i'm here to stay :) and you know how it is, i always threaten to hiatus, but it never really happens :P
so i got to see my nicko yesterday :) my favorite person evahh! and so cute :) he said he wants to see me every day before i leave for Wisconsin (tomaro T-T) and that he's gonna miss me a whole lot. im gonna miss him too :( yesterday he straightened his hair and he was wearing tight pants like he used to. ahh he looked so ute >.< eee! i couldnt stop staring at him and i was probably blushing. hell, i'm blushing right now haha. he's adorable. for some reason he just looks beyond adorable with straight hair~! and side part ^_^ i think its because of his jawline being so sharp and his facial structure is so defined, it was so cute ^_^ every two seconds i just wanted to pinch his cheeks and squish his face and play with his ears. just waiting for him to make his little wimper noise at me xD and outta nowhere we were watching animal planet, and this seal made the noise that he always makes at me xD its this wierd little awkward groaning noise but its cute just cuz its him xD he makes it in this video

cutest vid u ever seen huh ;D he's adorable :) his hair looks short back then compared to how long it is now lol his hair is nearly the same length as mine~~! and its so pretty @_@ he has like the perfect hair texture @_@ ohhh ~~i think i can see him again today :) i kinda wanna go somewhere xD buy i dont mind just chillin ^^ i cant wait for this summer though :D there are things im looking foreward to with him and it is very soon :D we're seeing Pirates of the Carribean :D in 3D! cuz i never seen a 3D movie lol and that new horror movie (i forget the title) it's supposed to be super scary!! i am usually immune to fear when it comes to movies, sometimes i cringe but i usually laugh the whole time >_> yeah i'm one of those demented little creepers lol
that might be one of the wierd things you guys dont know about me. and it is wierd so be ware >.< and it's one of those things that made people think i was wierd, and its been like this since i was little...don't tell anyone though, our secrets...I THINK DEAD THINGS ARE CUTE... >.<" ahh not people really, but animals...sometimes they die and still have a cute face on >.< its not my fault!! please dont unfollow me D:

i'm not sure what else to blog about. well this morning i was angry, i was looking for my bolero (the teal jacket from easter) to pack it as i was going to re-ware that outfit. i find it...RUINED WITH BLEACH HOLES IN THE SLEAVES :( ugh.. i am so sad :( it was a brand name (H&M) and i thrifted it so i'll never have it again...i cut off the sleaves so i can still ware it but i loved that it was a half arm sleeve :( i'm sad you guys D: 
and i wasnt allowed to take a shower >:( my sister did and "everything was fine" then i get in the shower, only been in for 1 minute and my makes me get out, because it flooded the basement. F$^&* THAT! seriously? :( playing favorites again...my bad for wanting to effing be clean >:( and she even took a shower. trying to make me be the only one. yeah whatever that pissed me off lol
i'm gonna have sooo much homework over the weekend :( that sucks...i'm gonna be at a wedding typing an essay T-T im mad. ahh i dont want all the homework. on the 19th im missing everything! my superlatives picture, art club picture, bullying assembly, i'm missing extremely valuable class time that could cost me all of my grades...God...if you're real, please help me lol plus i need to finish my credit recovery class T-T mow

oh manuel...you're lucky you're one of my favorite cousins, cuz if you werent, i would sleeping in my boyfriend's shed and walking to school every day lol

so whats everyone up to? if you visit please comment and tag me :D
and comment on my art stuff too, (photography, poems and stuff) because i really do like feedback :) but no one ever gives any T-T so, please? :D

and i am really hungry o_o i have a random craving for chinese food lol and apple pie? xD i'm gonna find money and go to the chinese buffet or something lol and is it possible to get a zit on your eyelid? i have a bump in the crease of my right eye so it hurts to blink :( moo >.<

well, its a good day so far, so i hope it stays that way ^_^
see you guys later! xo, aeribaby :) <33

Monday, May 16

great weekend ^_^ & revenge is bad! [[+vlog]]

morning everyone! ended up having a free-ish bell :)
so friday and thursday were both super fun days :D
i was happy with the outcome
i hung out with nick and all his friends, they're funny lol
there was some drama though, but not with us
with his friend and his gf, she was going to prom with another guy >.<
ugh that made me so mad!
skeppest thing she could possibly do, after all the times he hurt her (which i dont know if she was actually hurt now that she did that). doing that is like cancelling out all you "pain" because now you're the one causing it. if she wanted us to take her seriously then she shouldn't have acted out like that, which she did admit later that she was infact trying to make him jealous.
some times i really think people should come to me for advice more, then they wouldnt fuck themselves by causing stupid problems...-_-
one thing i think everyone needs to remember about relationships (of any kind) is that revenge is never the way to go. if you're having a problem in your relationship or you're hurt, the last thing you need to be doing is getting back at that person. whenever you feel like you should seek revenge, think about the consequences first. then think about how much they mean to you and do you really want to ruin it? so replace the feeling. instead of getting revenge, forgive them and fix the problem. it might not work right away but the best relationships are the ones that grow.
me and nick did have sme bumps in the road before, but everyone does. yeah we disagree sometimes but we never really fight and we've been together for nearly two years. everything is great and we're in love like we always have been and it always is getting stronger.
i know that people say "love shouldnt be painful" and it isnt. love isnt painful, but relationships can be. just like any kind of relationship. a family can be painful, friends can hurt you, a boyfriend and even a husband can hurt you, but love isnt the painful part. love is the part that holds everything together and makes things work, its the rope that pulls you out of the water when you're drowning and saves you from despair. sometimes people dont realize that.
getting through hard times strengthens the bond between you and your significant other. should there be hard times? not necessarrily, but there will be because we are all human. but you gotta remember that your partner is your best friend too, and you dont want to lose that.
so everyone remember my advice ;)
and also remember that after you forgive them for hurting you, they should still make up for hurting you.

me and nick were talking about that last night. he said that if he ever left me, that he'd want me to make him feel as guilty as possible. i asked him why and he said because he knows that if he left me he'd want to be reminded of how big of a mistake he'd made. and of course, i'd take him back. i said that i'd want him to make up for hurting me like that though (after i take him back) and he understands. one of the many reasons he is not like other guys :) he's too cute too <3

well i miss him lots ^^

also, i have to go to wisconsin for half the week T-T
of course i will be taking my laptop with me :) i will most likely be bored alot of the time, so add me on msn (yrrebsa@live.com) or follow me on twitter (@AeriEsperanza) if you wanna talk, or of course tag me on here or leave comments :D i'll have a long post about the wedding probably on monday. thursday morning is a family breakfast, that's why i'm leaving on wednesday. i've already got my makeup for it and nailpolish to match my shoes and stuff :) even bejeweled guages~~! they look nice :)

and if anyone has a collectoons account, let me know. cuz this sunday they are releasing dbz cToons and nicko wants to collect them all! so if you can help me out, search on my blog "collectoons" and i have a post with my referral link, so click it and join :) then message me (username: xoaeribaby) or nick (username: nicktine17) and if you buy any dragonball z cToons on sunday, let one of us know so we can trade :) and even after this sunday, we'll still trade with you ;D cuz we're cool pplz :) you know how we do :P

most recent vlog:
hey everyone! quick post sorry :( been doing work here at school so not really any time to blog :( i'll try to get on at lunch and post at least, i dont mean to leave you all hangin!

and nicko i love you :D just thought i'd remind ya ;D

byebye for now!
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