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Saturday, December 26

la la la ~

took that pic on christmas eve
i am very bored...
i'm thinking about changing my laptop's theme...

pointless post...sorry =/
but isnt this pic of nicko so cute??
i love him ^_^

he sent it to me earlier and i was like awwww!
and i edited it ^_^
now its my desktop theme XD

<3 him so much ^_^
im still his laptop background from back at my 200th post :D :D :D
i saw the other day :) <3

Friday, December 25

guess what i got for Christmas!!

a mini laptop!
my dad sent it to me in the mail ^_^
i opened it at midnight

(screenshot of my desktop!)

and its got a built in webcam!!
i took pictures with it ^_^ ↓ ↓

hahaha messy hair XD
and the webcam comes with a mic!
and both work!
im gonna buy a usb mouse for it so i can pixel better on here ^_^
 and wireless internet = love :D

well for the most part my holiday has been good
...besides a little mishap today at dinner =.=
my mami said something mean and made me cry..
but everything is fine now
cuz nick cheered me up ^_^

i love him so much
cant wait to see him ♥ !

btw, visit my sister's blog here!


from me to you :)
hope you all have a good one
and get everything you wanted!!
or at least most of it :)

special wishes to:
Nicko :: ♥ :: Blaze :: ♥ :: Rabbito :: ♥ :: Chloe
:: ♥ :: Florentina :: ♥ :: Sweetmango :: ♥ ::
and all who read this, you too!

Thursday, December 24

Funny Tweets!

the first 3 are by my two friends and my boyfriend
but all 4 people are awesome!
search them on twitter & follow them :)
i hope you enjoy these funny tweets! XD

(actually, we were talking about how my stomach was hurting lol ↑)

Wednesday, December 23

300th POST!!! - spent the day with my boy :) <3

he took all these :)
we were at my grandma's

hahaha thats like our think XD

awwww favorite <3

he liked it lol
we were playing SA2B on gamecube XD

Tuesday, December 22

MICROWAVE PIZZA PARTY!! and giving to a good cause :)

so today, i was feeling giving
since Nick changed his mind about hanging out
i had to find something to do.

i had $6 and i was like hmm...
i went to my sister and asked her if she was hungry
so i said "Lets go to Kroger" but she didnt really want to
so then i said Burger King, but it was a farther walk
then we settled for White Castle but went to the Kroger first
(kroger is the grocery store around where i live for those who dont know)
we looked around for more change and came up with $9.40

we got in the store and went straight for the cereal
we got reese's puffs and cinnamon toast crunch XD
then got 2 pizzas, pringles chips and rootbeer
we decided to get that stuff and not go to white castle

the total came up to $8.70
i was about to go out the door but i saw someone from Samaritan's Purse
which is a charity organization
they always have someone ringing a bell around christmas
i gave the rest of my change to them :)
it made me feel good inside

on the way home...

i got really hyper really fast lol
we had our own little microwaved pizza party!


↑ wow i'm a creeper XD



being silly, i loved the pringles XD

then tehya had the camera....

↑"i getz no prah-veh-see?"

NOM NOM NOM .......ugly XD ↑

we were pringle ducks!!

"are my eyes always like that? ...i look drunk all the time?!" -Tehya ↑

not good looking face XD


oh yeah, i finally got my gameinformer :)
my favorite magazine!

i found out they remade pokemon gold !!
"...and silver!" (Tehya Added)
"silver's better because it has a picture of Lugia on it."
and the version in japan comes with PokeWalker!
its like a pedometer, and you walk with your pokemon to train it!
"it can pick up items, battle & capture other pokemon
...and it looks like a pokeball." -Tehya
she's sitting right next to me ^o^
it reminds me of a tomogachi XD
i hope they keep it for the US version!
i want it so bad!

Monday, December 21


Winter Break started for me today :) too bad it hasnt started yet for Nicko! So i was at home bored all day!i set my alarm to wake up early so i could talk to him before he went to school :) i think it made him feel special. ♥ .so i was bored and took a bunch of pictures,
i'm liking my hair more and more!
and i turned off the flash so i dont look as pale XD

big smile! cuz nick makes me happy :)

i think everyone has a picture like this XD

it was an impulse,
i had to X)

so i'm making more things for my resource site
i've already got theme's planned for the next few months :D

click that to visit it!
i actually think it looks really good,
i like the way i did it ^_^

please follow it!

so i've been dancing alot today,
i like the way my hair moves when i dance
*swoosh swoosh swoosh*

i'm craving orange chicken @_@
and hugs from Nicko!!!

Sunday, December 20

bubble gum :)

"oo, bubble gum! i love you boys, i wanna be your bubble gum!"
Smile.DK lyrics from Candy Girl xD

but sorry boys, im taken!

i only love one boy, and i will love him forever ♥
nothing will ever change that.
i'm so in love :)

speaking of love,
my love brought over a Christmas present for me

he made it all from scratch!!
brittle, chocolate covered pretzels & cherries,
macademia nut, oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies!

when he brought it over he had the brightest smile on his face <3
it made me happy :)
my mom and sister came out too
and gave him hugs ^_^
he loved it!
and that was the first time he saw my haircut in person
(cuz i got it cut yesterday after i left his house)
and he said i look amazing <3
*feels special*

my resource site is now up!
please visit HAIJYNX  :)


this is the second time it has snowed in the past couple days,
so this time i took pictures :)
the first one is my favorite.

"love like winter" song by AFI ^-^ i love that band <3

 ↑ ↑ i love that!! ↑

thought my eyes looked pretty here ^_^

im getting used to my new hair
and actually starting to like it :D
nick does alot
when he saw me tonight he said i look so amazing :)
it made me feel so good <3
i dont mind my hair now at all ^_^
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