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Friday, December 24

have a berry merry christmas ^_^

Tuesday, December 21

better pic of my hair :)

believe it or not, the only re-touching i did was to darken my skin and made the bg lighter.
everything else is natural :D
i feel so much more confident with my black hair back...it makes my acne show up less and my eyes brighter :)
it makes me want to wear more colorful clothes now that my hair has no color...
i wanna go shopping :D

dying my hair :D

taken last night during the process xD

and now after! i love it ^_^
will post better pictures of it soon.
well i am confused :|
i can't doodle for some reason :/
i was kinda sad when nick told me that people were like picking on him because of them...
so i untagged him from the pictures on FB and hid the album from all his friends
hopefully that helps :/
i was afraid that would happen...
i wasn't thinking of it as a childish thing...more of just creative :/ when i get inspired i take it out on art, i just wanted to make drawings that were as cute as we are
:( i wont post anymore on facebook though......just on here and maybe deviantART if i ever get back on xD
i feel bad now :/ they probably arent gonna leave him alone about it...
ugh :( i always mess up somehow
my ID picture turned out really ugly xD
its really unfortunate lol
the first pic was good, but i wanted to retake cuz i smiled too big and my gums were showing but at the last minute my mom said "put your head up" and now i look like i have a giant fat chin :(
>_< and she wonders why i never listen to her hahah
i had the wiiiieeeeerdest dream lastnight
i swear i felt like i was on drugs or something....
it was a bad dream, but it was kind of funny in a really disturbing way because of how ridiculous it was
i really don't know how i feel about that dream @_@
so wierd...and awkward...and what not you know? eeek....
yeah im gonna stop thinking about that now xD
i'll post some better pics of my hair in a bit ^_^
ttyl, gonna make food and take a couple pictures :)

Monday, December 20

short upddate / tag

short update:
 going to renew my military ID today
 re-dying my hair to black
 me and nicko had a "who's gonna get more sick today" battle this morning xD
 i fell off the bed and was too lazy to get up...lol
i did not want to wake up this morning -_-
 also been having a lot of bad dreams lately :/ they stopped for a while...but now they came back and i'm going crazy >_< they make me think about things and want to be mean. i even realized something that i didn't realize before and now i am FURIOUS!!!! i want to be good and nice :( no going off >_< bad bad bad!!!
 also just found out my dad is coming here from christmas..........with his new girlfriend :\........

stole this tag from KenKen :)

1. Why did you create this blog?
i made it solely for my writing. i thought of the title "Sincerely, Berry" since my writing is about my feelings, and my poems are like letters to the people or situation that they are about. then i started posting my photography, then pictures of me, then my blog evolved into a whole personal site along with all of my art. then i started following rabbito and some of the links she posted that got me into pixelling and adoptables and now i just do everything haha.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
personal, fashion, art and a couple of lolitas. mostly foreign, i only follow a couple of american blogs.

3. Favourite makeup brand?
hmm hmm hmm....um covergirl or kiss
i havent tried many brands though

4. Favourite clothing brand?
Ironfist or lip service...cant afford either one xD

5. Your indespensible makeup product:
eyeliner or mascara

6. Your favourite colour:
purple and green ^_^ a certain shade of blueish purple.

7. Your perfume:
I'm all out :(

8. Your favourite film:
Sleepy Hollow, maybe... Sherlock Holmes too :) both are good just different..

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
ahhhh Finland!!! its so pretty there ^_^ and my favorite band is from there...one of my old twitter friends saw Ville Valo just chillin outside of a coffee shop...i wanna meet him too :( he's my #2 biggest inspiration! was #1 till Nicko came around ;) love that boy ♥

10. Make the last question yourself and answer: What is one thing you're looking forward to in the near future?
the 30th is me and Nicko's 1 year and 6 month anniversary! i am very happy and excited :) we're also planning our oldschool date ♥ i hope we can do that for our anni :) either way, cant wait!

tag to anyone who reads this :)

gift from rabbito chan :D

she doodled me back  :D

Sunday, December 19

For Rabbito :)

hope you like it ♥


not so wordy, but just pics :)
christmas cookies i got at church today! really good with coffee :)
on my plate:
reese cup cookie - chocolate m&m pretzels - choco chip cookie - chocolate cookie - peanut butter kiss cookie - gingerbread man
went to the habachi grill! drinkin rootbeer :)
clear soup ♥
salad w/ ginger dressing
**habachi shrimp | fried rice | veggiez**
green tea ice cream ♥
sorry i not in a very posty mood :( not a bad mood, just not posty :) will blog tomaro <33

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