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Friday, June 18

red lipstick

what do you guys think?
i didnt like it on me before, but i think it looks good now kinda :)
maybe its because of my hair is black now it looks better
blow kiss :) muah!!

Wednesday, June 16

pictures from today,

i was hoping to see nick today at least to give him a kiss,
a year ago today was our first kiss ♥

pictures of my new hair and modeling for nick :)

nick took these below :)

he's my photographer :)
and he drew the web on my neck...i want it as a tattoo :)
he's gonna design tattoos and draw them on me an make me his tattoo model :D
i'm super excited :)

how do you all like my hair?

and to reply to aidyl and rabbito:
i used to think the same thing about texas XD its actually has more Mexicans there than anything and the only cowboys i've ever seen there are manequins in souvenir shops haha but its really nice there!! the riverwalk is the best place there :)

Tuesday, June 15

new hair and shorts,

dont much feel like posting...i dont like my hair :( very disappointed..
sometimes i just wish i had lots of monney so i can buy everything i want
summer hasnt even been a week yet and its already not going like i thought it would :(
oh well, things will get better soon i hope
i'm going to texas for a month on July 2nd...so i will be blogging alot when i get there i'm sure
but for now...its 2 somethin in the morning....i dont plan to go outside
if so will ride my bike alone tomoro...i dont want anyone to see me :/
well, i've got mahjongg to play...so,
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