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Friday, September 11

Sick Today :(

i was feeling horrible this morning, and dont feel my best right now either. this is me laying on the couch this morning feeling so out of it. my throat was hurting, my head was hurting, stomach hurting, just everything. i missed the bus because i didnt feel like getting up and my knee was bothering me a little, i just really didnt wanna go to school. my mom dragged me out of the house and got me into the car then on the way to school she stopped at ameristop. i was still crying and could hardly stop, every two seconds i felt like i was gonna puke. she drags me in and buys crackers then tells me to eat them and that it would make me feel better. you dont give a kid with a sore throat something crunchy...it scratched up my throat. then she said to suck on it to make it soft first..but just the taste of a soggy cracker made me throw up in my mouth. just my luck, i only throw up stomach acid and it burns all the cuts in my throat and it felt horrible. i was in alot of pain.
then we get to school and she shoves me out of the car and leaves. i end up walking into school crying and feeling like i'm gonna throw up everywhere. first person i see is Zach, who gives me a big hug and says he hopes i'll feel better. everyone in the hallway [which wasnt many people because i was late] kept asking me if i was alright. (DID I LOOK ALRIGHT? NO!) i said i was fine or that i didnt feel good. when i got to advisory everyone stared at me like i was a freak...another reason i didnt wanna go to school, i get embarrassed easily and dont like alot of personal attention like that. to make matters worse Mrs.Monteith drags me out into the hallway and talks to me.
i cried into first block but still managed to get my PowerPoint on Hippocampus kuda done.
then i cried for a second in the next class and went to the nurse after that.
of course the nurse was at lunch so i went to the nurse when my lunch bell started. i got permission to go home but my mom refused to pick me up so i had to walk. i called my grandma on the way to see if she could get me but she didnt answer, and i was feeling horrible. she was going to get gas i think and she saw me and picked me up. as soon as i got home i went to sleep.
when i woke up, i was happy to see an @reply on twitter from my favorite blogger, (@sweetmangoLOVE) saying that she hoped i would feel better soon. i felt so special :) but i was still sick, haha. i took a picture of myself to see what i looked like...
and got that. i had never actually seen my make up run before so it interested me. haha. i did some work for credit recovery online to catch up a little, but no where near done. i dont like doing schoolwork so i kinda stopped..
to tell you the truth, im actually surprised at how many people asked me if i was ok today, its usually only like 4 but today it was about 11. i'm not native to that, but it was different. hopefully i'll feel better soon. meanwhile, i have yogurt to eat...since its the only thing that doesn't hurt to swallow, haha

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