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Wednesday, April 6


well since i was thinking about myspace it reminded me of all of the lables people put on me and everyone else back then. the one i got the most was always "emo"

i've always been myself and nothing else, i never tried to follow a trend really just did what i wanted and wore and listened to what i liked and talked however i wanted.  i guess you could say i was "emo" before there was emo. (well, before it got big here). people randomly started calling me an "emo kid" and i didnt really know what it was and they said "its you!" and i got mad, like =.= no, i'm me! at that time i only knew that emo was a post-punk-ish music genre..not people?
by default "me", i had sideparted hair or bangs that covered my eyes, after it was shorter i always spiked it crazy cause i thought it looked cool. i liked alternative rock music like afi, HIM, the used and green day, post-hardcore and metal and screamo (on and off lol). i wore black all  the time and sometimes gray or red, and i wore losts of stripes because thats what i felt looked good on me. i had a black hoodie with roses on it which i wore at nearly all times. i wore converse and vans and wore lots of eyeliner and my jeans were a little tight but that was really because i was growing out of them and needed to go shopping. i always had on some kind of necklace or bracelate and half of my clothes were safety pinned but it was because i just liked them, i liked having them on me in case someone or myself needed one. i drank coffee all the time and wrote poetry, did art and wrote songs like it was my job, but that's because i actually wanted it to be my job! and i was always emotional, but i was actually really hyper almost the time and super cheery, which my friends actually couldnt stand how happy i was all the time lol i was hiding that i was depressed and when it got bad i just hated the world. i took alot of pictures all the time and loved to edit and i knew html like the back of my hand. i wont lie, all my friends always thought i had the coolest myspace lol

my friends wouldnt stop calling me emo so for maybe a week i let it go and just took the title. i didn't much like it still lol  but i figured out it was a pretty good shortcut for finding things i liked. i figured out if i wanted to find a picture of a band i liked or those cute little emo drawings (you know what i'm talking about :) they look like cute little ghosts) that i loved or pictures i liked, all i had to do was search emo and all the stuff i liked would come up, i thought it was kind of funny lol

during the time i took the lable, i kind of secretly hoped it would help me make friends...because if i'm "emo" then there are other emo people too, then since we probably have stuff in common we could be friends! :D well, it turned out that i was too wierd for emo people xD they also hated my cheery hyperness and that i wasnt shy about doing daring things (like biking off roofs, jumping from high places, breaking things...etc) they said i was more of a punk xD oh well, suit themselves lol they were boring as hell anyway!

and even now, STILL hate being called emo, not emo i'm me always have been always will be :) i dont care if i'm "different" or whatever ya know? i like emo music and i dress how i think looks good on me, i dont really care how people think of my looks unless im at an interview or audition so yeah lol

i'm bored so this came up xD your probably even more bored now reading this lol will post in study hall :) see ya!

any suggestions on a topic, plz tell me...total writers block right now D:

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