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Monday, December 21


Winter Break started for me today :) too bad it hasnt started yet for Nicko! So i was at home bored all day!i set my alarm to wake up early so i could talk to him before he went to school :) i think it made him feel special. ♥ .so i was bored and took a bunch of pictures,
i'm liking my hair more and more!
and i turned off the flash so i dont look as pale XD

big smile! cuz nick makes me happy :)

i think everyone has a picture like this XD

it was an impulse,
i had to X)

so i'm making more things for my resource site
i've already got theme's planned for the next few months :D

click that to visit it!
i actually think it looks really good,
i like the way i did it ^_^

please follow it!

so i've been dancing alot today,
i like the way my hair moves when i dance
*swoosh swoosh swoosh*

i'm craving orange chicken @_@
and hugs from Nicko!!!


Mina said...

Yea I have "out with the hearts" picture too!

sarahh said...

wow your hair is awesome! i love it!
and btw i love the song on your blogger. it was my theme lol.

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