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Wednesday, June 30

good news and bad news

my one year was amazing. i had so much fun with Nicko today and i have pictures to edit :] i'm gonna send them to him tomoro when i finally finish them XD
i wrote him a post on facebook, click the link below to read it if you want :)

the bad news is that my uncle passed away, at 3, and my mom didnt tell me at all until i got home at 10-something...its so sad, and i'm writing a song about it
he told great jokes...i'm sure God will appreciate his humore :)


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Please accept sincere condolences from me~

Anchises said...

Sorry about your uncle...
And Congrats on your I year Anniversary <3
My anniversary is this friday.and its our four years anniversary,and also my bf´s birthday,so am so excited! :D

Bwt new post! ;)

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