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Tuesday, June 15

new hair and shorts,

dont much feel like posting...i dont like my hair :( very disappointed..
sometimes i just wish i had lots of monney so i can buy everything i want
summer hasnt even been a week yet and its already not going like i thought it would :(
oh well, things will get better soon i hope
i'm going to texas for a month on July 2nd...so i will be blogging alot when i get there i'm sure
but for now...its 2 somethin in the morning....i dont plan to go outside
if so will ride my bike alone tomoro...i dont want anyone to see me :/
well, i've got mahjongg to play...so,


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Hey! Cheer up dear! o(> <)o I think you look great with your new hairstyle! Really ♥ Please take many pictures when you're in Texas! When I was young I always wanted to go to Texas because I used to believe that there were many cowboys there XDXD

Aidyl said...

Yea, dont worry too much! Things will get better. =)
I think you still look cuteee~!
Same with me for the money part...it's so frustrating sometimes.

Hahahah, I'm actually same as Rabbito.
When I think about Texas i always think of Cowboys....and Buffalos, and wild-horses, bull-riding, indians..and so on. xD
But I guess there are normal people there too. lol

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