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Wednesday, April 29

Screenplay - Finding the Cure for Boredom [scene 2]

Scene 2

On the screen we see Ana walking down a street and Rae walking down the street right-angled left of her. Ana is walking in the grass kicking a rock while Rae is on the sidewalk while texting. As they are both focused on things otherwise, they bump into each other. (literally speaking.)

Rae: AH! My phone! (after the bump her phone popped out of her hand and she dives to catch it) Safe! (looks up at Ana gazing at her curiously)

Ana: Hello my beautiful specimen of love and happiness! (she looks away quickly) That bird is pretty!

Rae: Short attention span, much. (gets off sidewalk) so, we’re going to candy mountain, right?

Ana: (still sitting on the ground from the bump) Yes! It has spoken! It has shown us the waaay…

Rae: I am the banana king! (looks down at Ana and Ana looks up at Rae. They collapse in a fit of giggles.)

Ana: Oh my gosh! Haha! (she checks her hoodie pocket) Oh yeah! I never finished my pop tart! (she takes it out as it crumbles) Want a piece?

Rae: Um…I think I’ll pass. (she smoothes down her red and black striped mini-skirt and pulls her red t-shirt over it) Let’s go Ana. The lake wont wait for you and your pop tart.

Ana: Ok! (shoves the pop tart in her mouth and brushes the crumbs of her white tank top, it was a little small and showed her belly) my belly’s cold! (she frowns then got up and began to walk with Rae)

Rae: then zip your hoodie, silly. (links her arm to Ana’s) We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!

Ana: Yay! We get to see the munchkins! They’re my size! (she randomly bursts into her own version of the song “walking on sunshine”) I’m walkin’ on concrete, woah-oh! I’m walkin’ on concrete, woah-oh! And there’s rocks stuck in it!

Rae: Wow! That was…interesting…

Ana: (mumbles) your face is interesting…

Rae: Your mom’s face is interesting…

Ana: (points out a stray cat) That cat’s face is interesting!

The cat meows

Rae: My dogs face is interesting…it really is. Tiny has the iciest blue eyes.

Ana: I know! If I wasn’t afraid of it, it would be my BFF!

Rae: Ana, how many times do I have to tell you? Tiny wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Ana: I know…but still, after that incident with Destiny’s dog when I was 8…anyways…

Rae: Tiny isn’t an attack dog, Ana, Anyway, what are we going to do when we get to the lake?

Ana: (trips on a fallen tree branch) well, not do that, haha. Well, I don’t know…we could write…or draw, I brought stuff with me.

Rae: (shrugs) okay. I always have my stuff with me. I might take some pictures of the killer geese.

Ana: I was thinking about getting a few snapshots of the water and maybe tree silhouettes, but who knows? I might just lay there.

Rae: Haha! And I’ll take pictures of you just laying there.

Ana: Yeah, haha, just laying there in the— something falls from the sky) rain? Was that rain?

Rae: what? The forecast didn’t call for rain…

Ana: wait… (looks up) GEESE! We’re being barricaded!



The duo runs the rest of the way until they’re across the street from the lake. They dive under a big oak tree for cover.

Rae: whew! (panting) We’re safe…for now.

Ana: yeah…it looks like they’re flying north…or south…or something…..left!

Rae: right!

Ana: I’m confused! Well, they’re gone and the lakes right over there.

Rae: sweet! I spy a stump with my name on it.

Ana: I spy a clover patch next to the stump that I’ll put my name on!

Rae: Yay! (looks around) I guess Chan is in his bathroom…I don’t see him anywhere.

Ana: yeah, I guess not. (frowns and whimpers) we could call him if you want, he lives kinda close, right?

Rae: (whips out her phone) Way ahead of you. (dials the number and waits. Ends up getting voicemail) CHAN! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN TO THE LAKE RIGHT NOW!! Thanks! (hangs up and smiles at Ana)

Ana: what a doo doo head. I can’t believe he didn’t pick up!

Rae: well, I left a message. We should like make plans of what we’re doing for the rest of the summer.

Ana: totally…we could have like plan A’s, B’s and C’s for rain and too-hotness and snow…or something…

Rae: yeah! And plan 2’s and 4’s and monkeys…

Ana: and geese rain!

Rae: (laughs) or ways to prevent geese rain.

Ana: our new collaborative book title: 10 Ways To Prevent Geese Rain.

Rae: 1, get an umbrella.

Ana: 2, hide under a tree…

Rae: 3, throw Chan at the geese! (giggles)

Ana: 5, learn how to charm geese with flutes like Arabians and ropes and snakes!

Rae: 6, realize there’s no number 4 and protect yourself with it.

Ana: 7, exactly.

Rae: your mom.

Ana: 9, your FACE!

Rae: 10, when all else fails, run for your lives!

Ana: and those were Ana and Rae’s 10 Ways to Prevent Geese Rain. Please, tune in next week for 11 ways to make Chan shut up about monster and kosher pickles. (looks back and forth) OVER AND OUT! (bolts off into the distance)

Rae: yeah…what she said. (bolts off in the opposite direction)

after about 5 minutes both girls come back. They were both out of breath then stared at each other and started laughing.

Rae: well…I’m definitely not bored anymore

Ana: me either…I’m just exhausted…and hungry and stuff… (she pulls out 2 cans of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso) want one?

Rae: Sure! (pulls out some Chips Ahoy) Cookies!

Ana: yay! Cookies and coffee! I think I have some more pop tarts somewhere…I’m not sure… (reaches in her hoodie pocket) well…I don’t think you want this…

Rae: (looks in horror at the crumbled mess in Ana’s hands) um…I’ll pass. Look! A heron!

Ana: (whips out camera) snap! Got one! And its good! 3 points for Ana! WOOHOO! And the crowd is silent…

Rae: (makes cricket noises to emphasize the silence) hmmm…I wonder… (takes out camera and slowly picks up a rock) Yes! This will work! (throws the rock behind the heron. It flies off in fright across to the lake. Rae quickly snaps some pictures) YES! I did it! The heron in flight, It’s a beaut!

Ana: (looks at Rae’s camera from over her shoulder) it’s beautiful! You should make them into a collage or something and make a nice vignette…I can see it now!

Rae: Uh-oh…Ana's getting all artsy on me…

Ana: (looks down) sorry….it’s a forcive habit! Or whatever you call it…

Rae: POOP!

Ana: FECIES! URINE! FLATULANCE!!...CHAN! (looks down the street) hey it really is Chan—

Rae: Ana, Chan is not poop. I mean he may be annoying sometimes…but poop, urine…he’s not— (looks where Ana is looking) Oh hey Chan! Oh wait…IGNORE WHAT I JUST SAID!!

Chan: (walks up to them and gives Rae a hug) what is this about bodily functions? I just had one! (snickers)

Ana: oh, nothing (she laughs) want an espresso? I got double shots…! (waves the can in the air)

Chan: nah, I just had a Monster.

Ana: of course…(she takes a sip)

Rae: you always have Monsters. Besides, we don’t need to know what you do in the bathroom.

Chan: sorry, Rae. (chuckles) in a British accent: so what are you ladies doing on this fine day?

Ana: British accent: well, fine sir, we spoke on the telephone then walked. Then fell, then ran, then walked. Then escaped into hiding from a goose poo barricade from above!

Rae: Basically.

Chan: wow! Seems like I missed all the fun. (runs his finger down his face as a pretend tear and pouts his lower lip)

Rae: mumbles: as usual… (looks away like she never said a thing)

Chan: don’t worry, Rae.i didn’t hear you…or did i…?

Ana: DUN DUN DUN!!! (she downs the rest of her espresso and drop kicks the can) SCORE!


Ana: YEAH! (high fives Chan and chest bumps him)


Ana: My boobs hurt…(pouts)

Chan: sorry… (rubs it and gets smacked)

Ana: HELLO?!

Rae: (coughs) um yes ma’am I’d like to order a pizza. With everything…except anchovies and pineapples. You know, all that weird stuff…so…I guess I just want pepperoni.

Ana: ok, you’ll get your fries after I make your smoothie in the toaster.

Chan: I’ll supply the pickles!

Rae: Chan, don’t make me gag you with that pickle!

Ana: mumbles: he’ll probably like it (snickers)

Chan: imitates Yoda: violence, the answer is not.

Rae: what are you talking about? Violence is always the answer!

Ana: you’re both wrong, Mr. Rogers is the answer!

Rae: no, Arthur is the answer—

Chan: what? I thought Charlie the Unicorn was the answer…

Rae: it’s a leoplurodon! A maaagical leoplurodon…

Ana: (growls) it has spoken! It has shown us the way…


Rae & Ana: THE LAKE!

They march across the street, saluting in a single file line.

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