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Sunday, May 16

bridge to terabithia :(

saddest movie ever :(
and i cried :( yes, i am crying
me and nick watched it today and its just so sad..
leslie was perfect and we miss her
she would have been our best friend :(
she was so bright, and nice and creative
and no one gave her a chance
except that boy...
and then one day  he got a call from his teacher to go to a museum because her nephews had to cancel
when he got into the car he looked over at her house
the teacher asked "are you forgetting something" and he said no
then while he was gone she tried to cross the river & hit her head :(
now that perfect girl is gone...
he should have never left her there..
they made that imaginary world together, they should go there together..
without him there to keep her safe, he was gone and then she was gone..
if i knew her in real life, she would have been my best friend
she was just like me, but she was more positive...
which made her perfect
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only the good die young, they say
and i dont care if she is a fictional character
i miss her and she is special to me

this movie hit me really hard, all of the emotions in it..
its emotions i have felt before that i would never want anyone to feel
and the people just felt so familiar and real
like i went to school with them and knew them

and them together...
for him, that was his person to show him who he was
to break him out of his shell
and take him on an adventure
that was the best friend he would ever had
and he should have never let her out of his sight
if he had said what he forgot, it would have never happened

~ it just made me feel so horrible
i couldnt warn the boy or tell him to go get her :(
he felt like it was his fault that she died, and now it feels like its mine
cuz i couldnt warn him :( :( 

what she was to him is like what nick is to me
if i ever lost him, i dont know what i would do
he's my best friend, i couldnt go on without him
we do so much together
...i never wanna go anywhere without him now
i dont want anything to happen to him
he means too much to me

i wont make the mistake that boy did...
i will keep him by my side
i   p  r  o  m  i  s  e


jellytelly_ri-chan said...

I ♥ this movie~~~~ its really touching and nice.... the storyline is just so beautiful... if only we could turn back time...


aww~ berry. really? I'll surely watch the movie . one of this days. Anyways berry I hope you'll have the mood to blog again~

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Berry! I dreamt about you last night! I found a magic door & when I opened it I saw you & your family eating dinner! XDXD Then you looked me like "Who the hell are you? I don't know you." After I explained everything we travelled around this world using the magic door! (>♥< ) We took pictures together eating together & we even steal kiwis from the market somewhere in Paris! Ah~♥ What a nice dream! o(*^ ^*)o

Mina said...

This made me cry too. =/

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