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Monday, August 31

First Day of School...

yep, that was me this morning.
poor little ol' berry was scared to go to school
i didn't wanna meet new teachers or new people and i missed summer already. i was worried, once again, that i'd have a bad year...again...as usual. FINALLY i'm in my Junior year
but i still feel like its my first year of highschool. i still feel like i just came from NCH and just moved here, but at the same time i don't...its so odd and confusing.
actually, today wasn't bad at all. i knew people in all of my classes and i had people to sit with at lunch and i even had lunch money for once. everyone said hi to me and they were happy to see me. a few of my friends (specifically chloe and kevin) nearly killed me with hugs, lol. Kevin squeezed the life out of me then flipped me over and carried me down the hallway, then when i finally got outside chloe attacked me "IT'S MY BERRY!!!!!" and also squeezed the life out of me. nothing extremely exciting or important happened, but so far its been a pretty good first day. hopefully the rest of the year is good too, haha
well, turns out because of my dumbness and disorganization, i'm in credit recovery ALL year. i don't enjoy the thought of that...but at least we have B lunch and my friends Zakk and Travis are in there so i'm not alone. I'm taking a class on Animal Care and i'm taking Psychology and Sociology @_@ it sounds really hard but i'm looking foreward to those classes. hopefully psychology can help me understand myself and other people better and maybe help me not be as shy. In animal care...there's alot of animals lol i sit in front of a tank of turtles. (I LOVE TURTLES) and i have english 3. those are my classes for 1st semester and i think i might actually do good! i'm hoping to say hi to Ms.Ruder tommorrow morning, my old biology teacher from last year, she might have been one of the coolest teachers i've ever had and she actually believed in me. i started off the school year with an F and ended with an A because of her, so i wanna thank her.
i noticed alot of people were absent and alot of my friends graduated...i'm sad about that, it means less hugs!
*its so tragic!*
well wish me luck that the next days will be as good as the first!

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