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Sunday, August 30

"Our Future"

just the thought makes me so excited!
the other night i was hanging out with my boyfriend. we were waiting for his friend to get back from somewhere so we were sitting alone talking. After a little while we ended up on the subject of our future. i had never really talked to anyone about a future we would have, probably because i never thought i would truly have a future with anyone. he just brought it out there and asked me if i thought we had a future together. of course i do, i love him with all my heart. he said "let's talk about that" and it was really touching to me the way he said that and he smiled. he actually wanted to talk about it with me. he asked me where i would want to live and that it could be anywhere because we would be married, like starting a new life. i mentioned new york, i love it there. it turns out his favorite view is the city skyline, just like mine! we talked about how many kids we'd have and thier names...we talked about the size we'd want our house would be and stuff... to tell you the truth, i never really wanted to get married and i hate babies and kids and never wanted one...but now,
i want to get married,
i want to have children,
i want to move away and live with happily with the one i love,
i want to spend the rest of my life with someone; him.
my plan for life was to go to become an artist,
move into a small apartment,
buy a cat and live alone
by myself in the middle of nowhere,
but now i've got something better :)
i don't have to be alone
now all i do is think about him
and patiently wait for us to grow up
so we can begin
our future

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