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Wednesday, August 19

the first song i ever learned in German...

yes, those are some of the lyrics of the song Rette Mich by Tokio Hotel.
i heard it while i was with my boyfriend, he showed me the video.
i really wasn't a fan of Tokio Hotel...AT ALL!
i hated them actually.
but after i heard Rette Mich, i couldn't get it out of my head
i now realize, i didn't hate the band at all
i just don't like thier songs in English!
i like them in thier language, German
So i learned the song in German,
 it took me half an hour
but i really love the song!
i like the video verson of the song,
this one is from when the band was younger so its all high pitched XD
still sounds good though
i like the other better still...
i just said that like twice....

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