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Wednesday, August 19

Love Lingers in Life

I guess after getting my heart broken time after time, i thought i would never find myself being in love...i had fallen in love twice and all that came out of it was my heart shattering over and over again. Now though, i think i really found the right person. The guy in the picture to the right is my boyfriend, Nicko. He's amazing.
Its funny how we met, on my ex boyfriend's birthday we were all at Jane Hoop Elementary where my friend Brett was skateboarding. Pete and Brett's friend Pablo said he was coming and bringing people. Nicko was one of the people who came with him. I caught him looking at me a couple times (because i was looking at him too) but i never thought we would even see eachother again or even be friends or anything.
On my last day of school, he found me and asked if i remembered him, of course i did, so i gave him my number and we were talking about random stuff. i thought he was really cool. The next day, Pete dumps me and of course i was devastated. Nicko said he wanted me to feel better so he asked me to hang out at the mall that Monday, so i went. He bought me coffee from Gloria Jean's and even took the time to walk me home We talked every day, and after only 2 weeks we had become best friends. I'd come to his house, and he'd come to my house. We'd talk for hours and hours about anything and everything and i wasnt even shy around him, it might have been because of how much alike we are. We were hanging out so much his parents thought i was his girlfriend...but i wasn't...and i wasn't planning to be. At the time, i really didn't want a boyfriend. After my last relationship shattered into sh*t, i didn't want to go through any more of anything,
but all of that soon changed...
He told me he wrote a poem about me, i was really surprised. i told him i wanted to read it but he didn't want me to. After a while he finally decided i could see it. He rode his bike to my house, gave it to me, and left. he said he didn't want to see my reaction. Turns out, its the sweetest thing i've ever read in my life. (i would show it to you, but i don't know if he'd like that) That night, there was a thunder storm, a bad one. I'm afraid of storms and he was there to help me through it so i didn't cry my head off. The crazy part: i read the poem he wrote for me earlier that day and the storm calmed down completely... its gotta be a sign or something! And that's when i started falling for him.
Something funny:
here's a txt convo i just had with him.
3:33 - Nicko - Yay lol
3:33 - Me - Yay? haha
3:34 - Nicko - i shited =D
3:34 - Me - XD i love you! haha
3:35 - Nicko - i love you to!! hah
3:37 - Me - Yay! :D haha wow that was so random hahaha
3:38 - Nicko - .I no! Hah wens the last time u poopd?
3:39 - Me - This morning haha
3:40 - Nicko - Yay for pooping!
3:40 - Me - Woohoo!
Now that's what you call talking about random crap!
God, i love my silly boyfriend :)
He actually had asked me out over text, i think more than once. my answer was always something around "i don't want another boyfriend" or something. then one day, (june 30,) he asked me out and i said i would go out with him if he asked me in person. i had never been asked out in person before. (how selfish of me, i forced him into giving me what i wanted...thats so mean!) but he came over and right before he left i remember i was leaning against my moms car i think and i was hugging him and he said "will you go out with me" and i said yes :) i'm so glad i did, or i definately wouldn't be as happy as i am right now. Actually ever since the first day we hung out i was getting less depressed every day, and i owe it all to him. a day or two later, i was off for New York for 2 weeks. When i came back, i had only been home for a few hours, and he came over to give me a hug and a kiss. He was the first non-family member i saw when i got back, and i was SOOOO happy to see him :) i missed him alot.
We have only been going out for a little while, but it almost feels like longer. We hung out all the time, i remember going to a festival with him and rode something for the first time. We pretty much always liked eachother, in fact we loved eachother before we started being boyfriend and girlfriend. i remember us standing in my driveway and he asked me what love was to me...i described it as being infatuated with your best friend, because you know eachother so well but you cant stop thinking about them. After i tried to explain it, all i could do was think HIM. so, for the first time i said it first. I said i loved him and he said he loved me too. I've never been the first person to say "i love you" but this time i wasnt scared...and i couldn't hold it back.
There's so much to say about him, he's just extraordinary to me. He's talented, he plays instruments, he's into art, we like the same music, he's random, we're comfortable around eachother, he's a risk-taker...he's got the most beautiful eyes and a charming smile, he's not so tall that i feel like a bug, and he doesn't critisize me for being me...i couldn't ask for anything more.
For a minute, i thought it didn't
but its true that
Love Lingers in Life

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