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Monday, August 10

straight hair?

naturally, my hair is curly. I've been wearing it curly alot lately...
today i was bored and didnt feel like having curly hair, so i flat ironed it.
this is the first picture in a long time that i've taken with my hair straight.
ever since i was little, i always said i wanted straight hair. I was always the only one with curly hair...(i was also one out of 2 non-white girls in my class througout elementary school)...we tried everything, but my hair was reluctant. Finally i got a relaxer in ^th grade...DIDN'T WORK! I was so mad. So my mom bought me a flat iron. My mom had never used one before because she gets relaxers to make her hair straight and they work, so i had to teach myself how. After a year, i got the hang of it and it gets easier and easier...probably because i keep cutting my hair haha. My hair was down to my butt back then. I may be short, but my hair was still long! It took forever to straighten and now that its growing back, its taking a long time again lol

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