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Tuesday, September 15

Check Out One of My Favorite Blogs...Ciao Florentina!

click the banner to go to CiaoFlorentina.com!
i was on twitter and maybe a few months ago at the most, a charming lady named Florentina started following me and was my 80th follower. She's a really sweet person and is also very pretty and a talented cook! I remember when she first got her WordPress blog, i bookmarked it right away! then soon enough, her web site was up and now its flourishing :) she makes all kinds of things, like these:
Chicken & Dumplings
Florentina Salad
Cherry Tomato Crostini
the best part is that she also posts her recipes so you can make everything she does! My grandma and i are planning to make her spagetti & shrimp recipe sometime. doesn't all this food look good? Well check out her site and see what else she's got, there's lots of food to love!
As Florentina would say:
Peace, Love & Food!
And Please Nominate http://www.ciaoflorentina.com/
"BEST NEW BLOG "categ & "Blogger you'd most want Watch on Food Network"
I'm gonna! :D

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