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Wednesday, September 16

Personality Developement: "Nature vs. Nurture*

Today in my fourth class, Pshycology/Sociology, we were talking about the Nature vs Nurture debate or Genetics vs How You Were Raised. Mrs.Disbro says that most people are in the middle and dont choose, i know i cant. It's gotta be both...there cant be just one, here's some of my thoughts on on some of the topics we discussed in class. i'll compare between me and my sister and our family situation. I'm blogging about it because i raised my hand and she kinda didnt call on me, then when she did, i didnt get to finish and the next time i was just too frustrated to even want to say anything, haha sorry!

nature or nurture?
it could be NATURE...my little sister was always kinda quiet (even though her voice is loud) she was timid and kinda shy when she was younger. when she was a baby and a toddler, she almost never cried unless she was really hurt. Now that she has more friends and has grown up a little more, she's more outgoing and has no problem talking to people.
it could be NURTURE...i didn't start out shy. i used to be the little girl who would just go up to people and ask them a question or tell them something and try to make friends. after a little while that changed. i started getting made fun of alot and i became really quiet and kinda scared to talk to people especially after 5th grade when my school closed and i had to change schools & started staying home alone more.

nature or nuture?
it could be NATURE...for me, an anger problem is something i was just born with. It's a trait from my dad that i inherited, i guess. i did notice that some of the things i do when i'm angry are things that he does and a couple other people have noticed too (that know my dad) my mom said the way i get mad also reminds her of her brother Willy (R.I.P.) i never knew him, but my grandma has said the same thing and has called me his name several times.
it could be NURTURE...my sister didn't used to get mad easily, and still doesnt but she gets mad more now than she used to. i know from people at her school and previous school have done things that really frustrate her (one in particular) and with her situation living far from her friends and not talking to them as much could be a part of it— and i know i'm a part, i'm the older sister so i know i frustrate her. sorry teh! :)
~another thing with nature and nurture...when my mom left my dad, my sister was still a baby, but i was about 4. she might not be as angry also because she didnt go through the divorce like i did. She doesnt even remember it, but i remember leaving. she's never really lived with him besides our summer or christmas visits. my mom told me about the divorce years after it happened and before i knew i was clueless, which made me more mad. so it looks like my anger is both nature and nurture.

i may write more on this subject later, but i had to get my thoughts out. i kinda like being able to compare things like this.

wow, how wierd,
i just blogged on a school subject

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