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Sunday, September 20


i went to a football game at my boyfriend's school. i had fun, haha. my friend Kelsi was also there because her boyfriend is on the football team and goes to all the games. i hung out with her and Nicko pretty much the whole time.
when i got there i was really scared, cuz i didnt know anyone there...
but to my surprise, everyone knew me!
apparently, nicko brags about me to everyone, and he's knows pretty much  everyone..he said he talked about me all the time but i thought he was kidding! apparently he wasnt, lol.
i remember one guy, he walked up to us and then he was like "HOLD ON..." then he's thinking really hard and he was like "KITTY!" i was like yea, thats me, haha.
people knew me by name lol (nick name)
it was pretty cool

then my friend from church, briana, we ran into her...
nicko and briana's boyfriend thought we looked alike,
but they didnt knew we knew eachother
i remember looking over at her
and she was like "...Asberry?!"
and we were all like "Heeeey i know you!"
it was funny, our boyfriends were like

of course, there was a huge scene
nicko's friend was pissed at his other friend
so he's yellin & goin everywhere
i had no clue what was going on,
so i just sat there like
la la la la...
it was a good day
my boyfriend's prettier than me
[Photo credit : Kelsi Howell]

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