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Tuesday, November 3

i am a cat!

i was obviously bored, haha.
but i don't think i ever told u guys my nickname is Kitty.
it all started back when i was little, about 5...i was going through this faze where i thought i was an animal. i went from cricket to butterfly to lizard to hummingbird to dog to mouse and finally when i turned 6 i came to cat. and i decided from then on that i was a cat.
for years i have been perfecting my meow, my nails are long and i would call them my claws. i would rub my face with my "paws" and one time i decided i was going to have a tail as well. i would occasionally wear cat ears and draw wiskers on my face and one time i tried cat food but it was blatantly disgusting... (but i never went to the measures of even trying to lick myself) i tried rat on a stick once, but that was back in my lizard days. of course i would never dare eat a mouse, (i didn't even know i ate a rat till my friends dad told me what it was after i was done eating) mice are so cute
i really love fish, but i like sushi. i don't like any fish cooked besides catfish (funny, eh?) i don't really like other meat besides fish though, the exception is chicken but only if its from kfc or nuggets and i like tacos, lol.
i scratch really hard apparantly and i have pretty good balance. i almost always land on my feet.
there are so many times i probably could have died but i'v never broken a bone, so i probably have 9 lives haha.
i don't sleep at night so i'm kinda nocturnal! haha sweet! and i can see in the dark (usually)
i rub on my friend's shoulders and purr, they look at me funny at first but they're used to it now.
and i have perfected the meow. everyone says i sound like a cat.
there are a few other reasons,
if you want to know just ask!
but now you all know my nickname :)

1 comment:

Mina said...

Kitty seems to fit you then! Lol! I used to "meow" a lot to, until my Nana told me I had to stop or she wouldn't let me watch tv. So that phase ended really soon for me! I love tacos too! ^_^

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