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Friday, November 6

I love Pocky!

is one of my favorite things ever!
every time i have $2 i buy it at the store!
its soooo good....
but we only have 2 flavors here
~strawberry & chocolate~
one day i want to try them all!!


Mina said...

I love Pocky! We have the banana flavor here too! They're good! But I think the strawberry is th best. Love your red checkered gloves and your new banner!

RABBITO said...

there only got strawberry & choco flavour only?@@@

we have strawberry, choco, milk, green tea, banana, honey & even coconut^^^^^^^

eu shuld find it from some where^^^^^^

Berry Quiñones said...

i want to find them....but i dunno how T-T
i might just try to order them online and get them shipped here ^o^

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