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Sunday, March 28

shatter me with hope

i didnt sleep at all. i was angry and worried, and i didnt feel good.
im probably going to be in a horrible mood all day.
which isnt good seeing i have play practice,
but as of now i dont care. i dont feel like myself.
i feel like i want to say hurtful things,
but i know i shouldnt but i almost want to..
im so full of rage right now, which isnt usual for me.
i hate the way one thing gets better then something else gets bad.
or when im having a great day and one thing turns to whole thing to crap

i must detain myself from getting my hopes up from now on,
i dont like the way i get them up and then get let down
i don't feel like talking much today, at all
i will probably be short and emotionless

i do not like this

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